opi san francisco

Peace & Love & OPI - OPI (San Francisco Collection)

So this is like the star of the show – and I know why; it’s like a mood ring on your nails! Except this reacts more to light. I’ve seen a lot of swatches but they tend to be flatter and don’t show the dynamic of the color because it truly is a chameleon. I feel like the above image shows the full spectrum at full blast. From green sage, to purple foil, to plain foil. But at its most neutral (meaning that when the color is just sitting) it is just like a purple-tinted-silver. I like it. I don’t feel like I was in love with it because I kinda like when colors are dynamic all the time without having tricks and lighting needing to be fully show the color off BUT it was cool and you should get it. Honestly, this color, like your face, looks best in the dark ;)

Easy two coats.