opiate den

Secret Episode

I was watching TAB and something started to sound funny.

There was a post about how the text Sherlock sends to mary was almost the same words he used in TAB, about the curtain rising etc.

Then he says he needs to solve a case in order to solve this case, saying that we have to go deeper (meeettaaaaaaaaa)


  • Mr. Ricolleti was at an opiates den after the death of his wife = John drinking after Mary died
  • Mrs. Ricolleti showing up and delivering a message = Mary’s posthumous dvds
  • When hearing about the Ricolleti case, mary is all of us after tfp:

We are confused, but suspicious. We have to analyze this, even if the season or show is supposedly over:

Us tin hatters are still Mary, who says to Lestrade

At which she receives scoffs from old white men (Lestrade/Mofftiss)

But then, Mrs. Hudson comes and delivers a message:

Someone help me make sense of this. Does this “M” mean Moriarty coming to deliver a message?????? Or am I just reaching


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