anonymous asked:

Dare: Insult 5 people


Grant-Me-Forgiveness is… is very rude. 

JumpZeroBiotic is… um, he’s a giant!

FromArcturus, I don’t like your hat! 

OperativeFeron isn’t around enough! He’s too busy!

And Cats-InThe-Cradle is a petulant brat who needs to learn how to respect his elders!


I’m sorry. I don’t mean any of those things. Please forgive me.

Though Feron could be around more.

operativeferon-blog  asked:

If we were to spend the night together... first, I'd take you out someplace--to a beach, maybe? Beaches are pretty calming at night, and you do need to relax more as of late--lacking that, maybe we'd watch some vids, eat something nice... and then... you know. And the morning after I'd say, "Breakfast~?<3"

Hm… I don’t know if we’d have breakfast. Or if we’d be awake in time for it. 

Maybe a late lunch.