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Little pleasure

Pt.3 of the Naughty Noonas series



Jackson Wang y'all….




Okay…..goodbye world….

why is he like this….ugh


I clawed my way through that world, worked myself to the bone to have a choice!

Aida / Ophelia >> daughter of Janus, the god of choices
for @pizza-is-my-buziness

Irony of ironies, that a woman who has spent most of her life being controlled should be the daughter of Janus; god of beginning and endings, gateways, and choices. As Aida begins to question her intended purpose she discovers a fascination with the human heart and mind; in choices and their consequences. Why do people make irrational choices? Why do they make the ones they have made and what would the world be like if they had made different ones? And importantly: why should they get a choice, when she does not?

Pursuing this logic, Aida at first aggressively and single-mindedly enforces her right to choose. She is as willing to use violence and manipulation to reach her ends as she is intelligence and creativity, and when she discovers that the man she is in love with has chosen another, she takes it badly, to say the least. When he reaches out to help her anyway, though, Aida finds herself beginning a long, hard journey of self-discovery. Why does she want choice? What does she want to choose? And is she prepared to let others make their own choices too?

As with most journeys, it starts with a new beginning. This time, in the form of a new name. Ophelia.


AOS // Percy Jackson AU - Daisy - Fitz - Jemma - May - Coulson - Trip - Bobbi - Raina - more characters by request


So, here’s an OC I whipped up in the past year or so. I’ve been holding him back from the internet for a while, but I think he’s finally ready. I made his images in The Sims 4, so the first tags are for the custom content and the poses I used to credit them. I will also have credits to the creators at the end of the post.

Here’s links to my other two currently released characters if you wanna check them out too!

Joshua “Josh” Fischer

Blaine Westwood

Christopher “Chris” Harris

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