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Time Strangers (1/5)

AN:  The season finale redo!  Cover made by the GLORIOUS Midstorm!!!  Thank you so much, Mid!

“You okay?” 

Emma Swan snapped out of her reverie.  Neal was looking at her cautiously, his eyes flicking between her and her new baby brother.  She cleared her throat. 

“Yup,” She said firmly, pushing aside the painful memories of her foster home.

“You sure?” Neal repeated, crossing his arms. “Because…you know.”  He nodded towards the baby.  Emma sighed.  There had been so much guilt from her parents—guilt that they were having a new baby, guilt for feeling joy and excitement, so much guilt they treated Emma delicately, as if afraid she would explode.  And honestly, the whole experience made Emma the slightest bit grateful that she had missed the majority of the pregnancy.  Seeing David and Mary Margaret holding their tiny little newborn brought up painful memories, memories of her finally finding an adoptive family—until her adopted parents got pregnant and sent her back to foster care again. 

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Tallahassee Era

Once upon a time there was a princess who wore leather jackets and stole to survive. She was the savior yet she didn’t know because the Evil Queen casted a spell on her family. The princess fell in love with the Dark One’s son and the two of them ran away together with dreams of Tallahassee in the horizon. They stole to get by and slept in a yellow bug huddled together to keep warm yet they couldn’t be more happy than with each other.

Time Strangers (2/5)

“Whoa,” Emma breathed, taking her in.  She’d heard stories for ages about the Evil Queen, but somehow seeing her in full royal regalia—it was unnerving, to say the least. 

“Listen to me very carefully,” Regina announced. “Whatever squalor and despair your pathetic little lives have been able to tolerate until this point is nothing compared to the pain and misery I can inflict if I leave here unhappy.”

“Regina,” Neal murmured. “Or I guess we should say—the Evil Queen.”

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Why I ship SwanFire - a summary

otp: eyes on the road

otp: missed a spot

otp: we promised to take care of each other.

otp: i’m not having drinks with you, you might be a pervert

otp: i might be a pervert but you’re actually a car thief

otp: i said i was sorry

otp: you didn’t, actually

otp: leave her alone

otp: i’m trying to, uh, teach my girlfriend how to drive stick

otp: I just stole your car. Your life could be in danger.

otp: i love you

otp: i love you too

otp: you can keep yelling at me when we get there

otp: there are no coincidences.

otp: everything that happens, happens by design

otp: fate, destiny, whatever you want to call it.

otp: maybe we met for a reason

otp: maybe something good came from us being together.

otp: you want to steal the watches, to help me with get away with stealing the watches?

otp: my wife and I are really lost.

otp: i think this little guy is hungry. 

otp: i got you a key chain. Do you like it?

otp: it’s a native american dream catcher.

otp: it’s supposed to keep all the nightmares out, and only let the good dreams in to protect your home

otp: it’s flypaper for nightmares?

otp: let’s keep it

otp: why do you wear the, uh, key chain i got you?

otp: I’d never stopped loving you.

otp: i came to make sure you didn’t hurt her.

otp: maybe you should come with us

otp: sounds intense

otp: life’s full of surprises, isn’t it?

otp: you’re not allowed to have opinions about surprises, mr. son-of-rumpelstiltskin.

otp: it’s time we retire the bonnie and clyde act. 

otp: together?

otp: close your eyes and point.

otp: whatever spot you pick, that’s our home.

otp: tallahassee…

otp:  is this… what you really want?

otp: what I really want it you

otp: tallahassee, baby. We’re almost home.

otp: home…

otp:I don’t need it to have you arrested when the robbery’s in progress.

otp: tommorow i’m gonna be hungry

otp: probably around the lunch time

otp: so I’m going to come here and I’m going to sit in that booth.

otp: and you’re welcome to join me.

otp: and if not… I’ll quit bugging you.

otp: I never forgave myself

otp: there hasn’t been a day that’s gone by that I don’t regret having left you

otp: i loved you

otp: is this my son?

otp: I knew the moment I saw him, I never stop loving him

otp: he was a good man

otp: and he would’ve been a great father

otp: he was a hero

otp: I just want you to be happy

otp: that’s how you know you’ve got a home. When you leave it, there’s just this feeling that you can’t shake

otp: it’s all about the tumblrs

otp: I’m never gonna stop fighting for you

otp: I thaught her that

otp: do I look like a jealous ex?

otp: I’m sorry

otp: I will see both of you again

otp: I have to get back to her.

otp: tell emma I’m alive, and I love her.

otp: when you love someone, you don’t keep it in. You say it.

otp: I love you. I probably always will.

otp: go find tallahassee

otp: I’ll be watching over you guys from somewhere.

otp: promise me just prom-promise me you’ll both be happy

otp: I stole a stolen car?