one of my favorite g&s stories is when hms pinafore came out and everyone really liked the “what never” “no never” “what never” “well hardly ever” line so it became a thing people kept saying and it got so widespread that it started popping up in newspapers so one day the head editor from some newspaper got so fed up that he was like “I NEVER WANNA SEE THIS STUPID WHAT NEVER THING AGAIN!!!!!”

and of course someone in the office HAD to get up and say

“what, never?”

and that is how gilbert and sullivan created a meme in 1876

Happy Halloween guys and ghouls!

I had the idea for this way back when the original webisodes were airing. I liked the idea of the whole school banding together to create a Halloween costume for their only normie, Jackson while Spectra and Operetta would be the only ones with any clue about his ‘true’ identity.

I’m actually super pleased with this one guys. It was a lot of hard work but I’m really happy now its done. Now to rest my tired bones! Stay spooky!!

operetta lists both holt and deuce as her best friends on the back of her picture day box and i thought that was really cute

she and holt hang out and have music sessions where they bounce ideas off each other and they invite deuce too since he enjoys talking about music even though he doesn’t make any himself

sometimes holt and operetta get into discourse about music like she’ll be like “the lumineers saved my LIFE” and he’s like “THEY USE ACOUSTIC INSTRUMENTS THEYRE A BUNCH OF PANSIES” and deuce is like “idk i liked ho hey” and holt’s like I TRUSTED YOU MAN


Since the Boo York dolls are in stores now, here are some of the sketches I did for the box art. I DIDN’T do ANY of the vector artwork for the dolls. I only provided these images. Some were used and others not. It’s funny. Not very long after I had done these sketches, the artwork for Clawdeen and Draculaura was leaked. Which means they must have had that artwork already done when I was doing these sketches. I have no idea why they would have me do new sketches of characters they already had art for, but they did. I can’t complain. I got paid for them. But it looks like they did use Mouscedes King, Luna Mothews, and Catty Noir. 3 out of 9 ain’t bad. Actually, i guess it kind of is bad……Hmmmmm.