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Deadpool returns to Earth after taking over Macho Gomez’s bounty hunting job last issue, to find himself face to face with everyone who wants to kill him. Again.
And then, Deadpool tries to provoke The Hulk into killing him!
I won’t be reading the classic, since I’ve read it before, and I don’t fancy it again right now.

Well Acted Scenes in Star Trek: TOS (Operation Annihilate!)

As Star Trek TOS often gets ribbed gently for it’s hammy acting and useless monsters I’d like to jump in with some positives from Operation Annihilate!

DeForest Kelly does really nice subtle facial reactions. When he’s ‘operating’ on Spock, he’s supposed to see the mass of tentacles and the realisation that he can’t do anything and has to just leave it all inside him is displayed beautifully. He also has a chance to show a softer side when he realises he didn’t need to blind Spock to save him from the creatures and he plays the regret really nicely, not too heavy on the angst. It makes it extra sad because he was so happy a few moments before this that they’d be able to save people on Deneva. 

Leonard Nimoy’s Spock is attacked by the weird creature and spends about half the episode fighting for control of his pain. It’s a great way to show Spock’s struggle to be the Vulcan he wishes to be and Nimoy does a great job of keeping the act of pain up, sometimes with a very obvious grimace of pain and other times a slight twitch during speech. It’s subtle enough but gives his performance some movement. In scenes where he, Kirk and McCoy are talking he is usually stood stock still. There’s a slight unrest in the performance to remind viewers Spock’s not quite right. It’s also nice to see the unmasked look on his face when he realises he had been blinded. 

William Shatner’s Kirk has a rough episode. His brother dies and his sister-in-law and nephew are attacked by the creatures that killed bis brother.
And then Spock is attacked too.
And then the only way to save the world seems to be by killing millions on Deneva.
Oh no!
Well, Shatner puts in a great performance here. He stays sombre throughout at the enormity of the personal shit he is going through and still remains capable of his Captain duties. Through most scenes, you can feel the weight he’s carrying with him over his nephew’s fate and his refusal to believe that the best thing to do is kill everyone on the planet to save others is just what we expect from Kirk.
But it’s the subtle and carefully played anger with Bones when Spock’s blinded that are really great in this episode. he’s so angry at the Doctor he has to leave the room, careful not to say anything he would regret. When a few scenes later, he’s trying to tell Bones it wasn’t his fault, to ease the doctors own guilt, it’s a nice reminder why we like Captain Kirk. 

I know I’m halfway through season two already, but I wanted to post a list of my favorite episodes from season one! I plan to do this at the end of the second and third seasons, too. Anyway, here are my faves!

  • Charlie X
  • The Naked Time
  • The Menagerie (both parts)
  • Balance of Terror
  • The Galileo Seven
  • Arena
  • Space Seed
  • This Side of Paradise
  • The Devil in the Dark
  • Errand of Mercy
  • The City on the Edge of Forever
  • Operation: Annihilate!

I enjoyed pretty much every episode of this season, but these I could watch again and again. What about you guys? Which episodes from season one do you enjoy?


Just my two favorite aliens from Star Trek the Original Series. Korob and Sylvia’s true forms (from the episode “Cat’s Paw”) - fishing lures and blue fuzz on a string - and the “flying pancakes” (from “Operation Annihilate”) as my family has dubbed them. 

Ah, ye majestic obviously-on-a-string creatures…. I thank thee for thy beauty. 

Creation and annihilation operators for a complex scalar field. These operators are used to describe particle states by acting on the vacuum state. The vacuum state is that with no particles at all; a single-particle state is represented by a creation operator acting on the vacuum state. This theory predicts two kinds of particles with equal mass but opposite charge: matter and antimatter. 

[ Authors ]
Kordian Andrzej Smolinski
[ Abstract ]
We postulate a master equation, written in the language of creation and annihilation operators, as a candidate for unambiguous quantum mechanical description of unstable particles. We have found Kraus representation for the evolution driven by this master equation and study its properties. Both Schroedinger and Heisenberg picture of the system evolution are presented. We show that the resulting time evolution leads to exponential decay law. Moreover, we analyse mixing of particle flavours and we show that it can lead to flavour oscillation phenomenon.