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tower also from the rear side ekranirovaniya modernization of Soviet tank. T-72M2 Moderna

Of the tank T-72M2 “Moderna” in the front, shows the elements of dynamic protection on the tower, as well as innovative placement of two containers with 20 mm anti-aircraft guns on the sides of the tower

Initially, the prototypes of the tank “Modernity” were installed two 20 mm cannon. However, in the future, in view of the ambiguity of the obtained characteristics, they were replaced by one 30-mm 2A42, borrowed from Soviet infantry fighting vehicle BMP-2.

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To improve the driving characteristics of the tank T-72M2 received a new diesel engine S12U capacity of 850 horsepower. This engine was a Slovak version of the Soviet V-46, revised and boosting.

To simplify the production of tanks Moderna and apparatus for operating the commander proposed to equip a panoramic sight SFIM VS-580. It is noteworthy that this sight by the time used on the Belgian Leopard 1 tanks, French AMX-56 Leclerc and several other modern main battle tank. A two-axis stabilised panoramic sight VS-580 allows observation of the entire surrounding space without any dead zones in azimuth. The sight gave the opportunity to find targets before they enter the affected area, and after approximations to the desired distance and aim to attack them.

Of the tank T-72M2 “Moderna” in the front, shows the elements of dynamic protection on the tower, as well as innovative placement of two containers with 20 mm anti-aircraft guns on the sides of the tower

The big changes were the system of protection of the tank. In place of the standard dynamic protection of the tank base on the “Moderne” set the new complex DYNAS. Typical boxes of this system covered the forehead hull and turret, and a large part of the boards. To counter various systems using optical channels or lasers, tank T-72M2 was universally Galix smoke grenade launchers. It was argued that they could shoot smoke grenades, and false thermal purposes, as well as special shrapnel ammunition designed to defeat enemy infantry
tower also from the rear side shielded

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if you dont mind me asking, do you watch kdramas? and if you do so, would you rec some?

i Do !!!! ummm right now i’m watching boys over flowers for literally like the fifth or sixth time ?? and i still love it just as much as the first time. some of my other recs are:

  • age of youth
  • school 2015: who are you 
  • it’s okay, that’s love
  • dream high (one & two)
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  • heard it through the grapevine
  • the heirs
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  • monstar
  • city hunter
  • to the beautiful you 
  • playful kiss
  • operation proposal
  • goddess of marriage

and there are a ton more that i just can’t think of right now sadkjl but yeah these are some of my favs, and i have a… fuckton on my watch later list lmao so hmu again in a few months and i’ll let you know if i’ve watched anything new !!


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*“On 21 February the Canadian Comedian Rick Mercer visited the West Block to make a film for his “Rick Mercer Report” comedy series and helped the various trades carry out their work, including the seele employees. Together with the erection personnel and Site Superintendent Marvin Sommerfeld, he mounted the first glass element on the roof structure and signed the steelwork underneath.
A curving glass roof is to be built over the central courtyard of the West Block so that it can serve as a temporary chamber for the Canadian House of Commons. Conversion work will continue until 2017. ”*

Extensive thermal, daylighting and CFD analysis was carried out by Transsolar to validate the climate concepts under a variety of boundary conditions and sequence of operations were proposed for mechanical systems and operable louvers.

Client: PWGSC – Public Works and Government Services CAN
Architect: ARCOP/FGMDA
Main contractor: PCL Constructors Canada Inc.