operation seriously are you kidding me

“Oh shit…shit…shit, I’m so sorry,” Emma babbles as she move a to help Regina off the floor. Of all the people she had to run into with a steaming hot cup of cocoa it would be the person who hates her the most. 

“Eloquent as alw-ah…ow,” the snarky reply dies on Regina’s lips as Emma reaches for her arm only to hit burned skin. 

Emma winces as she helps Regina to her feet, frowning as she sees the arm that took the brunt of the cocoa, “That looks bad…let me take you to A&E.” 

Regina scowls at her, “Haven’t you done enough?”

Emma rolls her eyes wondering just what kind of crime against Regina she’s committed this morning before shaking her head, “Seriously? I haven’t even seen you until now.”

“You kept Henry out last night so he overslept and was late for school which I had to explain. You may have just breezed in as the fun new Mother but I have to be the responsible one.”

Ah. Double shit. The kid roped her into one of his Operation Cobra plans and they lost track of time and Emma can see why Regina’s pissed. Add the cocoa burns and she may as well be public enemy number one. 

“Okay, that was irresponsible and I’m sorry, let me be responsible now and take you to A&E and maybe buy you a coffee too?” 

Regina sighs. She doesn’t know whether it’s the fact that her arm does genuinely hurt or the irresistible pout and puppy eyes being thrown her way but she relents with a huffy “Fine, but I want a pastry with my coffee…I missed breakfast trying to get Henry to school…” 

“So you burned Mommy?!” Lucy asks, clasping her hands over her face in shock. 

Emma chuckles ruffling her daughter’s dark brown curls, “Accidentally munchkin and that trip to A&E is what started our fairytale…that and your Mommy extorted not just a pastry but lunch out of me too.”

“You gave me second degree burns,” Regina points out as she enters the room. 

“A meet cute?” Emma tries. 

Regina smiles kissing her wife before scooping their toddler up in a hug, “But we’d already met…”

“No. It was thanks to that run in that I got to truly meet you and I’m glad I did.” 

Regina blushes, “Aw…my hero saving me from cocoa that she spilt…”

Anna’s Perioperative Playlist Challenge

Surgeons and their music.

If any of you have ever spent any (conscious) time in the OR at all, you know exactly what I mean.

You can walk past a suite and know who’s operating without even looking at the board. 

If you have no idea what I’m talking about, sit tight. I’ll explain, then we’re gonna play a game.

Like, seriously, indulge me, this is gonna be fun.

Surgeons like to operate to music. It’s kind of a thing.

I’ve heard some crazy stuff in the OR, guys. Every genre you can possibly imagine. There’s standard, top 40 radio hits. Classic rock. R&B. Soul. ScreamingbangingpulsingmakeyourearsbleedJimKirknoise (seems like the ortho guys really like this one). Country. Jazz. Even (I’m not kidding) swanky elevator music. 

My ears are ringing when I make it home. When I finally crash in my bed at night, it’s not the cadence of the pulse ox, or the myriad of monitors that I hear. It’s the music.

Today, I had my personal playlist on shuffle, as always. 4:30 am, headed to the hospital in a sleep-addled daze, chugging my coffee, angry at the injustice of the world. 

And then, suddenly, clarity. A brand new Bones headcannon is born.

Lynyrd Skynyrd’s Call Me the Breeze.

Now, imagine -

Bones, hotshot big-city trauma surgeon, fresh out of residency. Bones, eyes burning, fierce, sharper than a laser scalpel, gonna change the world. Bones, at the top of his game. Bones before David’s illness, before feverish research and quiet desperation, before pitying glances and subtly shaking hands, before stims and alcohol and insomnia, before endless custody battles and bitter failure and “I’m just a simple country doctor.” Bones, when sleepless nights were a welcome challenge and the morning offered a fresh perspective. Bones, the youngest published surgeon in a generation. Bones, dominating his operating suite through sheer force of will. Bones, fed up with people commenting on his age. Bones, saving lives. Bones, making damn sure that his tech knows what playlist is on rotation, and that Call Me the Breeze is on there, somewhere.

Later, after, it doesn’t matter so much. On the Enterprise, Len’s not doing many elective procedures. Surgeries come in fits and starts, in 22 hour shifts of blood and adrenaline and grit, shifts that leave Len hazy around the edges and utterly drained. Life in the black is weeks upon weeks of mind-numbing monotony, and then everything goes to hell. Most days, the playlist is the last thing on his mind.

Besides, his tastes have matured. Really.

It’s Chris that notices first. Chris, striding into sickbay, predicting exactly what kind of day it’s gonna be by the time she makes it to her station. She’s been doing this a while - she doesn’t need to see the set of the Doc’s shoulders, or hear the cadence of his words. She knows. Nurse’s intuition.

In the beginning, her choices are random. She’s been working in the field long enough that the noise fades to the background, personal preferences be damned. It doesn’t take her long to figure it out.

Doctor McCoy, god bless him, hasn’t a clue. 

One day, one awfully long day, when the supply shuttle is overdue and the captain has missed his follow-up physical for the third shift straight and the doctor has been particularly bitchy, Chris rolls her eyes and calls him Mr. Breeze.

Len blinks at her, startled, then covers it with a dark scowl. “What was that, nurse?”

Anyone else would be terrified, but Chris works with this fool every damn day. She knows his tells, and she’s not afraid of Leonard McCoy. “Nothing, Doctor.”

He holds her gaze for a second, all bristled brows and blustering testosterone, but she is unrelenting, expressionless. He gives, whirling, and stalks to his office, muttering under his breath.

The name spreads like wildfire.

Chris turns a blind eye.

Now, the challenge:

 What else is on Bones’ surgery playlist?

phanofgay  asked:

so in the au where tomco had to share the same bed and then went to see the fireworks, it would be great that the next place they go is an amusement park and tom is really scared of going in to the roller coasters and again there is marco helping him and it would be great that they finally kiss after the day is done or when you find it perfect, I LOVE YOUR WORK AAAAH

AND I LOVE YOU AHHH! Thanks so much for the request it was super cute! I hope you like it! It’s actually not that connected to the other stories haha, it’s just sort of them being cute dorks with crushes on each other. Sorry about that it’s just how it turned out. I hope you enjoy it anyway!

“Come on it’ll be fun.” Marco assured. Tom’s ears dropped as he looked up at the big track.

“I don’t think so.” He crossed his arms. “That looks scary.” Tom bit his lip and Marco nudged him.

“Come on, I thought you liked fun and scary.” Marco asked, leaning closer to the demon. Tom blushed when he felt Marco touch his arm and tugged at his ear.

“I-I guess…” Tom tried.

“Here, I’ll hold your hand the whole time.” Marco promised, holding out his hand. Tom blushed even deeper and tentatively took Marco’s hand. The boys went up the big mental stairs and took their seats on the ride. “Are you scared?” Marco asked, with a hint of excitement. Tom nodded.

“Yeah… but what fun would it be if I wasn’t?” He asked.

Marco smiled and felt Tom grip his hand tighter. “It’ll be okay. Scaredy-cat.” Marco teased. His light-hearted tone made Tom feel a little better as the ride started up the big hill. The boys were practically squirming and Tom shut his eyes tight. “Tom, look.” Marco told him.

Tom opened his eyes and smiled when he saw the whole park from how high they were. “Woah this is really cool-” Tom was cut off when the coater rocketed down the hill fast. The boys started screaming as loud as they could as it whipped and turned on every corner. Marco yelled and looked over at Tom, who was gripping his hand tightly. He expected the poor demon to be terrified, but he was laughing and screaming.

The coaster slowed down as they began up another hill. Tom tried to get his laughter under control. “See, I told you it would be okay.” Marco assured. “It’s a fun type of scary.” He added. Tom nodded, his face was flushed from screaming and laughing. The boys smiled at eachother when they made it to the top of the hill. Tom blushed when he noticed he was still holding Marco’s hand.

“Thanks for making me feel safe.” He mumbled. Marco smiled and the two scooted a bit closer. Without much thought Tom looked up and decided it would be romantic to steal a small kiss. Marco grinned when he saw this coming and leaned in as well. But as soon as their lips touched the coaster rocketed down the hill, jerking the boys forward.

The rough motion made Tom jerk forward and accidentally bit Marco’s lip as hard as possible with his sharp teeth. At feeling this, Marco pulled away in pain, but the roller coaster rounded a fast corner and Marco lurched forward, accidentally bumping heads with Tom as hard as he could.

The ride slower to stop. “Please exit to your right.” The ride operator called. The boys groaned in pain. Tom rubbed his third eye.

“I think you gave me a black eye.” He groaned, which was true.

“Is my lip bleeding?” Marco asked. His lip was bleeding a,lot, and it was puffy where Tom bit it. “Was that seriously our first kiss?” Marco asked. “How lame is that?” He grumbled.

“Do you kids want your picture from the top of the coaster?” The carni asked. He showed them a polaroid of Marco screaming and clutching his mouth, and Tom making a scrunched up face with his hands on his third eye. Both of them were blurry from being jerked from the ride.

“Burn that.” Tom grumbled.


Star and Janna waited by the end of the ride for their boys. Their conversation was disrupted when a carni excused himself past them. “Sorry girls, gotta put this up by the entrance.” He smiled and hung a sign that said “No Kissing On the Roller Coasters”.

“That’s a weird sign.” Janna laughed.

“Yeah, we actually had an incident today. Some kid got a black eye and the other got a bloodied up lip. It was pretty bad too, like whoever bit him had sharpened teeth or something.” The carni shook his head. He walked off to the photo stand and Stra gasped.

“Oh My god, Janna look!” She cried, pointing at the photo of Tom and Marco. “How did I not guess this as soon as I saw the sign?” She asked.

“Sir, how much for that photo?” Janna asked.

‘We can’t really sell photos of other people to somebody else.” He explained. Janna pulled out a wad of cash.

“I will literally give you six hundred dollars for that.” She swore. The man shrugged and printed out two photos.

“You want frames?” He asked. Janna nodded.

“Janna, where did you get that kind of money?” Star asked.

“Marco’s wallet.” Janna responded, handed her a frame. “Keep this close, it’s a treasure.”

Jamie Benn #1.2

Here is the part two of the Jamie Benn original drabble. This is longer and just full of angst. It’s like angst all day everyday for the next thousand words but I hope you enjoy it still and I hope it will make you want a part three because I honestly can’t leave it just like this, right?

Part 1 here. Part 3 here.

Word count: 1, 369

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A strong sense of déjà vu hit as you slumped on the kitchen stool. Jamie was making a fruit and protein smoothie, the one he drinks first thing in the morning every day.

He looked up from fiddling with the blender, “nightmare?”

You frowned at him, “why do you think that?”

He snorted, “you look like you didn’t sleep well.”

You flipped him the finger, “fuck you, you know this is how I always look in the morning.”

He laughed, “and it scares me every time.”

“Whatever.” grinning back at him.

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I’ve added a transcription for the interview relating to DylBae

Roger Yuan Talking About training Dylan for the role of Mitch Rapp

Our poor baby


Roger: I’m training … doing fight training for a young actor, a really, really cool guy that was … he was seriously hurt on the last show and ….

The Interviewer: The Maze Runner

Roger: Yeah, Maze Runner 3.

He is getting … he’s coming back .. his is training very, very hard and he is going to be the new Mitch Rapp character which is kinda cool, you know, it is another CIA operative.  For me, personally, I wanted to do it.  He is a really good kid and the challenges that he has to go through in terms of the whole facial reconstruction and getting into shape and having the limitations because it is still very, very raw in terms of, physically, either things he’s still recovering from, physically, in terms where his blood pressure and heart rate, we have to be careful because of the reconstruction but he is doing really, really well.