ophelia syndrome

Ophelia Syndrome

“A long-term disease, most common among young women.

Symptoms: depression, bouts of mania, suicidal thoughts, slight insomnia, feelings of helplessness and dependence on others, the tendency to lose oneself in vivid daydreams, an intense longing for people and things one can never have, a strong sense of aestheticism and an appreciation for the beauty in little things, the urge to decorate everything with daisy chains.”

Extra credit paper!

So I have two options for extra credit and I’m hunting for sources. Unfortuantely the school database is messed up so I can’t get anything.  The two prompts are 

1) Research and explore the characteristics of a Psychopath, Sociopath, and Narcissist. Discover how they operate and appear as opposed to who they really are beneath the false face. Write an extensive essay comparing contrasting Claudius from Hamlet and either Iago from Othello or Macbeth/Lady Macbeth from Macbeth. Which, if any, of these characters fit one of the above three disorders? How? Which is the most sinister and dangerous? Show extensive textual evidence (and from external sources) to support your opinion.

2) Does Ophelia suffer from the Ophelia Syndrome? Fully explore this character, why she “deserves to die” according to the Elizabethan audience (i. e., what was her “sin”?), and if this Syndrome fits the character. Show extensive textual evidence (and from external sources) to support your opinion.

If anyone could help with some resources that’d be great?

I gave myself the name guru without ever earning it- a self important move thinking that I would be able to put my life together enough to earn the status of teacher, advice giver, generally interesting individual.  Boring I am not, but I am far from perfect, and far from worldly enough to be giving advice.  But I am living and within this life, the choices I make, the goals I reach and the dreams that go unfulfilled teach me how to live properly, happily, capriciously.

What can I do but share my experiences?  Both because I would like a solid record of my life and my thoughts, and because I’m self absorped and think that my own self awareness and awareness of my surroundings is interesting and superior enough to splash across the pages of the internet.  Oh yeah, I’m that awesome.

My goals are lofty and my dreams are many.  But what else can I do but live and create my own personal self help book.  Help to body confidence, help out of my Ophelia Syndrome, help into my dance career, into my pin-up career, into my life.