Beaked Thread-snake (Myriopholis algeriensis)

It´s the smallest snake in Morocco and Western Sahara with a maximum size of 28,5 cm (Bons & Geniez, 1996; Trape & Mané, 2006). It has a pinkish body, thin and large. Head not differs from the rest of the body. Eyes are black and relatively big, covered by two transparent scales. It has a big rostral scale very prominent and in peak form. Its mouth is small. Ventral scales are similar to dorsal scales. It has between 490-569 longitudinal scales, between 41-47 subcaudal scales, it has 14 scales at midbody and 10 at the middle of the tail (Trape & Mané, 2006).

source- Amphibians & Reptiles of Morocco and Western Sahara.
Available from www.moroccoherps.com.

More of my armless lizard Basilisk child. I did the thing that rebornica did with all their Dreamscape Characters, because I thoguht it was cool and I’m completely unoriginal in every way plz murder me.

But yeah I was going to have this boy have something to do with venom but when I saw Darren was poison I started to think about it more. And If  was being honest with myself  Lucan is more acid than he is poison, so I swapped him from poison to acid.

Btw that basilisk in back is TOTALLY based off the one in Harry Potter, like I am completely unoriginal but it just looks SO GOOD.

“I want to dig out what is ancient in me,
the mistaken-for-monster,
its ophidian prowl,
its raven-cursed rudiment -
let it teach me
how to be unafraid again.”

— Scherezade Siobhan

The Sabbatic Tradition may be broadly defined as the body of rites and magical lore of the witch-cultus, material or phantasmal, some of whose attributes achieved early written codification during the witchcraft persecutions of the late medieval and early modem era. Such concepts as the Witch’s Mark, Nocturnal Flight, Agapae of the Wise, poison unguents, the consumption of the corpse, and sexual congress with the Devil have become part of the established reliquary of European Sabbath-symbolism. More specifically, it is a stream of sorcerous gnosis, orally-transmitted through precise initiatic vectors to the present day, wending through history and bearing the spectral markers of the medieval High Assembly of the Witches.
—  Daniel A. Schulke, “The Ophidian Sabbat,”  Starfire Vol II No.4

Coinciding with the dawn of the universe, seven different entities spawned, each representing a single emotion. The demonic bull Butcher represents the overwhelming power of rage. Ophidian, a serpent, embodies power of greed. Parallax is the parasitic entity of fear. Ion takes the form of a whale and depicts willpower. Adara, a three-headed bird, depicts the undying essence of hope. The Proselyte appears as a squid and is the embodiment of compassion, whereas Predator is a draconic entity, depicting the far-reaching power of love. Of these emotional types, willpower is constantly described as the strongest since it is represented by the color green, the balancing point of the spectrum. As the colors drift closer to the outlying edges, it becomes increasingly difficult to control the associated emotional manifestation, potentially leading to the corruption of a ring wielder; this is most clearly demonstrated by the energies of love and rage, which occupy polar opposite ends. The nature of the Sith leaves them primarily reliant on instinct, as only their leader, Darth Atrocitus, seems to retain the ability to make conscious decisions. With the emergence of Nekron, the embodiment of death, and the Black Lantern Empire, the seven unite to face this new threat, triggering an appearance of a white light of life, the Force.

Lantern Corps, by Darren Geers.


Some of the influences on my career choices…

The Warriors - Cyber Madjai Gear

Serpentor - Dueling Snakes Mask

Cobra Commander - Batiri Commander Gear

Ermac - Snake Style Master Gear

Snake Style Master - Snake Style Mask

Cobra Insignia - Original Snake Style insignia

Many things hold influence over my career. I’ll post some t-shirt inspirations a little later…