opi bond


DECO DIGITS - Daily/weekly challenge - wallpaper themed

lately i have been having a hard time keeping my hand steady, and getting my camera to work… no idea why but it is so frustrating.  :( anyways here are my wallpaper themed nails!

be sure to check out Cindys wallpaper themed design at http://cindysnails.tumblr.com/post/39898720064/daily-weekly-nail-challenge-3-wallpaper-i-was

O.P.I. - live and let die, O.P.I. - goldeneye, O.P.I. - moonraker O.P.I. - on her majesty’s secret service, O.P.I - did you ‘ear about van gogh?, nail star yellow gold, Kiss - light green, silver nail art beads, gold metal flatback squares, metallic gold hex glitter.


TARTAN HEARTS - Plaid themed nails ( daily/weekly nail challenge + first mani of 2013) 

This challenge will be done between 2+ times a week on any given day, for any period of time… possibly forever, so if you would like to see all the designs i created from this challenge at once search #BCTCDW on your dashboard (its case sensitive)

The random word challenge has begun! I randomly selected plaid from the idea list which can be seen on the Daily/Weekly page. Remember, if you would like to see your random word (no matter how strange) or if you have a theme you would like to see done email or send a message via ASK to me or cindy!

O.P.I. - did you ‘ear about van gogh? O.P.I.- on her majesty’s secret service, O.P.I. - moonraker, O.P.I. - red lights ahead…where?, Revlon - electric, Ruby Kisses black eutopia, Sally Hansen - hard to get, heart shaped rhinestones, red small hex glitter, silver metallic bar glitter (criss cross in plaid)

be sure to check out cindy’s blog too, as mentioned before she will be joining me in this nail challenge. you can see her blog at cindysnails.tumblr.com, and her plaid nails at http://cindysnails.tumblr.com/image/39523791173