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What? You still support SMGO’s “let’s prove them wrong” Save Young Justice campaign?

Read these:

I think sometimes we want something so bad that we laser focus and don’t notice the obvious things… Or on an emotional level we choose not to pay attention to them because they are so hard to swallow. It’s really only a natural reaction, especially when you feel so strongly about something.

But this is reality. This is how it is. I’m sorry it’s harsh, but it is up to us to take the knowledge at face value and do the best for Young Justice fandom that we can given the situation. And, honestly, we were kicking butt before anybody even knew what SMGO was. We can kick butt again, but it’s gotta be us. All of us. Symbiosi.

Everyone who has sent toys for HeroesForHeroes

A LOT of us have had the issue where Amazon has e-mailed us and told us that USPS was unable to send the packages, because they could not be left unattended. 

Exactly how many of us had this issue?

Also, does anyone know if we’re actually allowed to send donations this way? I personally don’t see the problem, but there may be office hours or something (I have no idea)? 

Hope these toys make some kids happy! Thank you to tax season (for providing me with the cash to pay for these toys) and Amazon Prime Student for the free shipping. These are on behalf of the Heroes for Heroes campaign. I tried to mix it up with both some YJ and GLTAS kinds of toys.

Also, from a sociological standpoint I’m really hoping the charity doesn’t segregate the toys by gender and give the majority to little boys because that would really, really make me sad. (As a former action-figure-loving little girl, and as a soon-to-be sociology graduate).

How Young Justice saved me on the field. / Yet another reason why CN shouldn't cancel Young Justice.

So, today we had a softball game against another international team. A lot of people were nervous as hell because it was our first home game, and we just wanted to win. This was a team we couldn’t afford to lose against.

Unfortunately, the freshmen were out of line, all the outfielders - including me, I play rover and am outfield captain - were unfocused and jittery, and even our main captain was a little shaky. With everything. Everyone was out of it during the first half of the first game and I was getting tired and angry because I was the only outfielder running up and down, trying to catch the pop flies and just all the balls.

I was so angry. No one was improving, everyone was quiet, hardly anyone was stepping up, and no matter how much I screamed, how much I tried to give them advice, and how much I just kept trying, nothing was working. Add that to the fact that I started making mistakes, i.e. not stealing the base when I could have, not catching balls, not calling for them quickly enough, not being aggressive enough, not making double hits and only singles, and just not doing great in general – I went from frustrated to angry to unreasonably pissed off.

Maybe I’m PMS-ing but I was about ready to lash out at somebody. I wasn’t talking to anybody, I wasn’t showing any spirit, I just shut down. I SWEAR TO GOD, I was so ready to just snap at someone. That’s what I do when I get angry, and I know it’s bad, and I’m aware that it’s something I should change, but okay. Come 5th inning (or 4th, I don’t remember anymore), I suddenly started muttering to myself: “Come on, get it right. Wally would get it right.”

Wally would get it right.

And then that turned into “Artemis would improve on the spot,” which turned into, “Conner would use this anger,” which then became: “Do it for Kaldur.”


And then I calmed down. And I slowly started cheering again. And my hits weren’t great, but they got a little better. And I caught balls. And I saved myself from getting angrier and saying something particularly nasty to anyone.

And the reason why this is important right now and why I’m even blogging about it publicly is because of the situation with the renewal of Young Justice (as well as GLTAS, don’t get me wrong, I love that show, too!). The members in the team of Young Justice aren’t just characters anymore. They’re my role models and I look up to them, and they make me want to be better. They save me from myself and they’ve taught me so much about who I want to be. I honestly know that this is going to sound really damn cheesy but these shows have made me stronger, and today was just further proof that there is no way Cartoon Network can’t renew the shows.

tl;dr – We had a softball game today and I was playing awful, about ready to explode on myself or on someone, and motivating myself with the Young Justice characters saved me on the field.

Thank you, Young Justice. No matter what happens in the future, you have been, are, and will always be an incredibly important part of my life.

Calling all Young Justice fans...kinda

I dont know what im doing, but in less than a month, itll have been a year since YJ was cancelled. Hoping im not the only one who isnt giving up. I mean, I love the show to death, and I wont give up, so is anyone gonna do something. Another protest, a cosplay day, videos??? Im trying to figure out what else to do. I dont even know why im doing this. Anyway, feel free to message me if youre doing anything or whatever.
Gonna go crawl into a whole now.
Stay asterious.

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Its been a long time since I made this. Just thought I’d leave this here and i might make a new one later.

archenemycomics  asked:

Very true. I'm running the Young Justice Digital 1st petition and I'd like to organize a buy Young Justice Digital Day if enough people are interested. I'll look into getting that part started also.

Hi there :-) Tumblr is a great place to organize stuff like that, and the community on the #Young Justice tag is really great! Maybe some other members of the fandom would be interested in helping you organize stuff - it can’t hurt to ask!

The post he’s referring to is here.

The Young Justice Digital First Comic Book petition is here.

anonymous asked:

I think we've lost some momentum with saving YJ and GLTAS, I think we should all reblog the letters,petitions,messages,REACH drinks,hope flowers,Hashtags, our surveys and of course the IMMENSE outrage that our shows were not renewed. Just so you know I'm not going to watch a watered down comedy version of TEEN TITANS and while I think the new Batman series will be "fine" to watch, I think Batman has been DONE to DEATH, GIVE US A WONDER WOMAN SERIES! Hera knows she needs some respect.

Can we have Young Justice!Cassie, too? Because I would pay for that. And Donna Troy. And EVERYONE.

Also, if we’re gonna have a batman series can we have something GENUINELY new? Not just something with a shiny new wrapper?