Flowers the Sons would get their women 💐❤️

Half-Sack: Something pretty and flirty, with all different types of flowers so you can not get tired of just one

Juice: A dozen red roses. Simple, yet elegant and extremely romantic.

Tiggy: Pink roses. Soft and feminine for his babygirl

Opie: Bright and yellow, to light up the kitchen counter and bring happiness

Bobby: An assortment that’s colorful yet still soft and romantic, more mature just like him

Jax: Delicate pink carnations in a simple case that he pick out for you himself

Happy: Something different and unconventional, yet still beautiful and radiating love, just like him

Kozik: Bright and playful, something that screams summer year round

Chibs: Something old school and simple, mirroring your relationship


Tropical flamingo nails!🌴
After my poll, this was the highest voted! In order of the picture, I used Color Club “Under the Black Light” (bright green), OPI “Let’s Be Friends” (light pink), China Glaze “Glow with the Flow” (hot pink) & “Budding Romance” (olive green)
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Imagine Chibs taking about how he thinks his daughter, aka you, is in love... and he has no Idea you are in love with Opie

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“Aye lads nothing is more confusing, and beautiful then a girl in love.” Chibs shared as he was drinking, causing the men around the bar to all turn their attention to the old scotsman.

“What? Are you trying to tell us that the Irish princess…”

“Aye Tiggy, she is acting like a regular girl in love, she is always texting someone, she will smile into her phone, or blush, she has the lovesick daze in her eyes and she fails to pay attention, she is always waiting for that phone to ding. I have even heard her sneaking in, and one time I heard a car or something slowly pull out of my drive. I am telling ya, she has a boyfriend.” Chibs smiled as he looked at the men around the bar, “She just won’t tell me who when I ask.”

Opie looked into his glass of amber liquid and smiled, Jax also smiled towards his best friend, knowing full well who she was in love with. The three of them along with Tara had already went on a double date, and listened to the story about how you failed at sneaking in that night.

You were afraid of how your father would react if he ever knew you were in love with the recently widowed Son. 

“Maybe one of the boys can get her to spill, she seems pretty close to ‘em.” Bobby suggested as he motioned towards the set of smiling boys. 

“Yea, I can ask.” Jax said as Opie looked at his phone, your text lighting up the screen, Can’t wait to see you at five, hope you are ready to watch this.

Babe, I have seen the Little Mermaid before… I do have a daughter.

“It looks as though the golly green giant might be in love too.” Chibs suggested as Opie looked up from the phone, “What?”

“Well look at ya, you got that look right now, and the smile, and you are looking at your phone.” 

“Who are you texting?” Tig asked as he quickly took the phone from him and opened his new text, his jaw dropping as he read your most recent text.

Yes I remember your daughter, however I am sure the kids will love going to see it live, at the theater. 

“Oh my… The big bad biker is going to the Stockton theater with a mystery girl.” Tig announced as Opie’s eyes widened in horror.

“Really, what is she labeled under?” Bobby asked as they laughed.

“Ohhhhh here name in his phone is…” And then his voice trailed off, as he looked at Opie, who was now bright red.

“Well spit it out Tiggy.” Chibs said before sipping his drink.

“[Y/N] Telford.” Tig whispered as Chibs spit out his drink.

“Excuse me?” Chibs asked as Opie looked at him, waiting for the explosion.

“Well sir….” Opie started

“Opie, are you dating my little girl?” Chibs asked

“Yes sir.” Opie whispered

“Well, I thought that was your truck pulling out of my drive way at 4 in the morning the other day. Next time you might want to be a bit quieter when you pull out.” 

“Wait, you aren’t mad?” 

“No, I am a bit annoyed because you didn’t tell me, but I am glad it is you and not some fuck boy.”

“Oh well thank you sir.”

“Ope, quit with the sir, before I rearrange your face.” He said, as Tig handed him back the phone.

He smiled as he replied….

Your dad found out, he seems cool with it, see you later with the kids.


Scarecrows nails for Fall/Halloween Season 🎃🍁🍂

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