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BEYOND THE PINES - P.O.T.W. - O.P.I. - green on the runway

  • O.P.I. - green on the runway + i have a herring problem
  • Love & Beauty - lime
  • Essie - tart deco
  • Sally Hansen - breezy blue
  • Cover Girl - toasted almond
  • green nail art beads

This is the last look using O.P.I. - green on the runway. Visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches

Batik inspired mani

this nail art technique has been trending last summer and has found a comeback recently in new year’s manis. 

thought I’d try it.

used white acrylic paint over black, and OPI sheer tints.

remember these sheer colors give a new color when they overlap, which gives a cool rainbow/gradient effect when aligned properly.

blue+yellow= green


check out the video tutorial on my instagram account @danahsnails

تصميم الباتيك

درج استخدام هذه الطريقة في الصيف الفائت و قد انتشرت مؤخرا بمناسبة تصاميم رأس السنة و فكرت أن اجربها

استخدمت اصباغ توب كوت الشفاف الملون من


و يمتاز هذا النوع بشفافية جميلة لألوانه بحيث تعطي الوان جديدة اذا ما تقاطعت المساحات بينها و يمكن الحصول على شكل تدرج طيفي اذا تم وضعها بترتيب مناسب

و كما تعرفون 

ازرق + اصفر = اخضر

اصفر + وردي = برتقالي

و لا تنسو مشاهدة الفيديو التعليمي على اكاونتي في الانستاجرام @danahsnails



I know it’s hard to tell in these photos, but this gorgeous pearlescent white features teeny teeny tiny gold microglitters that make it a “GLAM” feeling, fancier than your basic, white. The down side of this polish however is it takes about 3 coats for solid/ consistent coverage because of its milky/pearly effect. However layering this polish over another color looks really gorgeous!

Stay tuned for the four designs featuring this polish. Visit the CHALLENGES -> P.O.T.W. for more nail art and swatches.


OPIx Alice Through The Looking Glass the entire collection, all are found on my Instagram: samnailedit

Starting from the top: Having A Big Head Day(red), Mad For Madness Sake(hot fuchsia pink), What’s The Hatter With You(deep plum burgundy), Fearlessly Alice(electric lagoon blue), I’m Gown For Anything(lilac) , The I’s Have It(powder blue), A Mirror Escape(gold), Oh My Majesty! (pearl) @opi-products

😍 omg these are gorgeous!! submitted by stayg0ldenxx

Attention all coke fans..

my new squareletto nails featuring the “coca cola red” from OPI, also “you’re so VAN-ILLA” on my ring finger

عشاق الكوكا كولا

ماني كوكا كولا باستخدام اصباغ او بي آي الجديده



Let me first start by saying that O.P.I. makes some of the most amazing duo chromes, and GREEN ON THE RUNWAY does not disappoint! This gorgeous green polish fades from a beautiful forest green to a dark purpley brown… which is pretty perfect for fall! :) 

Stay tuned for the four designs featuring this gorgeous color, and visit the P.O.T.W. page for more nail art and swatches!


Moving toward a different shape and growing these lil guys out a bit! Ovals now, almonds eventually. The classic shape calls for a classic red, I think. This is OPI Big Apple Red in two coats. This is a jelly polish that can be opaque in two if you prefer to apply thicker coats, but I use thin coats for faster drying time, and I often like jellies to leave a bit of nail line peeking through :)

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