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jurassic world au [½] | “oooh, ahhh, that’s how it always starts. and then later there’s running, and…and screaming.” 

former palaeontologist doctor abigail griffin has been running the world’s most thrilling theme park for over five years. when her daughter, clarke, and clarke’s girlfriend, lexa, decide to visit, they all plan on a weekend filled with sun, rides, and dinosaurs. but a breakout of the park’s newest and first hybrid–the indominus rex–cuts the fun short, and abby must turn to the park’s resident raptor expert, marcus kane, to help get the dinosaur under control, or all of their lives could fall into grave danger.

Russians Engineer a Brilliant Slot Machine Cheat—And Casinos Have No Fix
Digging through slot machine source code helped a St. Petersburg-based syndicate make off with millions.

really cool stuff on a criminal crew that reverse engineered slot machines, found bugs in their pseudorandom number generators, and now goes around the world using smartphones to film the slot machine output (gather state about the PRNG) and then has an app that vibrates 0.25 seconds before they need to hit the button.

plenty of operational details about how to the team works, how it is structured, and how the only ppl getting arrested are the foot soldiers. As always, the attrition rate for low level criminals is far worse than for the bosses.

First Day Battle Of The Somme


On June 30th 1916, an exhausted British soldier (102 Brigade- a Scottish Soldier) picked up a telephone and used it to send orders for the 34th Division to commence an attack the next morning. The telephone call included all the operational details, most importantly the place and time the attack was to commence.

The Germans, in the opposite trenches at a listening post, intercepted and listened in on that phone call.

The message should have been sent by a runner which was considered a more secure means of transmitting orders.

On July 1st, the Germans were ready for the attack. They had their machine gun teams ready to go and scythed down the British as they run onto no mans land.

So whenever you accidentally send an email to the wrong recipient, at least your mistake did not contribute to the death of 19,240 men. So yeah, you had a comparatively good day.

PS- the information can be found in the official British Army Histories. It was also confirmed after the war in the statements given by German officers who survived the battle and the remaining years of the war.

Headcanon: Team OLIV’s Fighting Tactics

Team OLIV has a rather nasty reputation at Atlas as far as fighting and sparring matches goes. The team is notorious for utilizing underhanded, mean, and sometimes even brutal tactics even in friendly matches. They tend to keep to distracting and debilitating certain opponents and then overwhelm a single target with a few well-placed team attacks, and then move on to the next one by whatever means is available regardless of whether it’s considered sportsmanlike or not. In the past this has included disarming a team and then beating them into submission, lots of targeting downed/helpless opponents, and even capturing an enemy team member and trying to force them to throw the match. (This one got the team in real hot water with the General.)

Team member breakdown after the break:

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Gregory Peck with his son, Carey, 1950.

Fatherhood! Greg was jubilant. As the time drew near, his compulsivity took hold and he laid out plans for the blessed event like a general responsible for a military operation. No detail was to be left to chance. He drew a map with five routes from home to hospital and then made practice runs to determine which road was fastest. In anticipation of the child’s homecoming, he sanitized the carpets, walls and furniture. It’s a wonder the floorboards didn’t give away under the weight of all the baby books he purchased. (Gregory Peck: A Charmed Life, Lynn Hanney)

Open Starter

From a lieutenant, to a captain, to a major. All within the span of a few slow moving months filled with unexpected encounters, exchanges, and occasional tumbles.
While many would rejoice from such a massive rank boost, it was far from the case for Tanya herself, who knew leading her own unwanted mage battalion could only mean the life away from the front lines she yearned for would be nothing more than a distant dream, at least until further notice. Was this a cruel trick of fate pulled by a certain unknown entity? Most likely so.

While she would obviously never admit it, the being she strived so hard to oppose was finally starting to get to her. How long could she keep herself out of the battlefield? How long until she was forced to lead another possibly suicidal operation?
The letter detailing the promotion was put aside, hastly shoved into the nearest open drawer. She’d have enough time to plan later.
For now, however, it was time for some much deserved R&R.

Despite lacking the comfort the newly appointed major had grown accostumed to in her past life, the surrounding town still had its fair share of pleasant sights, ranging from small, shady and unwelcoming bars, to blatantly oversized, luxurious and unnecessarily candlelit restaurants. Yet, the young girl resigned to sitting on a lone wooden bench, a frustrated sigh escaping her lips as she’d drift into her own thoughts, glancing at the surroundings from time to time.

whispers shared in bed, (for @thejohntent )
• sherlock tells john about redbeard at two am, a night were neither of them seem to be able to fall asleep, and john listens, holds his hand and kiss sherlock’s cheeks softly
• john sometimes talks about the army, about the men he didn’t managed to save, the ones he had to left behind, the ones still haunting his nightmares
• in a small laugh, sherlock tells john about the time he made his entire school believe he was an orphan who now lived by himself, until the headmaster heard about it and called home
• john listens carefully when sherlock first mention drugs, his head buried against john’s neck and his hands holding on to john’s shirt
• sometimes, they whisper word of love, words of passion, words of admiration, words of devotion, softy, reverently
• there’s also the night where john explains in great details his first solo operation, detailing every gesture to a fascinated sherlock
• when john falls asleep mid-speech, sherlock watches him silently, fingers tracing the lines of this face, of his neck, of his chest until he knows them by heart
• when sherlock falls asleep mid-speech, john kisses him with a smile, shifting closer until they’re attached form head to toe and closes his eyes, letting sherlock’s breathing lull him to sleep

I jumped out of bed to write this

Yes, you’re right. I’m changing my bet to 3 years, 4 months and 11 days.

2 years, 11 months and 4 days.

Do you remember when I was speculating that 57 stars + 1 John = 58 ( 57 STARS + 1 JOHN )
And there where lots of clues among which mathematical:
57 1058
I talk about this in detail here:
Operation 57
Operation 58

Remember when I theorized that 11 is a pair of 1s:
11 is a pair of 1s
And 1 a key to UMQRA:

Well, if in the dialogue above you remove the 11 which could stand for a pair of 11s you remain with:
3 4
2 4

And this is in a room with a telescope and they are talking about the obliquity of the ecliptic which defines the North star (JOHN according to the theory).

Possibly a coincidence, but if you read the links above you can see that it is not the first time that this two numbers get together!!! Considering that there are barely only another couple of numbers in the whole episode.

here we go

The KGB was suspecting one of their superiors of having a correspondence and multiple transactions with an American ambassador about their operations, specifically possible details about the Red Room. The mission was simple, really. They had to find evidence of this so that they could find out who was leaking information about the program and eliminate the ambassador if necessary. Both Natalia and James were given covers that easily let them blend into the ambassador’s birthday ball. James was going to be the son of one William Vanderbilt - a senator, apparently - who went to Russia for a vacation and ended up marrying Elizaveta Ivanov, a ballerina that was part of the Kirov Ballet who was still learning how to speak in English. Ambassador Jameson didn’t care much for ballet, apparently, but his wife did and their young daughter was going to ballet classes already. They were both going to be at the ball and Natalia’s job was to befriend the wife to earn her trust. If the mission didn’t produce anything valuable that night, they needed to get closer to the ambassador to find out who he was corresponding with and if there were more players involved.

Natalia looked at herself in the mirror one last time, fixing her hair, making sure she looked old enough to be someone’s wife before she stepped out of the bathroom. They were staying at a hotel not far from the ambassador’s mansion. It was luxurious and they were checked in as Mr. and Mrs. Vanderbilt, which made her smile the first time the concierge said it. She was much more comfortable than she expected. Of course, it might have had something to do with James and how different their relationship was now compared to what it had been just a couple of weeks ago. It was odd, the whole thing, to say the least. She had to act like he was nothing to her while they were around fellow agents, and had to act like he was everything to her once they stepped into the ball. She had her hand in the crook of his elbow, a smile on her face when they walked in. The music was loud and the air was full of laughter. She could hear Americans chattering from half-way across the spacious room. They arrived just in time for the ambassador telling jokes on a podium. With her hand never leaving James’ arm, her eyes took in the layout of the house.

There were security personel everywhere, even disguised as waiters, but they didn’t really do a good job of hiding the fact that they weren’t really part of the catering company. They circled the ambassador, two of them followed around his wife and the little girl who was dancing around with a wand in her hand. The daughter. There were rooms up the stairs but hardly anyone came up there, except for the few visitors who’s had way too much to drink. “Мы должны представить себя, когда он получает от, сидеть рядом с ними во время обеда.” She whispered as she smiled back at all the beautiful women who smiled at her. They didn’t know who she was yet they greeted her. Strange, these people. Were they already intoxicated? “Я выгляжу … ладно?

The Duke of Cambridge will deliver a speech on Chinese television on the urgent work needed to combat the illegal wildlife trade. The Duke’s speech will be filmed in London in mid-October before being aired on CCTV1 – the station with the largest audience in China – as part of a series of programmes called Let’s Talk.

The Duke is grateful to have this opportunity to explain how people around the world must work together to save some of the planet’s most critically endangered species before they are lost forever. He considers this issue an important test for his generation’s ability to solve the much more complex global challenges it will face in the decades to come. He was pleased to raise this issue with the President of China when they met in Beijing earlier this year and has been encouraged by China’s willingness to play its part in the fight against the illegal wildlife trade.

Full operational details of the speech and of the other aspects of the Let’s Talk programmes will be announced in due course.

—  Kensington Palace
Caryl in details #3

Look at his face for a second. He’s not saying this just like he would just say “bye, see you in the evening”….. he’s screaming it with every single fiber of his heart. He thought she was dead, he thought he would never see her again. He’s not just telling her to “stay safe”, he’s telling her that he can’t loose her too. That he needs her. The look on his face is not the look of someone who’s just saying goodbye; it’s so much deeper.

[.gif not mine, credit to the maker]

His body is fidgeting a bit, which means that it’s a big step for him to open up and say what he actually feels in his heart. Can we take a minute to appreciate the fact that Daryl Dixon overcame his fear of letting him eotions out just for the sake of Carol? Because he knew that she needed to hear that, and he couldn’t leave her without letting her know. He broke down in the tombs because he thought that he would never have the chance to tell her, and he won’t let that happen again. If anything happens to him during that run, at least she knows how much he cares.

First, he’s looking down. That means that he was deeply thinking about something emotional. He wanted to tell her how much she meant for him and how much he needed her, and this is exactly what those two words mean. You can see the concern in his eyes, along with the sincerity of his words. 

This is not in this gif, but just before the camera shifts we can see that he slightly brushes her arm to let her know that he’s here. He needed to touch her, to feel her. To make sure that she was real, safe and sound. 

And now look at Carol. She looked back at him with those eyes. She’s not used to hear these kind of things. Like she said is season 5, she used to think she was invisible. But Daryl notices and cares for her - she’s not invisible for him.
plus, she knows that Daryl is not the kind of person who would show his emotions or even care that much for anyone. He made her feel loved and important, and you can see how much this means to her.

And the best is her face once he’s gone. After she said “Nine lives remember”, she looked back at Judith, but then she lifted her head back up and looked at him while he was walking away. She let that sink in and realized what he actually meant. She knows that he cares for her. Look at her eyes and the smile on her face. She knows that her life matters to him, that she’s important and loved. It’s the first time that this happens to her, the first time that she really feels loved and cared for. 

This is exactly why Carol and Daryl belong together, and why they’re each other’s person. This is not how you look at your friend or sibling. 
This is why their bond is so unique and why no one could ever replace what they are for each other. Carol was the first to make Daryl feel loved and important, and he was the first one to do the same for her. No matter what happens, nothing could ever erase or replace that.