Without Clarke, Bellamy doesn’t function as well. Clarke doesn’t function as well without Bellamy. The complete each other in a really nice way. She’s the brain and he’s the heart. Without one, the other doesn’t survive. Together, you’re awesome. Together, you’re going to be okay. But individually I think they’re not as strong as they are when they’re together. Really a great partnership […] I think that’s largely where the Clarke/Bellamy ship comes from, is that they’re so good together. They compliment each other in so many ways. And there’s a great chemistry between the actors, obviously as well. But, they’re a team. But that’s what you want in a good partnership, romantically as well. I understand where that comes from. It’s just not been the story yet.
—  Jason Rothenberg on Bellarke in the IGN podcast X

Snow told Emma just last episode that she and Charming’s destiny has always been the same. To each other, and back to her.

This episode, Regina and Emma spent the entire episode together fighting for each other’s lives and for their son. Because with those two, it’s ALWAYS been, to each other and right back to him.

Tell me that’s unintentional.