opheliac companion

Ophelia is the patron saint of mad girls everywhere. She is the original suicide girl. The poster child for girls on Zoloft. That is she, and we are here to talk about how she has become such a big part of my life because she is the archetype. She is the archetype for girls like me, who basically suffer with the question themselves of ‘To be or not to be’. Because–yeah, that’s the whole beauty of things–Hamlet asked the question, but Ophelia was the only one that made a fucking choice. He never decided to be or not to be. We all know that the question is essentially to live or to die–to live or to kill yourself–and that’s what he was asking, but he never had to guts to actually live or die. He was killed, but he was killed by somebody else because he couldn’t make a fucking decision.
—  Emilie Autumn
Once you’ve been put on a psychiatric drug, you no longer have credibility of any kind, in any way, anything you say, and there is nothing in my personal life that has been more painful than that.
—  Emilie Autumn, The Opheliac Companion
Think of: You have a dog. You beat the dog. You keep beating the dog. And you beat the dog and you beat the dog and you beat the fuckin’ dog. And it cowers and it get submissive. But there is going to be that day where it turns around and bites your face off…The entire song ‘Liar’–Its about all of this stuff–but what its really about is that feeling that I had of that: you kick the dog enough times and you break it. You kick the dog one more time beyond that and it fucking kills you. And that’s what the dog did.
—  Emilie Autumn

I think it’s hypocritical that Emilie freaks out if you so much as good-naturedly joke about women on your album (MSI incident), even if you have female band members. She thinks it’s not okay, compares it to racism, flies off of the handle. But she and Inky can be heard on the Opheliac Companion joking about taking “retards” to the zoo and Maggot is frequently mockingly referred to as disabled.

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The Opheliac Companion 01 - Intro

Transcription by me.
It’s very long and very imperfect - there are moments when I couldn’t understand ANYTHING. So please, send me corrections, remarks and everything so next time, I could do it better!

EA and Inky: (whisper) Asylum Secrets…
EA: Welcome to this episode of Asylum Secrets. What am I wearing right now?
Inky: You’re wearing an “Asylum dream team” shirt.
EA: That’s right. And what color is that thing?
Inky: Pink with black lettering…
EA: mhm, yes…
Inky: lettering font that
EA: That matches my…
Inky: Tat on your arm from you ahd a go through(?)
EA: I was branded!
Inky: Yeah..it’s what the Irish - thr Irish Irish - would consider…
EA: is there another Irish?
Inky: Well, yeah, an American Irish…
EA: Well, I’ve got you.
Inky: …that the Irish in Ireland would consider your time at the cell, they kinda phrase it in time when they were really struggling against (???? something something) a hundred years as “the troubles”.
EA: wooo, that is good!
Inky: it’s when the troubles started.
EA: I would like to have potato famine as well if that’s gonna possible [Inky laughs]. I have a vast (???) of potatos by now.
Inky: They would assume that in The Asylum there would be a lot of potatos.
EA: No, we’re not, because you could technically beat someone to death with the potato…or maybe beat yourself to death with the potato…or no, just potato.
Inky: You can make acid of the juice of a potato.
EA: okay, I think we’re telling to kids far more that their parents would wish us to so…
Inky: Oh no, not the social recreational(???) acid but the battery acid..type of..
EA: Ooh…
Inky: You could power a small fan of it, so…
EA: So you;re saying it’s a positive thing?
Inky: Correct.
EA: That’s good!
Inky: yes.
EA: Ok.
Inky: yes.
EA: okey, more about amking battery for small fan of potato later..
Inky: Emilie?
EA: Thank you.
Inky: What are we doing here?
EA: Well, today we are…escaping the outdoors, because our gothic parlor(??) would be severly threatened.
Inky: we’re working on a studio then. (?)
EA: {laughs] okay, describe the studio then…
Inky: oh the studio then is what we look like being in a studio all the time.
EA: but it’s all for you, so…you’re welcome.
Inky: And..
EA: And what?
Inky: I’m sorry…
EA: oooh…
Inky: So let’s combine the two
EA: oh, you’re welcome
Inky: and I’m sorry
EA; And you’re sorry
Inky: So
EA; Right
Inky: you’re sorry
EA: You’re sorry
Inky: I’m sorry, you welcome
EA: No, but…they are sorry
Inky: Correct
EA: Right…
Inky: We all mean “you”, we don’t need “we”, we need “you”. After…(???something)
A: Oh yea…nonono. “We”, yes. That is not the capitilize “we”?
Inky: [making “no” noise"]
EA: Very good. All right, for the moment what were we drinking what we just found out?
Inky: My current favorite is Earl Grey (?) which has just a touch of sentiment.(?)
EA: And rum?
Inky: Your current favourite is…
EA: Some, um, lemon grass tea with a hint of lime.
Inky: Right…No, no, it should be a ton of lime.
EA: Oh, a ton of lime and a hint of gin…
Inky: Correct!
Inky: Right, drink ginger, right [EA laughs in the background]
EA: Okay, so… Oh my God!
EA: oh my sweet dear sweet lord…who are you? I forgot, we didn’t introduce ourselves…
Inky: I’m a partner, I’m just…(something)
EA; [laughs] ummm, may I present to you Inkydust, without whom there would be no recordings whatsoever…Currently introduce yourself
[Inky plays one chord on guitar]
EA; Oh! Those are like the sound of the angels!
[Inky plays a note that is introduces Emilie’s vocals in Mad Girl]
EA: [is making excited noises and laughs] more on that later…
Inky [laughs]
EA: No, no joke, more on that later for serious…
Inky: Pun entirely intended.
EA: Oh, yes, indeed… So yes, Inky, who is the master recording engineer and confidant in all Asylum activities, in fact also the sound guy…
EA: Oh, yes, indeed… So yes, Inky, who is the master recording engineer and confidant in all Asylum activities, in fact also the sound guy for lack of more glamorism
(??? they’re talking at once and I get nothing)
Inky: You could actually say something like “live audio engineer”
EA: oh that’s good: “live audio engineer”…
Inky: I actually prefer “sound guy”, I just completely ignore (???)
EA: Oh… Oh my goodness…
Inky: You are the discerning listener…
EA: You are discerning listener. It is so pleasant to meet you.
Inky: It is good to meet you.
EA: It is REALLY good to meet you. I thought that we would in fact never meet, so…
Inky: no, be careful discrning listener, remember: Emilie demands perfection from everyone, including you.
EA: Including you…it’s true. But now, we’ve established who everyone is…
Inky: Correct.
EA; We haven’t established who I am but that’s (???)
Inky: Oh, right…may I introduce Emilie Autumn
EA: THank you…
Inky: She is the first person who’s ever recorded at Mad Villains S
tudios and she’s…
EA: Presicely (???)
Inky: yes.
EA: So let’s listen to some music and pontificate like complete asses about it, pretending that somebody’d want to listen..which of course they do because of you, the dicerning listener.
Inky: You are perfect.
EA: In every way.
EA: So ok, let’s talk, let’s chat!