#Anonymous Hackers Claim New Attack on Biotech Giant #Monsanto #OpMonsanto

“According to a new message posted on Pastebin the hacker cell of the Anonymous collective has renewed its campaign against the Monsanto corporation.

The message went up on Pastebin Monday, confirming Anonymous had targeted the Bivings Group, responsible for handling Monsanto’s PR.

"Operation End Monsanto is still very much up and running.  Pwnage will continue indefinitely,” read Anonymous’ opening statement. Continuing: “First Victim: Bivings Corporation. Bivings Corp is(was) a PR firm of 15+years that worked with some very high profile clients, Monsanto used them heavily.  ”

As well as defacing Bivings’ website, the hackers also released data containing “hundreds” of emails and a number of alleged Monsanto documents.

In a later tweet issued on the collective’s AnonymousIRC Twitter feed, Bivings’ ongoing relationship with Monsanto was listed as the sole reason for the cyber attack.

http://pastebin.com/UZTcLMGT | Tango Down (permanently) | Bivings Group | For giving support to known criminals (aka Monsanto) | #Antisec prevails,” read the AnonymousIRC tweet.

The new cyber attack follows-up Anonymous’ previous campaign against Monsanto. The collective had originally targeted the biotech firm back in July releasing the contact details of 2,500 Monsanto employees.

The attack was reportedly done to protest the company’s dubious past – Monsanto was one of the company’s listed as providing the U.S. government with Agent Orange during the Vietnam war.

The attack was subsequently credited as a part of the group’s ongoing AntiSec campaign, which saw the group inflict a similar attack on military contractor Booz Allen Hamilton earlier in 2011. 

At the time this article was written Monsanto had not responded to the International Business Times UK’s request for comment on Anonymous’ latest attack.“~uk.ibtimes



Anonymous #OpGreenRights (vía ANONYCORP)

+ INFO: http://tinyurl.com/3rnddll

#Anonymous #OperationGreenRights Pressrelease: @Bayer | why we fight: freedom of speech
Posted on July 4, 2011 by freedom
NOTE: We are just posting this releasse wich was submitted by Anonymous, for qustions check the related IRC channels.


To The Bayer AG Corporation:

Anonymous sees your crimes and will not let them go unpunished. You have won our attention after decades of greedy abuses of humanity and nature. Bayer‐ we see you profiting off of death and destruction! We see you escape unscathed from justice! Bayer AG pharmaceutical (formerly known as IG Farben) has been involved in countless corporate abuses, which have resulted in the death of thousands in the last century. These abuses have been consistently ignored, and cannot be ignored further. Bayer’s victims are diverse and widespread, however all these deaths have been as a direct result of Bayer’s exploitive nature. These abuses include: disregard to proper and thorough investigation of chemicals, vaccines and substances; the employment of Nazi war criminals; the destruction of the environment,

and much more. Anonymous places the following crimes and accusations at the feet of Bayer. We at Anonymous are here to make you more famous, Bayer; We want your name on the lips of lads and Lords.

The grim history of Bayer:


Fritz ter Meer worked for Bayer and later IG Farben. He was involved in the planning of Monowitz concentration camp, a satellite camp of

KZ Auschwitz. He was sentenced to seven years prison by the Nuremberg Trials in 1948. After he was released in 1951 he became supervisory board chairman (Aufsichtsratsvorsitzender) of the Bayer AG. He retired in 1961.

‐1970s through to the mid 1980s‐

The blood‐clotting drug known as Factor VIII was manufactured and sold by Bayer AG. After becoming aware that this medicine was contaminated with HIV, Bayer pulled it off shelves in the US, but continued to sell the contaminated vaccines to consumers in Japan, France, Spain and a variety of other countries. Bayer executives never faced arrest or prosecution for these crimes.

‐1991 to Present‐

Bayer, producing chemicals called neonicotinoids, is hypothesized as one of the major contributors to recent mass die‐offs of bees. Bee farmers in many places around the world since 2006 have reported 20‐90% of their bees dying mysteriously. A recent Wikileak’s cable reveals that scientists of the EPA (U.S. Environmental Agency) responsible for testing the clothianidin to determine whether or not it was harmful to non‐pest insects, said that they were worried about the effect of the chemicals on the bee population. The EPA knew that clothianidin could have harmful effects on bees, but still chose to allow Bayer to market these chemicals. These insects, so crucial to pollination of the food we eat, have possibly been sacrificed to increase Bayer’s profit margin. Nature may once again have been devastated in the name of corporate profiteering. This case is ongoing.

‐1993 to 2007‐

Bayer’s Trasylol was given to an estimated one third of all heart bypass patients in the United States over the 14 years it was on the market from 1993 to 2007. It seems clear that Bayer knew about the harmful, and perhaps deadly, effects associated with the drug – but did nothing. An estimated 22,000 deaths were caused by this drug.


Bayer was taken to court after 24 children in the remote Andean village of Tauccamarca, Peru were killed and 18 severely poisoned with the insecticide methyl parathion. A Peruvian Congressional Subcommittee found significant evidence of criminal responsibility by Bayer and the Peruvian Ministry of Agriculture.

‐2006 to Present‐

In 2008, the Bayer group generated $1.8 billion through the sales of oral contraceptives, Yaz and Yasmin. These products have been

found to cause death, strokes, heart attacks, Pulmonary Embolisms, DVT and gall bladder disease. Despite Bayer’s awareness of the clear and obvious risks that come with this drug, they continue to both sell and market these drugs as “safe”. The results include many deaths and hundreds of lawsuits worldwide. There are many many more documented incidents and many more allegations against this beast of corporate greed. Anonymous challenges you in front of all the worlds citizens, and in the name of all who you have hurt in your pursuit of money and power. Our attack of your website is a peaceful protest against your lies and abuses. We stand in the way of your progress. Anonymous is here to help get the truth out about Bayer. Anything we can do to help people, you know?

We are Anonymous.

We are legion for many are your victims . We do not forget for many are your crimes.

We do not forgive for many have suffered from your greed.

You are our target so expect us.

Spread this release! Spread the word! Use the following files or just relink this site! Spread it on all socialmedia plattforms available!


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Anonymous Pressrelease Spanish Anonymous Pressrelease Italian Anonymous Pressrelease English Anonymous Pressrelease German


Anonymous Operation Green Rights

Citizens of the World:

Anonymous’ Operation Green Rights would like to call to your attention an urgent situation in North America, perpetuated by the boundless greed of the usual suspects: Exxon Mobil, ConocoPhillips, Canadian Oil Sands Ltd., Imperial Oil, the Royal Bank of Scotland, The Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers, and many others.
The Tar Sands oil extraction industry is an environmental disaster.
Also known as the oil sands, Tar Sands are one of the largest remaining deposits of oil in the world. Efforts to extract the resource from a mix of clay and other materials underneath Canada’s Boreal forest have created the biggest, and by the accounts of numerous scientists and environmental groups, the most environmentally devastating energy project on Earth.
On August 20th through September 3rd, activists young and old are gathering in Washington D.C. for ten days of civil disobedience in protest of the tar sands oil industry, and to call out for safer and cleaner alternatives.
Anonymous now joins this international struggle for the rights of the world’s citizens to a clean environment , and against all industries that threaten the future health of the world’s living things.
We stand in solidarity with any citizen willing to peacefully risk arrest to call out corporate abuse. The people of Earth will not stand by idly and let these environmental atrocities continue.

This is not the clean energy of the future that we are being promised.
We will - over the course of the next few weeks - use the powers we posses to spread news about this protest to viral proportions, and to share damning information about the corporations involved.
We all must work together to expose the corruption that we all KNOW is beneath this.
Anonymous will provide air support and lulz as the activists in D.C. confront this dire issue on the streets. We urge you to get involved. Join the protest if you are close enough. Donate money to the organizations involved with the struggle. If you’re not nearby enough to Washington D.C., join us in the IRC listed below to experiment in how we can spread word of this protest, and disobey civilly in our own ways.
The continued development of the tar sands is a major step backwards in the effort to curb the pollution and poisoning of our natural environment. Anonymous will not suffer this without a fight, and Operation Green Rights will always support the rights of the people to live in an unpolluted world and to safeguard it for the future one way or another.
We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.
IRC: irc.anonops.li channel #operationgreenrights
Location of Protest: White House, Washington D.C.
Sign up to protest! http://www.tarsandsaction.org/sign-up/

It’s not too late if you are in D.C. or the surrounding area check out http://www.tarsandsaction.org/ for more info!

«Anonymous» протестуют против введения в эксплуатацию двух блоков АЭС в Моховце

Итальянское крыло «Anonymous» в рамках природоохранной «Операции Зеленые Права» (OpGreenRights) опубликовало содержимое электронной переписки сотрудников нескольких итальянских коммерческих компаний, участвовавших в реконструкции и лоббировавших введение в эксплуатацию 3 и 4 энергоблоков Словацкой атомной электростанции в Моховце, созданной при участии советских специалистов еще в 1983 году.

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#OpGreenRights: activismo ecológico de Anonymous

Creo que es tiempo de aceptar que veremos un grupo o moviento hacker detrás de cada causa política o social, cada uno con sus diferentes vertientes y radicalismos. Hoy toca el turno a las causas ecológicas que con frecuencia están revestidas de profundo activismo en el MundoRealTMy ahora son apoyadas por Anonymous, el ciberactivista número uno. La operación lleva el nombre de#OpGreenRights; el comunicado —dramatizado con elscore de Requiem for a Dream en el vídeo— es éste:

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Part One of Tar Sands Action Ends With Energy and Resolve

“Part one of the Tar Sands Action came to a close yesterday, with 243 people sitting in and risking arrest to stop the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline. This was by far the largest day of action, and a historic statement to President Obama. Protestors stood in the DC heat for over four hours in solemn opposition to the pipeline and the development of the Alberta tar sands.


Yesterday’s demonstration also showed the incredible momentum building behind this movement. Every day of last week’s action was larger than the biggest the week prior. Day after day the sit-in grew – from 72 arrests on Tuesday to 111 Wednesday, 137 Thursday, 166 Friday and then 243 on Saturday.

At the rally, Bill McKibben announced that Tar Sands Action will continue with a phase two, with details to be announced within 48 hours of the rally Saturday – to stay in the loop, sign up at www.tarsandsaction.org/next-steps

Saturday Sept. 3rd: Final Sit-in and Rally

“This Saturday, the first Tar Sands Action will conclude with a final sit-in at the White House. The sit-in will convene at the normal time, 10 AM at Lafayette Square Park, just in front of the White House.

We expect Saturday’s sit-in to be the largest yet. Because of our increased size, arrests have been taking several hours, and the sit-in should last until late afternoon – perhaps as late as 4 pm. Please come prepared for a long stay in the sun.

Also on Saturday, the Sierra Club, 350.org and Interfaith Power and Light will be leading a rally against the Keystone XL tar sands pipeline at Lafayette Square Park that begins at 12 Noon.

This rally is organized separately from the sit-in, and is open to anyone who wants to send a message to President Obama about Keystone XL – if you cannot risk arrest, or have already been arrested once in this action, this is your opportunity to step up and get involved.

The rally will feature Bill McKibben, Naomi Klein, and Michael Marx with music from Joe Uehlein. We will be composing aerial art with our bodies, coodinated by Daniel Dancer – please bring a black shirt and a water bottle for this part of the rally.”

Over 1,000 people have been arrested during Tar Sands Action sit-in also known as Operation Green Rights

Tarmageddon Phase Two

If you are in the D.C. area and would like to sit in today is the last day.

More info here: http://www.tarsandsaction.org/
and Here: http://operationgreenrights.blogspot.com/

All taken from http://operationgreenrights.blogspot.com/ <<Check it out for more.)

“We fight for Human Rights and against Big Company which destroy Nature and ancient Cultures. We substain Free Green Energy.”

Operation Green Rights
Anonymous began as an idea, an idea that unites the people of the world in the struggle for human rights
and freedom. The same ideals that led to the birth of this new faction of Anonymous.
Operation Green Rights is a summary of our frustration at seeing the human race enslaved god’s money,
for which commits murder, exploit and oppress people and goes against the principles of democracy and
human respect that should be the basis of any modern civilized country. We have seen wars carried out
for the black gold, subject peoples dictatorships convenient for trade agreements, billions spent on
research and nuclear war and cut funding for research on renewable energy and oil tankers sunk that
cause planetary damage.
In addition, global warming, caused by these policies, it is a reality that we must be aware. The glaciers
are melting, tides rise, the ozone hole is growing, the climate changes, changing climatic conditions,
animal species become extinct ..
The current global policies of many large corporations and many governments are trampling on our
rights and those of every other living being, only in exchange for money.
We at Operation Green Rights say stop about this!
Operation Green Rights wants for our children a life in a civilized world that welcomes them with open
arms and show respect for life and nature itself. We want that Mother Earth will continue to live healthy
and promoting life with its beauty. We want the exploitation of peoples and the blood spilled in the
streets no longer in the name of greed.

We are Anonymous.
We are Legion.
We do not forgive.
We do not forget.
Expect us.