opi my vampire is buff

Delicate Leaves Nail Art

Aren’t these leaves just lovely?!

This design is from Lina Nail Art stamping plate Make Your Mark 03. The base is OPI My Vampire is Buff and the stamping is also OPI with Olive for Green.

The silver polish is Model’s Own Chrome and the gradient on ring finger was made using and old Maybelline eyeshadow palette.


By multiple requests, a tutorial for these gilded flower nails. It’s cloudy outside today and for some reason my camera wants to register these as way more blue than they should be. In reality, the color is identical to the picture on the top right from last Friday.

Colors used: Butter London Slapper (background turquoise), Zoya Hunter (background dark green), OPI My Vampire Wears Buff (off-white), Essie Mink Muffs (light brown on leaves/stems), OPI First Date At the Golden Gate (berry red on flower), Zoya Codie (dark brown outlines), Butter London Trout Pout (little dab of pink on the flowers), and OPI Pure (white gold leaf on the leaves).

Thank you to everyone who said such ridiculously nice things about this design, it’s meant a lot.

How I do roses. It looks like there are two pictures of plain orange blobs, but the second one actually has a touch of a darker orange in the upper middle area. I find a little shading/color variation makes them look nicer. Colors used: OPI My Vampire Wears Buff (background cream), Zoya Arizona (orange), Zoya Thandie (darker orange; you could easily just mix a slightly darker shade yourself), Essie Navigate Her (green), and plain black acrylic paint for the lines.

This one ended up as a candy-colored, 70s pattern, but you can see some different ways I’ve used this kind of rose here and here.

I originally wasn’t going to post these since I messed them up overnight, but fuck it! While sugar spun nails are fun & cute (imo), they really aren’t the most practical mani. I fell asleep with my hand under my  head & the strings ended up flattened. Boo. Lol

Colors used: 

OPI - My Vampire Is Buff

Sally Hansen - Green With Envy

Zoya - Josie

Essie - Pretty Edgy


Santa’s Reindeer

Here’s this week’s Christmas Nails.  I drew Santa’s Deer!   The first photo above was my inspiration for this design.  (although since I’m lefty, I did it flying the other way :) )  Santa, his 8 reindeer and Rudolph fit perfectly on 10 fingers.  

They were all hand painted with polish. Mostly brushes and stripers.  


Base: Summer Brights - Blue sponged with Sinful Colors Snow Me White

Deer: China Glaze Mahogany Magic

Deer Tails and belly: OPI My Vampire is Buff

Sleigh: China Glaze Passion