I’ve prepared a little surprise for you.

I’m here to unveil my new vessel, Rain Dinners Mk II, a floating casino which will officially set sail on July 10th. It will be under management of my subordinates, but I will personally be hosting a grand opening party to which all are invited. So fill your wallets and find something decent to wear.

All posts made in regards to this event will be tagged with “rain dinners party”, including yours, should you RSVP.


Zoro as Taurus The Bull

Yaay, the second one, finally finished. It… reminds a bit about bull creature, not much, but oh well, I’m not really into animals’ anatomy. Few close ups, I thought, you would like to see them, as picture doesn’t always show details. My style still changes, it’s not always intentional so it looks a bit different than previous Lu. Sorry, not sorry.

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