ophelia draws sometimes too

I always fall for avaricious rogues and Greed/Greeling is such a hottie. He’s well dressed, sharp-toothed, silver-tongued and my favourite character from both the 2003 anime and FMA Brotherhood. I love both of his ‘looks’, but decided to draw the first, because those leather trousers and fur collar are to die for. 

To the Sleeping Country

I’ve always admired Tove Jansson’s magical creations and I couldn’t resist drawing another Moomin piece.

This was inspired by an episode of the anime series that featured some rather peculiar man-eating plants (questionable, because they don’t have mouths). After grabbing poor Moominpappa’s tail, Snufkin lulls them into a hypnotic dance with his harmonica, yet again saving the day! He’s such a hero.


The gang! From top left to bottom right: Lady Pearl, Foggy the ghost, Willow the bear and Prince Toffin (or ‘Toff’).

Kinda unsure about how stylised they turned out and I’m still playing around with their designs, so I’m going to keep redrawing them until I’m happy.

I decided to squish together some doodles I’ve been working on over the past few months and filled in all the gaps with little Totoros and Soot Sprite sweets. 2013 was very much a lounge-around year for me, as I spent half of it recovering from surgery, so most of my time was devoted to watching films/shows, playing games and reading good books. The above is just a little appreciation post of some of the things that cheered me up!

A Bunch of Stuff

The top left is Pyral. He’s my oldest OC and I need to draw him more often (or rather finish drawings of him), because he’s a cutie and needs more attention. Top right is mayocat’s gorgeous character, Merrill and the bottom is a gift for my homie, Josh. I swear I draw almost on a daily basis, I just don’t complete things and I’m super sloooow.