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how to annoy an astrology blogger: OMG my moon is in the retrogade does that mean I'm a PISCIS ? my first house is in the 5th house also if that helps? I'm also a Ophicious with a moon in the 13th house and a pacricorn ASCENDENTS thanks for answering my question!


//Danny Phantom AU where the human world is colorless, gray, black and white, and bland, and the Ghost Zone is greatly saturated in all sorts of colors, especially in fluorescent green. Sidney Poindexter would probably out-shine all of the ghosts.

Then when Danny becomes half-ghost, his colors show up little by little and soon, he’s spreading color over the town and possibly the world and beyond; the excitement, fun and danger being brought into life. :)

Happy 10th Dannyversary, Phandom!  I already posted my contribution but I figured now was as good a time as any to release the ophicial Phanniemay ‘14 Calendar!

The official tag will be “#phanniemay” with no spaces or punctuation.  You may also use “#phanniemay14” (again with no spaces or punctuation) in addition.

I don’t have time to do this in May/I’m not free until late May!

While this is taking place in May it does not mean you have to do them all in May!  If May is not a good month for you then feel free to do it in June, or any time you can!  You don’t even have to do every day, this is just to give everyone ideas for things to do!  I’m posting this early April so people have plenty of time to start early, if they so choose.

I don’t get the theme for some of these days!

Each day I will post a reminder and brief explanation of each theme on this blog under the #phanniemay tag.  However, each word is just an idea, so as long as you come up with something it doesn’t matter how far you stray from the literal meaning of the word.  I may even have alternate themes for some days that are a little less clear.  Check the Phanniemay '14 page for the full list.

Is this a drawing thing only?

Not at all!!  You can do anything you want!  If you’re a writer, do a drabble set.  If you’re an artist, draw a picture.  If you want to make an AMV or cosplay or song or craft, feel free!  Participate any way you feel!

I don’t want to do all of the themes…

Then don’t worry about it~  If you only have inspiration for a handful of them, feel free to just do those.  You don’t have to to all or even most of them!  This calendar only serves as a vehicle for inspiration so that people can create things they didn’t expect to.



Can we talk about that little growl at the beginning