ophelia burke

New home | 1971 | Garret & Charlie

“What did you say, Garret?” His mother asked, narrowing her arms in a way that he did not like one bit. He could see by the corner of his eyes Geoffrey’s stern expression and his father slowly taking out his want. He swallowed with difficulty but remained firm. “I said I was not going to get married to Ophelia Burke and that I was not going to take the Dark Mark, mother” he said calmly while his heart was beating uncommonly fast.

From that moment on, the Travers’ Manor turned into hell itself. Garret couldn’t recall a time where his father had been more brutal to him, but he was not going to give in so, as soon as everyone was out. He took his wand, all his savings and some extra, his Slytherin cloak and sneaked out of his bedroo trough the window. It wasn’t long until he was inside the Knight Bus and heading straight to London, to Diagon Alley.

Garret was in pain, lost and confused, people were staring at him and he didn’t know why. That was because he hadn’t seen the bruise on his face. He wandered around with no direction until he found a bench and decided to sit down. His hands were shaking violently and he had no idea what to do now. He couldn’t go to any of his relative’s since they would send him back home and he certainly was not going to disturb any of his friends. All he could do was sigh tiredly and close his eyes for a moment as he rubbed his face with both hads anxiously.

It wasn’t until then when he heard a familiar voice calling him, making his heart start beating fast with panic. He looked up and any idiot could see the relief on his face. “Charlie” he said trying to force a smile but failing miserably. “Mrs. McKinnon” he added quickly as he saw the womand and stood up to greet them.