Theory time

Ok so Paige is for sure somehow a part of endgame. We realize that obviously Jenna also doesn’t know who AD is and I’m guessing Noel was lost too. I think the person Sarah was scared off was Paige. Paige killed Sarah because she’s crazy and is obsessed with Emily. With this said, Paige is not AD. I think perhaps they went back to the twin theory and AD is the twin of Archer Dunhill (which is why it’s the same initials because sometimes that’s a thing for twins) and they worked on a team until Archer was dead af. Wren being AD is a huge theory so isn’t it possible he’s Archers twin? His name is obviously fake and a lot think he was also a fake Doctor (wonder where archer learned it from)

Now I don’t know why Archer and Wren would be the big bad wolves, so that’s something y'all can work on over the next 7 months.

The end.

Without Clarke, Bellamy doesn’t function as well. Clarke doesn’t function as well without Bellamy. The complete each other in a really nice way. She’s the brain and he’s the heart. Without one, the other doesn’t survive. Together, you’re awesome. Together, you’re going to be okay. But individually I think they’re not as strong as they are when they’re together. Really a great partnership […] I think that’s largely where the Clarke/Bellamy ship comes from, is that they’re so good together. They compliment each other in so many ways. And there’s a great chemistry between the actors, obviously as well. But, they’re a team. But that’s what you want in a good partnership, romantically as well. I understand where that comes from. It’s just not been the story yet.
—  Jason Rothenberg on Bellarke in the IGN podcast X

19th - 22nd


@rosewoodspoiler made this incredible YouTube video ( https://youtu.be/Ci_HCbRMPCU ) and it literally BLEW MY MIND. I believe without a doubt this is ENDGAME.

I am going to summarize some of the main points and add in some personal thoughts and theories. Sorry if it’s kind of all over the place. Trying to get all the thoughts out.

1. Cece Drake is really Bethany Young
**Whenever I use the name Bethany from now on, I am referring to the character we know as Cece Drake.
-Bethany is the daughter of Mary Drake and Mr Young (who is British)
-They had 2 children: Wren and Bethany
-Wren is Uber A and Bethany is Big A
-They have been working together the whole time. They are brother & sister.
-Bethany got the inspiration of her fake name “Cece Drake” from her moms maiden name.
-She was born/put in Radley because of her violent outbursts and bipolar disorder. (also her parents had mental illness)
-The picture Wren is seen coloring in Radley is of his mother and father (Mary & Mr Young) and him and Bethany.
-Wren moved to London with his father and changed his name (& somehow became a doctor- real or fake idk).
-Bethany was Jessica’s niece, which is why Jessica asked her to call her Aunt Jessie.
-She was able to get out of Radley because she was blackmailing Jessica because she knew about her secret son/daughter Charles, so Jessica being on the board gave her out privileges.
-Bethany hated Jessica and Alison because they were living “the perfect life” while she had to grow up in Radley and also she knew that Jessica put her son in Radley because he was transgender.
-Wren, as Bethanys older brother, also hated them. Especially for what his sister had to go through. He is Uber A. He isn’t in Radley so he had the power to do all the heavy work and Bethany enlisted Mona (and other members of the A team who hated Ali for their own reasons) for help.

2. Sara Harvey is really Charles/Charlotte DiLaurentis
-Charlotte is the son/daughter of Jessica and Kenneth DiLaurentis. Ali is her sister and Jason is her half brother.
-He always wanted to be a girl but did NOT have a mental disorder, but Kenneth didn’t like it and put him in Radley.
**Anytime I use the name Charlotte from now on, I am referring to the character that we know as Sara Harvey.
-Bethany and Charlotte met in Radley and grew up as friends. They both had their reasons for hating/envying Alison.
-The girl in the grave is the real Sara Harvey: Bethany stole the body and planted her own DNA on the body so people would believe she was actually dead so she could continue to be anonymous. “Two can keep a secret if one of them is dead.”
-When Bethany is caught as A when the girls escape the dollhouse, she pretends she is Charlotte DiLaurentis, in order to gain sympathy from everyone and avoid jail time. No one can question this because everyone thinks Bethany is dead and no one knows who Bethany actually is-no one has ever “seen her.”
-The real Charlotte goes along with it, and pretends to be Sara Harvey to the girls in Rosewood. Maybe Bethany forced her into it (like in the flashback when Charlotte asks Bethany “what did you just do?!” when Bethany pushes Marion off the roof and Bethany lashes out and says “YOU pushed her.”) I feel like Bethany has total control over Charlotte.
-Charlotte (the character we know as Sara Harvey) is always saying she wants a shower. This isn’t just annoying repetitive writing, there is a REASON for it. Anytime she gets upset or stressed, she wants to shower.
-In the flashback of Charles as a kid, he says to baby Alison, “You know what always makes me feel better…?” And draws the baby a bath.
BOOM!!!!!! Mind blown right?! @rosewoodspoiler is literally a GENIUS for putting that together!!!!! Unbelievably amazing!!!!!!!!
-Charlotte gets a tattoo on her back of a bird flying out of a cage. She is now free to be her true self- a woman.
-Bethany and Charlotte paid off a girl to pretend to be Sara Harvey’s friend, so the story would hold up when Emily goes to meet her. Otherwise it would seem weird that Sara wouldn’t want to go see anyone from her life after being “locked in the dollhouse for years”

3. Someone turned in Bethany(“Cece”) to the police (in one of the first few seasons when she is shown getting arrested) and she thinks that it was Jessica, so she kills Jessica.
-Jessica is talking to the REAL Charlotte
/ChArles(“Sara”) when she says “I can’t protect you anymore”
-Charlotte(“Sara”) says to Emily “I was saying goodbye to someone” when Emily sees her standing in the cemetery. Later we are shown it is Jessica’s tomb stone. She was saying goodbye to her MOTHER!!!!! (Once again-all credit for this find goes to @rosewoodspoiler )
-Charlotte has the secret passage way in the Radley hotel because she lived there almost her whole life.

4. Someone kills Bethany Young by pushing her off the church tower.
-Uber A (WREN!!!!) goes insane because someone killed his sister and starts torturing the liars all over again trying to find out who it was.
-I personally believe that Charlotte found out that Bethany killed Jessica, and so she killed her in revenge.

5. So how does Rollins fit into this? I believe he is Wrens friend who Wren sent to watch over Bethany while he hides in the shadows.
-Rollins and Mary Drake are working together, he is helping her find out who killed her daughter -BETHANY YOUNG.
-The only reason Rollins got involved with Ali is to push the idea that Bethany should be released (and it worked. By that time Ali felt soooo sorry for Bethany(“Cece”) and even convinced the 4 liars to vote for her to be released)

I know this was all jumbled and it can get confusing with the names but I just had to get it all down. Comment, ask questions, tell me what you think!!!!!!