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Skyeward + Shield!Partners/Specialists AU

  1. S.H.I.E.L.D. has an anti-fraternization policy. That means that no matter how badly two agents want to, they can’t bang. This produces a challenge for Skye and Ward because they’re partners that have training sessions that look like foreplay to other people. Disobeying this policy actually becomes the highlight of their careers.
  2. Ward works alone. He does not use partners and he does not want one. Fury, however, insists that Ward become partners with Skye Johnson, a level 8 hacker level 5 Specialist. The two do not hit it off at first, but it’s tough to fight a few battles with someone and not start to trust them a little. Falling in love in with them though, that was just unavoidable for the two of them because holy shit how do two people bond over pizza and beer?
  3. Ward’s on a work-release type program under Fury’s orders. He was one of HYDRA’s best operatives and now Fury wants to turn him into an asset. This requires him to have a warden of sorts, and who better than agent Skye Johnson who was trained by the woman who brought Ward in? So the two start working together closely on guerrilla attacks on HYDRA installations around the planet. Eventually though, after all the bullets and knives stop flying around, the two start getting closer. Much closer.
  4. Skye made a mistake. She got captured by Agent Grant Ward of S.H.I.E.L.D. attempting to hack into their servers. Her options: spend 10-20 years in S.H.I.E.L.D. prison that makes Gitmo look like the Hilton, or work off her sentence by being Ward’s CI. It’s really a no brainer. That is, until they stop acting like enemies and actually become friends and then after a bad mission in Russia, bedmates. After Paris though, that’s when the sex starts. It’s the language of love after all.
  5. S.H.I.E.L.D. is a special unit in the Los Angeles Police Department. They did with the cyber crimes and more weapon-heavy ordeals. One of the best marksmen in the unit is Sgt. Grant Ward who is leaving his apartment one morning and a girl is trying to hijack his car. He stops her, and he finds out that she’s trying to get out of town because she was forced to hack a crime boss’ offshore account and there are hitmen very interested in collecting the $2,000,000 bounty on her head. Of course, Ward has to help her. He could never say no to a beautiful face.

AN ~ a thing, that’s going to be part of a different thing i don’t know the nature of yet, where Agent May has Simmons’ back. Set pre-S1.




“Agent May? Director Fury has asked to see you.”

“Thanks, Lily,” May replied with a smile, setting aside her stapler. “Tell him I’ll be right up.”

“I’ll clear a space for you. “

The instant Fury’s secretary hung up, May’s expression hardened. There was only one thing this could be about, and even then, it shouldn’t have been happening. She’d been given free range on this assignment. The only reason he would possibly be calling her up this directly would be to dispute her choices.

“One choice, in particular,” he corrected, once she’d voiced her irritation. Rather than ask which one, she scowled. She could guess. She could narrow it down, at least – but the singular issue Fury had detected, as confirmed by the open file he handed her, still came as something of a surprise.

Still frowning, May lifted the photograph to check that she’d read everything right, and that there was no new information that might invalidate her selection.

“What’s wrong with Simmons?”

Fury shrugged.

“Nothing’s wrong. She’s brilliant. I just don’t think she’s the best choice.”

May didn’t even have to raise an eyebrow to ask why not.

“She failed her field assessment. Hard. And she’s gullible. She’s got Milgram syndrome all but bred into her. She’ll answer any question put to her by somebody with a higher badge.”

“We can’t fault her for her training,” May objected. “As for the field assessment – I know she failed, but she wouldn’t be a field agent. There’s a lab on the plane. She’d be coming with us in a biochemist’s capacity only. And Doctor Fitz also failed that assessment. Why aren’t you waving his file in my face?”

“There’s no need to be hostile, Agent May. I know you understand the stakes here.”

“And knowing those stakes, you trusted me with this decision.”

“So I did.” Fury sighed. “Doctor Fitz is a brilliant engineer, one of our best, by quite a large margin. He’s also stubborn. He can’t fight worth a damn but he spent ten hours in interrogation and hardly said a word beyond how hungry and bored he was.”

“And Doctor Simmons?”

“Threw up about a half-hour in.”

“Then let her try again.”

“That’s against protocol.”

“This whole endeavour goes against protocol, does it not?”

“Look. It all comes down to the fact that we can’t trust Doctor Simmons with our secrets. This is a big one, Agent May. I’ve got nothing against the girl, but I think we’d be better off with somebody like Morse.”

“Simmons could be somebody like Morse, if somebody invested in her. Regardless. For now, her Milgram syndrome or whatever you call it can work for us. She’ll trust me and back me up.”

“Until somebody higher than you starts pulling her strings.”

“Well short of you betraying yourself, or SHIELD blowing up in our faces, I don’t think that’s going to happen.”

“I’ll let you know if it does.”

Fury pursed his lips, and took the file back from May. With a sigh, he nodded his capitulation.

“You’ve got your team, Agent May. I’ll call Coulson this afternoon.”

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