ophelia and antonin


“Well, well, well. Look who it is. My traitor of a little sister. Ophelia, sweet sister, how is living with the scum of the scum?”

“A-Antonin, where did you–”

“I was sitting on a bench, and I happened to notice you walk by with your nose in a book. No hello for me? No mention of missing your big brother? I’m hurt, Ophelia. I’m completely hurt. One might think we’re not related," 

"I’m not a part o–”

“Of the family? Of course you are. You’re bound by blood. And if I have to spill a little of that blood and bring you back kicking and screaming, then I will. No one betrays me. You will be a part of the family. You will get betrothed to whomever we choose for you. You will serve the Dark Lord and you will not shame me