Alphabetical Theme Maker Masterlist - September 2014


*= Not added new theme in 6+ months

Bold - Themes added since last masterlist
Italic - Hiatus

Total theme makers: 400+

Themes at the bottom are themes where theme maker has deactivated not posted in a while etc. Those themes will be sorted separately at a later date.

If anyone is on this theme maker masterlist and wishes to be removed (including themes), please contact me off anon.

Credit to karofskyrps for the graphic and thanks to you guys for getting me past 4000 followers!

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All the springy colors were mocking me so irph got a makeover.

I’ve been working on a makeover for a few weeks now, but I scrapped all my old plans when I saw Opheliaology’s theme 9, “Sweet Home Alabama”. I’m suuuuuuuper picky about themes and this one jumped out as basically perfect right away. I made a few little tweaks because I can’t help myself, but this was by far the easiest time I’ve ever had making a theme work for me and I just wanted to give the theme maker a shout-out for being so fab ^^

opheliaology-deactivated2014030  asked:

Hey. I was having the same problem with shows being blocked in my country too. Someone messaged me yesterday telling me about the Hola Unblocker ap. Its free and is suppose to make videos blocked in your country viewable. I haven't tried it yet but thought I's pass on that info.

Mm, interesting! Maybe I’ll try it as well and thanks for passing the info. Guys, here try this if you have the same problem.