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07/22/17 - Dawn and Dusk (freehand)


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Arranged love

Sirius Black x Reader

Originally posted by breakfreemodel

Coming from a pure-blood family always has its drawbacks. For instance, your parents decided whom you’ll marry earlier than you learnt how to walk, and that man happened to be Sirius Black. Your parents had a good relationship with the Blacks, so when Walburga gave birth to a son same year as your mother gave birth to you, they immediately agreed on that this will be the perfect opportunity to keep the bloodline purely.

You spent a lot of time with him as child, but you only learnt about your parents intention on the summer before your first Hogwarts year. As you were only eleven, you couldn’t really say anything to that, just accept that your future is written down. 

It was a huge surprise to you, to Sirius, and to your whole families that you both got sorted into Gryffindor. Your friendship became just stronger after that. It was also an open secret between you and your friends that you’ll be married one day, but since you were kids, you just joking about this. Both of you were in a view that it won’t be your parents who tell you whom you should marry, but it was funny to joking around and call each other “wife” and “husband” sometimes. 

It was funny, until you started dating with others and he was being overprotective, jealous even.

“Are you really dating with that prat?” - he asked after you’ve been caught on kissing with a Slytherin boy. 

“He is not a prat. And yes, I’m dating with him, but it’s none of your business.”

“It is, since you’ll be me wife.”

You furrowed your eyebrows.. “I think we both agreed on that I won’t.”

“Well, let’s say somehow you’ll be. Then I won’t be happy knowing boys like him snogging with you. “  He said thoughtfully, then added with a smirk. “And I’d like to be the first who taste your cherrypie.”

You laughed. “I’ll pretend I didn’t heard that.” 

It was funny, until you really fell in love with him. Then every joke he made about you being his made your heart leapt, every hug he gave you sent shiver down on your spine, every one of his compliment made you melted, and everytime when you reminded yourself that none of this means anything special other than your good friendship, it’s made your heart ache. 

It was funny, until he finally broke every contact with his family.

“Is it true? You really live with James’ family now?” - you asked him happily as you sat on the common room on your first night of the sixth year. 

“Yep.” - he smiled. “I really can’t bear my family any minute longer.”

“I’m glad for you.” - you said, giving him short hug. He patted your back gently.

“There are benefits for you too.” You furrowed your brows, so he continued. “We no longer have to be married.” - He said, grinning, and you returned a fake, nervous laugh, but inside, your heart skipped a beat. 

Your arranged marriage was your last hope to end up with Sirius one day. 

On the same night you couldn’t hold back your tears and feelings when you went back to your dorm, so you told everything to Lily. She tried to comfort you, telling you that there’s a chance he feels the same and his jokes maybe aren’t jokes at all, both all your hope that Lily gave you about it disappeared with every day from that day. 

Sirius always was a heartthrob, but it seemed as he tried to hook up with every girl at Hogwarts at this year. And since you were still best friends with him, he loved to share with his conquests with you.

You sat in the common room next to the fireplace with a cup of tea between hands an early saturday morning, when the portrait hole’s door opened. 

“Tough night.” - Sirius muttered with a smug grin as he threw himself down onto the couch in front of you, his carelessly buttoned shirt half sticking out from his jeans, his hair disheveled, his tie on his shoulder.

A few first time when you saw him like this you were sad and jealous, but for a while you were just angry, although you didn’t show him.

“Who was the victim this time?” - you asked, giving him a pathetic look.

“Victim? I can assure you she didn’t sound like a victim.” - he said proudly. You rolled your eyes at him. “She was a seventh year Slytherin, by the way. A wildcat, really. She did things I didn’t think girls ever would do. Like, …” - he started, but you cut him off. 

“No offense, but I truly don’t care what any of your girls done to you.” You were already on your way to the staircase when he called after you.

“Y/N, at least help me to go upstairs. Every inch of my body hurts.”

“Your problem.” - you replied without glanced back at him.

It continued on and you tried to avoid his hook ups, until one of your friends cried her heart out in the toilet after a night with Sirius. Poor girl thought it could be more than a one night stand, and even if you knew she was too naive to think something like that, you get really angry to saw your friend like this because of your other friend. You rushed back into the Gryffindor common room to found Sirius there, playing with a Fanged Frisbee along with James and Peter.

“You!” - you yelled, pointing at him. “Sit down!” 

He frozen for a moment but when he realized how mad you are, he made his way to the chair in front of you. “Okay, mom.”

“Oh, are you in a funny mood, aren’t you?” He looked questioningly at James and Remus while the others’ eyes were on you. 

“What is your problem?”

“My problem is my friend crying at the toilet for hours.” - you said not yelling now, but still in a loud voice. “And you know why? Because you lied Merlin knows what kind of things to her to get in her panties. You insensitive twat!”

He frowned, trying to touch your shoulder. “Hey, would you calm down?”

You quickly got up. “No, and don’t touch me. Don’t you think you should stop it finally? I honestly so disappointed in you, playing with every girl’s heart, good job, really!”  

James stepped closer. “Y/N, I think that’s enough now.” - he said warningly as you both saw Sirius just remained sitting, looking into the nothing with a half angry, half sad face. You couldn’t tell why he’s look like this, but it made your heart ache a little, so you turned your voice down. 

“Just stop being so selfish. You hurt people’s feelings even if you didn’t realize.” - you said finally, referring to yourself as well before you left him there.

The following week passed in the most awkward mood between you since you knew each other. You barely speak to each other, but if you do, it was prim and polite, out of your characters. 

At Saturday morning, you found yourself walking in Hogsmeade in the company of Sirius.

“So remind me again, how is it possible that you talked out yourself from detention this time, when even Lily had to go?” - you asked, shaking your head.

“My charm can do a lot of things, darling.” 

You stopped in front of the Three Broomstick, facing with him. “Look, I’m sorry I shouted at you on the other day. I shouldn’t’ve say things like that..” 

“No, you were right.” - he said, giving you a little smile. “Join me for some firewhisky, we have to drink to our stupid argument.”

You shrugged and followed him into the pub to found and empty table. You drank shots after shots, until the burning strength of the alcohol made both of you weak and emotional. Close as you sat to him, resting your head on his shoudler, arms wrapped around his biceps, you started to apoligize again. 

“I’m really sorry Pads. I love you and you’re my best friend and I was an arsehole with you. You’re not selfish, you know.”

There was a long pause, and if you wouldn’t saw his hands playing with the bottle on the desk, you’d think he fell asleep. Then you heard his low voice.

“Do you know why I pick up those girls and playing around?”

“Enlighten me.” - you muttered jokingly, thinking what will be his idiot reason. 

“Because it’s help distract me from my thoughts. About every bad things that happened to me. And about those that I want  but I can’t get.”

“And what would it be?”


 You immediately raised your head to look into his face - he wasn’t grinning or laughing, there wasn’t smug expression. He wasn’t joking, he seemed honest. 

“What?” - you asked in disbelief, still you felt as your heart started beating with an incredibly fast pace, whilst his words sobered you like you didn’t drink anything on that afternoon.

He sighed a little before he spoke. “I tried to hide my feelings for you so far, but since you were shouting at me.. your words burned in me so hard. I was doing that because I tried to move on somehow, and I caused you to lost your trust in me. It really hurts. I just.. I know I can’t move on until I tell you, so there we are.” He shook his head like he was ready to say the stupidest thing in his life. “I love you. Not as a friend. It was always more.”

You couldn’t utter a single word. Deep down, you waited for those words for so long, but it shocked you so hard you were speechless. Since Sirius thought you don’t want to say anything, he stood up, clearing his troath.

“Let’s go back to the castle, yeah? The others probably free by now.”

You followed him out of the bar and on the road lead to the school, still wordless. It took you a good five minutes until you realized he actually in love with you.

“You. Idiot.” - You articulate as you stopped in front of him suddenly. His puppy eyes were sad but now it mixed with surprise. 

“Look, it’s not my fault I fell in love with you, no need to be rude about it.” - he said, and was about to continue his walk, but you grasped his arms.

“No. You’re an idiot because you didn’t tell me and you’re an idiot because you didn’t notice I love you too.” 

It was his time to became speechless, jaw dropped before he let out a bark-like laugh, his head tilted back. He pulled out his hands from his pocket and placed the tip of his fingers on your chin, whispering again.

“We’re either the stupidest or the luckiest persons in the world.”

“Both, I think.” 

He licked his lips before lifted your chin and pulled you to a short, slow kiss.

“Your parents will kill you.”

You grinned. “That was their idea in the first place. But I really don’t care about their opinion anymore.”

He chuckled. “I love your rebellious blood.”

“I’m pretty sure you made me this way.”

“You’re probably right.” - he said, pulling you into a soft hug.


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Scorpio - Thank Glogg Its Friday

Sagittarius - Purple With A Purpose

Capricorn - Nomads Dream

Aquarius - Yoga-Ta Get This Blue

Pisces - Jade Is The New Black