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China to test world’s largest radio telescope

China has almost finished building the world’s largest radio telescope (FAST) and will soon start the test operation phase. FAST will be hooked up to one of the world’s fastest computers for astronomical calculations, Sky Eye 1, to search for alien life and investigate dark matter.

The five-hundred-meter aperture spherical telescope, with a dish larger than 30 football fields, began construction in March 2011 in a natural, bowl-shaped valley in the southern part of southern China’s Guizhou Province.

With its super brain, the high-performance computer Sky Eye 1, which is capable of a quadrillion computing operations per second (a quadrillion is a thousand raised to the power of five), FAST will be able to “see” a radio signal coming as far as tens of billions of light years away. That means extending China’s space tracking scope from the moon’s orbit to the outside edge of the solar system.

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Data more like bae-ta

If you are implying that Lieutenant Commander Data is substandard due to the phonetic similarities with the term “Beta,” you are sorely mistaken. Data is comprised of 24.6 kilograms of tripolymer composites, 11.8 kilograms of molybdenum-cobalt alloys, and 1.3 kilograms of bioplast sheeting. His upper spinal support is a polyalloy compilation, and his cranial array encompasses cortenide and duranium, all of which have the capacity to endure extreme amounts of external pressure and destruction. In computational devices, Data possesses an ultimate storage capacity of eight hundred quadrillion bits, and a total linear computational speed rate of sixty trillion operations per second. There is nothing whatsoever that is secondary about Data. Data is Alpha. Data is king.

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