The evolution of Bellamy’s… wait. Scratch that. Who am I kidding! The loving way in which Bellamy has always looked at Clarke.

This gets me:

You know in the end Stefan picked Elena. He picked her happiness over his own life. He thought she deserved to be happy even if it wasn’t with him, even if it cost him his life. That’s what their story is about. They are soulmates, even if they weren’t endgame, in a way they were.

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Karamel OTP / Crossover spoilers

Guys, have you realised that the spoilers about Mon-El & Iris in the musical crossover are excellent news for Karamel? In the alternate reality Chris and Candice will play two different characters madly in love with each other, so Kara and Barry will be in the same situation in relation to their love interests. This means that the episode narrative paints them as equal in importance for their lead characters. And the narrative in The Flash has established clearly that Iris is the predestined endgame OTP for Barry. So this means that Mon-El has the same significance for Kara. I’m calling it again: #KaramelEndgame

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Snow told Emma just last episode that she and Charming’s destiny has always been the same. To each other, and back to her.

This episode, Regina and Emma spent the entire episode together fighting for each other’s lives and for their son. Because with those two, it’s ALWAYS been, to each other and right back to him.

Tell me that’s unintentional.