four quotes (4/4)

you want logistics? join the army. marines make do (lt. nathaniel fick, screwby)


Operation Get Some –> Day 3 –> Three Places

Their home is a tent city called Camp Mathilda, located in the moonscape desert of northern Kuwait about fifty kilometers below the border with Iraq. The desert here is covered in fine, powdery sand almost like talcum powder. By day it presents an endless vista of off-white tones, both dull and blinding in the harsh sun. Surrounded by barbed wire and armed guards, Mathilda looks like a prison camp. About 5,000 Marines from a variety of units live in hundreds of putty-colored tents encircled by a gravel road, lots filled with hundreds of military vehicles, and rows of shower trailers and diesel-powered generators that fill the air with an incessant growling.

Operation Get Some - Seven Minor Characters

“You know funny thing is, I would’ve done anything to save those shepherds that Trombley hit. Yesterday, I musta killed two, maybe three guys.”

Operation Get Some - One Character

I took sixty-five men to war and brought sixty-five home. I gave them everything I had. Together, we passed the test. Fear didn’t beat us. I hope life improves for the people of Afghanistan and Iraq, but that’s not why we did it. We fought for each other.

here are the 95% confirmed gk rewatch timings (camp pendleton time)! 

  1. ROUND ONE: starts at 5am
  2. ROUND TWO: starts at 3pm

please don’t hesitate to let us know if you’re thinking of joining us at a particular time and would like to know if timing revisions can be done cause i’m pretty sure it’s going to be a pretty intimate setting anyways. actually, just let us know in general if you want to join us.

garance will be hosting the stream for most of it. HERE’S THE LIVESTREAM LINK. in case we can’t stream it for whatever reasons, here’s the tinychat. but we’ll let you know if we’ve reverted to ye olde tech.




“With explosions booming in the distance and now frenzied shouts of a gas attack, it’s the first time I feel like I’m in a war (Generation Kill, 35)." 

so we’ve planned a side recon mission, Mission Prompt:

  1. submit prompts via our inbox. add #missionprompt to every ask or we’ll get confused.
  2. prompts will be published daily in one post after 0001 (ie. a minute after midnight) from July 7th until July 13th***
  3. claim a prompt on a first-come-first-served basis via our inbox
  4. post your prompt response with the #operationgetsome tag and don’t forget to mention your prompt. you can tag it as #missionprompt.

your responses can be a fic, gifset, graphic, fanmix, fanart etc aNYTHING unless the prompt was specific. in that case, the contract is sealed.

***any prompts submitted after 2400 (midnight) will be published the next day. eg. if you submit your prompt on july 7th at 0100h (ie. 1am) it will be published on july 8th, after 0001.

what is a prompt/prompt response?

  • a prompt: usually a word or phrase that provides inspiration for another person to write a fic, create a mix or graphic based on it. it can be specific or vague.
  • if the prompt was something specific like “a gifset of one of poke’s rants” then it has to be that.
  • if the prompt was something vague like “under the humvee,” you could do anything with that. write a fic from brad’s perspective under the humvee. create a heartrending/angsty colbert fanmix or a rudy marine solidarity fanmix. or a brad and rudy gifset. as long as it’s related to the prompt.

is there a deadline for prompt responses?

not really. but ideally, we’d like to get it all done by july 13th.

what if i want to participate anonymously?

  • we will enable anonymous asks so you can submit your prompts via our inbox anonymously. but don’t forget to add #missionprompt.
  • for anonymous claims, please leave a pseudonym when you’re claiming a prompt so we can keep track!
  • you may use our submission form to submit your prompt response anonymously. 

do note that we’ll be following camp pendleton time. there’s a clock in the sidebar of the official Operation Get Some blog for easy reference!