operation propose

Operation TouRING

A Sequel to Operation Pirate Law

Summary: It hadn’t been long after Killian had first met Emma Swan that he knew he wanted to spend the rest of his days with her. Everything about their lives just fit together so naturally, and she and Henry were every bit as much family to him as his younger brother, Liam, was, and he was ready to make it official. There was just one thing he needed to do first. Convince the lads to help him with Operation TouRING.

Notes: A BIG THANK YOU to @looselipswontsinkships being an incredible beta and helping me overcome my dry spell/writer’s block. You’re the best!!

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General Audience rating / Word Count: ~5400

Henry didn’t think a day could go by any slower, but there he sat, in the desk next to his best friend anxiously waiting for the last bell of the last school day to ring. What a year it had been! When he thinks back to the beginning of the school year, he’s struck with just how much had changed in his life in the past nine months.

For starters, he has a best friend. He wasn’t too sure about Liam Jones when he’d first arrived in Storybrooke with his older brother. An older brother that is quite literally…older. Older and owns a pirate ship. Older, owns a pirate ship, and was currently dating Henry’s mom, something he and Liam had a hand in making happen.

Liam had seen the potential romance between his brother, Killian, and Henry’s mom, from the get go. He’d gotten into a spot of trouble that had gotten him hauled into the Sheriff station; that’s how Killian and Henry’s mom, the town Deputy, had first met. After the sparks of that initial meeting Liam kept getting into trouble, hoping the forced interaction between guardian and Deputy would lead to something. It wasn’t until Henry had gotten involved, and launched Operation Pirate Law, that’s when things finally started to happen.

He and Liam had worked to get the two together in various social and volunteer situations, and it was obvious that the two adults definitely had a thing for each other. It wasn’t until he and Liam had finally thrown subtlety out the window and conned their guardians into a romantic, candle lit dinner on Killian’s ship, The Jolly Roger, that the two ultimately became an official couple.

Now, nearly seven months later, the four of them were almost like a family. Killian and Liam had celebrated Christmas with Henry and his mom (the first Christmas for Liam without his father, whose passing had caused Liam to come live with Killian in the first place), and they all rang in the New Year together on The Roger. His mom and Killian had been nearly unbearable to be around during Valentine’s. He’d never thought of his mom as a gushy, romantic type, but he guessed when you’re in love all those hearts, flowers, sonnets and glaring public displays of affection seem necessary. (They’re not.)

Spring Break had been awesome, with Killian taking them down the coast on his ship. Killian and Liam had been teaching him the finer points of sailing, and that had been the first time they’d taken him out on the open seas. It was also when the topic of he and his mom joining the Jones brothers on their summer tour had first come up.

Killian was an online History professor, but had a side job of touring his replica 1770’s Brig to various ports during the summer. He’d visit different festivals, educating visitors about maritime life in the eighteenth and nineteenth century, while also teaching the young men and women he’d hire on as crew all about sailing.

This summer Killian wanted Henry and his mom to come with them. It had taken some convincing (and begging, pleading, and possibly bribery), but his mom had agreed and managed to get an old friend to come in and cover for her as Deputy while they were gone.

Now they were just hours away from casting off and starting a grand adventure that would take them from their little town in Maine all the way down to Florida, and possibly even the Caribbean, if time and weather allowed. Tonight they’d all be staying on the ship, ready to set sail at dawn, and Henry was bursting with excitement.

When the bell sounded he and Liam practically sprinted out the door, into the hall, and towards their lockers to grab their things. They said quick goodbyes to their classmates and then they were gone. Off to The Jolly Roger.

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baby makes three

this is based off @softjimon ’s adorable post about jimon doing the fake baby project and taking it super seriously

Jace didn’t even know why he signed up to take a life skills class.

When quickly filling out his course selection at the end of his junior year, only a few hours before the deadline, Jace’s only goal had been to get all of his credits. He’d had a gap to fill, one more class he needed to sign up for, and Magnus had helpfully suggested taking what was called “Life Management and Development” because he’d taken it the year before and it was supposedly a blow-off.

Magnus was mostly right. For most of the year the class consisted of watching Lifetime movies and learning how to hold down a job. Jace used the class to pester Simon into helping him with his stats homework.

Simon, who for some unfathomable reason would stop at nothing to take every advanced class he could, was only in life skills because his mother wanted him to relax in his senior year and try not to stress after a breakdown at the end of his junior year that put him out of commission for a few days.

It was kind of nice, Jace thought, to have a class with Simon. He never got to hang out with Simon without the rest of the group, and through the year Jace learned a lot about him.

And even after all that learning, he was surprised when Simon immediately put his hand on Jace’s wrist the moment Ms. Rollins announced a partner project.

“Really?” Jace asked, eyebrows raised. “You want to pair with me? For a major grade? Even though you can see me filling out my homework that’s due next period as we speak?”

Simon rolled his eyes. “It’s life skills, Jace. It won’t be hard. And I don’t want to be with anyone but you. I don’t even know these other peoples’ names.”

“And you’re hoping you’ll be a good influence on me?” Jace guessed. Simon smirked.

“If only that were possible.”

Admittedly, a fake baby project wasn’t anything that Jace ever imagined himself participating in. And Magnus hadn’t done it last year, so Jace never even considered the horrible possibility.

Apparently Simon didn’t have that problem.

“She’s cute!” Simon exclaimed, sounding pleased as he and Jace both peered into the plastic carrier at their baby. It was scarily realistic, with a little rubbery face and an actual real diaper, which Jace personally felt like was a waste of a diaper that a real baby could use.

“The baby will behave like a real baby.” Rollins said from the head of the class. “It will cry, it will be hungry, it will need to be changed. On the clock, not just when you’re at school. Now I have no way of knowing if one partner is doing all the work, but I’m trusting you and your partner to share the work evenly. Like how a real, successful marriage would operate.”

“Did I propose to you?” Jace whispered to Simon. “Or did you propose to me?”

“You proposed to me.” Simon responded. “I said no the first three times, but I was after your money.”

“Jokes on you.”

“This is a major grade, people!” Rollins announced. “If the baby is neglected, the data gets sent to me. So for the next two weeks, take care of that baby.”

“Well, I think the obvious thing to do is name her Leia.” Simon declared immediately, and Jace honestly wasn’t even surprised. He didn’t care what they called the fake baby, but he felt the need to argue anyways.

“I don’t think she likes it.” Jace said thoughtfully, and they both studied the expressionless face of their baby. Simon leaned in, his head right beside the baby’s face.

“She just told me she loves it.”

“She can’t even talk yet!”

“Yes she can.” Simon grinned. “Our daughter is a genius.”

The baby wasn’t that bad. Whenever she cried in class, Jace was always shooed into the hall by his teachers and he got to miss a few minutes of boring lessons. And it was stupid, he knew that, but holding the baby and getting her electronic cries to eventually lessen made him feel a dumb sense of pride.

“She cried like, three less times than usual.” Jace told Simon as he passed Leia off during lunch. “I think she’s acclimating.”

“I read about emotional maturity.” Simon answered as he took a bite of salad. “Even a few days can make a huge difference in the ways infants behave.”

“Guys.” Clary pulled their attention from Leia, who was being fed by Jace from the plastic bottle that was always in Simon’s bag. “This is really sweet, the way you guys are getting along and–and raising a child–”

“It’s weird.” Alec deadpanned. “She’s plastic.”

“Hey, it’s a good project.” Simon said defensively, reaching for Leia so he could hold her protectively against his chest. “Good parenting is an important skill to learn.”

“Yeah, Alec.” Jace stuck his tongue out at his brother. “I’m learning valuable skills. When you and Magnus have a kid, you’ll call me and be like ‘Jace, please, we need your expertise because our child hates us and won’t stop crying!’ And I’m just gonna be like, I don’t know guys remember when you made fun of Leia?”

“Boom.” Simon knocked his fist against Jace’s.

“Maybe we should really be questioning why Jace and Simon are suddenly attached at the hip?” Magnus said with a wide smile, eyeing the point of connection where the boys’ knees were touching.

“Children who experience divorce can be severely emotionally stunted.” Simon supplied. “As Leia’s dads, we love her too much to hate each other.”

“Is this is chi-squared test or a goodness of fit test?” Jace asked, showing Simon his current stats question. Simon didn’t bother to look, too focused on Leia to move his gaze.

“Is it uni-variate or bi-variate?”

Jace looked back down at the paper and groaned. He fell back against Simon’s bed, burying his face in one of Simon’s pillows which smelled exactly like strawberry shampoo and cologne. The signature Simon Lewis scent, which Jace was becoming accustomed to.

“I’m going to fail stats.”

“At least you won’t fail life skills.” Simon said cheerfully. “Rollins said we have the highest grade so far. And only one week left.”

“Is it dumb that I’m going to miss her?” Jace mumbled. “I mean, I paid good money for that onesie. And endured a good two days of mockery from my siblings.”

“I think it’s cute.” Simon said thoughtfully. “You’re a good dad.”

“You too.”

Simon yawned and flopped down to lay beside Jace. He securely placed Leia between them and closed his eyes, unaware of Jace continuing to stare at him. If he was being honest, the end of the project would be difficult because it would mean the end of having a reason to constantly be around Simon.

Not that he didn’t see Simon everyday at lunch and in class and every time the group hung out. But, still. He liked having some alone time with Simon. He liked looking at the soft expression on Simon’s face when he held Leia, or the way his curls fell over his eyes. Or the way his eyelashes fluttered as he fell asleep, which Jace was appreciating for the first time currently.

He stared for awhile until he felt himself dozing off. He was almost entirely out when Leia started crying, the electronic sound of her sobs filling the quiet bedroom. Simon shifted on the bed, his hands shoving Leia gently into Jace’s chest.

“Your turn, J.” He muttered before drifting off again.

Jace sat up and cradled Leia to his chest. He’d never really considered having a traditionally domestic life, with a spouse and a child and all of that. And maybe he was getting ahead of himself, but holding his fake baby and looking at his fake, peacefully sleeping husband, Jace reached the conclusion that maybe this wasn’t so bad.

And maybe he didn’t need a plastic baby to spend time with Simon, to hang out at Simon’s house and take naps beside Simon and call him teasing pet-names.

So when Leia stopped crying, Jace settled back down beside Simon and began to plan a way to ask him out. He was fairly certain that Simon would say yes. How could he say no to his husband?

Kdrama trope game

Whether you liked, loved or hated them, pick 5 dramas with these tropes. Tagged by @yahhajima

Forced Cohabitation

  1. Full House
  2. Attic Cat
  3. Ms. Temper and Nam Jung-gi
  4. Flower Boy Ramen Shop
  5. Bottom of the 9th, 2 Outs

Second Lead Syndrome

  1. She Was Pretty
  2. The Greatest Love
  3. You’re Beautiful
  4. Mary Stayed Out All Night
  5. The Musical

Awful/worst/ evil kdrama parents

  1. Fantastic
  2. Whisper
  3. President
  4. Heirs
  5. Bride of the Century

Best/most lovable kdrama parents

  1. Reply 1997
  2. Witch’s Romance
  3. Hogu’s Love
  4. I Hear Your Voice
  5. Solomon’s Perjury

Accidental kisses

  1. The Big Hit
  2. You’re Beautiful
  3. Flower Boy Next Door
  4. Bride of the Century
  5. My Girl

Selective Amnesia/bad use of amnesia

  1. Trope Trot Lovers
  2. Nice Guy
  3. Haeundae Lovers
  4. Operation Proposal
  5. Fated to Love You

Getting severely sick after being in the rain

  1. Big
  2. Personal Taste
  3. Sweet Stranger and Me
  4. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  5. Full House


  1. Sungkyunkwan Scandal
  2. I Do, I Do
  3. You’re Beautiful
  4. KPOP Extreme Survival
  5. Coffee Prince
Jikook Soulmate AU

Part 1 | Part 2 

- For as long as everyone can remember, there have been names written on every single human’s left arm. Names that were not their own but of their soulmate’s. 

-It wasn’t until the late 1800s that a child was born without a name. Consequently, this child was dubbed ‘The Nameless’ 

-When more and more children were born without soulmates, societies all over the world called it a ‘disease’. Children and adults alike were mistreated due to this, often being ridiculed in public.

-As years passed, a little less than half of the world’s population was made out of people without a ‘brand’ 

-When rebels and activists began to protest against their mistreatment, they nearly tore the world apart, delving everyone into an all out war. 

- On October 13th, 1995, Park Jimin was born with the name Jeon Jungkook upon his left arm

- On September 1st, 1997, Jeon Jungkook was born with the name Park Jimin

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The CIA’s plan to commit terror attacks in America — Operation Northwoods

In the early 1960’s Fidel Castro was becoming one pain in the butt embarrassment for the Central Intelligence Agency.  Cuba represented an immense failure of US foreign policy, as the once American dominated government fell to Castro’s regime in 1959.  In the upcoming years, the CIA would try numerous times to assassinate, discredit, and remove Castro from power.  This culminated with the Bay of Pigs Invasion in 1961 where the CIA attempted a failed military invasion using Cuban counterrevolutionaries, and the Cuban Missile Crises, a showdown between the US and Soviet Union over Soviet nuclear missiles stationed in Cuba.

In 1962 the CIA proposed Operation Northwoods as a drastic but conclusive solution to the Cuban situation.  Operation Northwoods called for a series of terrorist attacks on American military bases and civilian targets, which were to be conducted by CIA personnel disguised as Cuban agents.  With supposed evidence in hand, the US Government would then have full justification for military operations against Cuba.  Operation Northwoods was to begin with an assault on Guantanamo Bay by “Cuban Forces”.  Then a series of terrorist attacks would be conducted by CIA agents in cities such as Miami and Washington.

 Among the plans was a scheme to hijack an airplane then simulate a crash with an empty airplane that would give the appearance of “killing all passengers”.  In Miami CIA agents were to assassinate a number of Cuban refugees, leaving evidence that the murders were conducted by Cuban assassins. It was also suggested that a boatload of Cuban refugees be destroyed, with evidence planted to blame Pro-Castro saboteurs.  The plan even called for the mass shooting of civilians on the street by “Cuban military forces” as well as the bombings of American ships and buildings. There was even a plan to blow up an American ship, creating a “USS Maine” propaganda moment to galvanize Americans against Cuba.  Finally, Operation Northwoods called for a fleet of American captured MiG fighter jets to fly over American airspace, harassing civil aviation and perhaps even shooting down an American airliner bound for the Caribbean.  

The plan was drafted by the Joint Chiefs of Staff, signed by Chairman Gen. Lyman Lemnitzer, and forwarded to President John F. Kennedy by Robert Mcnamara.  Horrified by such a corrupt and unethical plan, JFK refused to approve of it.  Fortunately, Operation Northwoods never happened.  Documents of Operation Northwoods were declassified in 1997.  A copy of a Defense Department memo on Northwoods can be found in the link below.


My MFMM Calendars for 2017: June

Left: The official MFMM calendar this month features Miss Fisher from the episode of Death on the Vine, which tells a sad story about the war and immigrants (link here for my thoughts about this episode). The tone of the entire episode is depressing, slow, gloom, dark, cold, and a bit creepy. Other than Hugh’s “Operation Marriage Proposal” (link here) and Phrack’s super flirtatious nightcap at the end, Miss Fisher’s wardrobe is the only thing that brightens up the scenery. The scarf she wears here is simply divine.

At the bottom of the calendar is Aunt P, with the caption of “Miss Fisher’s Aunt Prudence (Miriam Margolyes) is a proper society matron, but here she takes a turn in the kitchen when Miss Fisher and her friends are snowed in at a chalet in Murder Under the Mistletoe.” She looks distraught in this photo, which totally fits the tone of the episode, where she was haunted by the memories of the mine cave-in years ago while being terrorized by a lunatic serial killer at the chalet and almost lost her life if it weren’t for Mac coming to her rescue in time. This has to be one of the worst family holidays ever.

Right: To show Aunt P in a better light, I chose “Warleigh Grammar Alumni” and her famous quote of “Omnia vincit amor” (Love conquers all) as the theme of my custom made calendar. Jane looks adorable in the school uniform, which made me wonder if Aunt P and Hilly wore the same uniforms back in their days. I also wonder how the two old friends were like when they were schoolmates. Perhaps I should dedicate a separate post to the alumni to explore my headcanon.

(Posted 01-Jun-2017)



Unlike the straightforward S1, the timeline of S2 has long been a source of controversy. The consensus is that E2 (Death Comes Knocking) is out of order and should be somewhere after Murder a la Mode (E5) and before The Blood of Juana the Mad (E8). The theory is supported by the screen caps.

Again, aljwritesphryne did a great piece on her take of the timeline; don’t miss it!


S2E1 (Murder Most Scandalous): Around 20-Jan-1929. George Sanderson’s Toxicology Report was dated 19-Jan-1929. By the way, this proved how fast Rosie had moved on to be engaged to Sidney after her divorce with Jack merely a month before in mid-December 1928; however, it didn’t stop her from reaching out to Jack when she and her father needed his help. The dynamic between the exes sure was a bit awkard for everyone.

S2E2 (Death Comes Knocking): March 1929!!! The calendar in Miss Fisher’s kitchen clearly showed March, but the next episode went back to January. Based on the dates in the next few episodes, this one apparently was intended to be at least after Murder a la Mode. It is intriguing that they moved it up earlier; I’d like to know the reasons behind the decision.

S2E3 (Dead Man’s Chest): End of January 1929. The newspaper Jack was reading about the doubloon was dated 26-Jan-1929. The Phrack in this episode was one of the most Phabulous as Seaside Jack proved to be so much more fun than City South Jack.

S2E4 (Dead Weight): Early February 1929. The newspaper reporting Constable Fry’s death was dated 07-Feb-1929.

S2E5 (Murder a la Mode): February 1929. The calendar in the kitchen showed February.

S2E6 (Marked for Murder): No images found.

S2E7 (Blood at the Wheel): Mid to late March 1929. It is a bit blurry, but the coroner’s report of Gerty appeared to be dated 20-Mar-1929. Based on the cozy atmosphere during the palm reading scene, Death Coes Knocking has to be before Blood at the Wheel. Assuming Marked for Murder rightly occurred before Blood at the Wheel (which I think it did), I would place Death Comes Knocking between Murder a la Mode and Marked for Murder.

S2E8 (The Blood of Juana the Mad): This is an odd one. The toe tag of the corps at the beginning of the episode was dated 18-Apr-1929, but when Mr. Butler was drugged by Beatrice’s jam, the calendar in the kitchen showed March. In one of Nathan Page’s interviews, he mentioned that they were filming out of sequence, so they must have forgotten to flip the calendar.

S2E9 (Framed for Murder): Likely early April 1929. When Miss Fisher was questioning Clara in her kitchen, the calendar showed April.

S2E10 (Death on the Vine): Mid to late April 1929. Oskar Voigt’s letter to the Bendigo newspaper was dated 16-Apr-1929, which was several days before he was murdered.

S2E11 (Dead Air): Mid-May 1929. When Dot was showing Miss Fisher the clue she found in the newspaper, the calendar in the kitchen showed May. Also, the newspaper reporting the radio stations being sabotaged was dated 15-May-1929. This means that Hugh proposed to Dot about 9 months after they started courting. The Operation Marriage Proposal may have gotten a rocky start, but it turned out to be “Just perfect". Nicely done, Hugh!

S2E12 (Unnatural Habits): June 1929. When Hugh and Jack gathered in Miss Fisher’s kitchen (aka the City South satellite office) to discuss Operation Pandarus with her and the team (Dot, Bert, Cec, and Mr. B), the calendar showed June.

S2E13 (Murder Under the Mistletoe): July 1929. No images is need as it was to celebrate Christmas in July. The most talked about topic of this episode, of course, is Jack and his sweater, which in some people’s opinion is as criminal as the crazy murderer Nicholas Mortimer.


To be continued with S3…

(Posted 27-Aug-2015)

“The Heirs” Star Kang Ha Neul Is Considering A New Role

“The Heirs” and “Monstar” actor Kang Ha Neul is considering a new drama role. According to his agency Sam Entertainment, he is currently reading the script for a weekend drama titled “Angel Eyes.”

“Angel Eyes” is a melodrama about two lovers who reunite after being separated for 12 years. Difficult family circumstances forced the young lovers to break up but they have never forgotten each other. When they reunite as adults, the feelings that they have struggled to ignore will resurface and reshape their adult lives.

Twenty-three-year-old Kang Na Heul is considering playing the younger version of the lead character Dong Joo. He will play Dong Joo as a high school student. The actor has had plenty of practice playing high school students. In the hit drama “The Heirs,” he played Lee Hyo Shin, the pressured son of the attorney general. The Jeguk High School student had a crush on his older tutor and was one of the few Jeguk students who befriended Park Shin Hye’s character Cha Eun Sang.

When he was asked about the atmosphere on the set of “The Heirs,” Kang Na Heul said, “When we were all together, we had a lot of fun. Sometimes it felt like we really were in school.”

In “Monstar” Kang Na Heul also played a high school student. He was the musically talented class president Jung Sun Woo.

“Angel Eyes” will not only offer the actor another chance to play a student. He will get a second chance to work with actress Nam Ji Hyeon. The 18-year-old actress will play the younger version of Dong Joo’s love Soo Wan. Both actors appeared in the teen drama “To The Beautiful You.” Kang Ha Neul played Min Hyun Jae, a track star who was friends with the lead character Kang Tae Joon, who played by Minho. Nam Ji Hyeon played Hong Da Hae, an old friend of another lead character Cha Eun Gyeol.

Nam Ji Hyeon has also worked with the drama’s director Choi Moon Seok before. She appeared in “Will It Snow For Christmas,” a drama directed by Choi Moon Seok.

Screenwriter Yoon Ji Ryeon, who wrote the scripts for “Boys Over Flowers” and “Operation Proposal,” has written the script for “Angel Eyes.” The weekend drama will air in March, following “She Married Thrice.”

No casting decisions have yet been made on the actors who will play the adult roles.

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anonymous asked:

28 & 45 pls with james buchanan barnes bc angst <3

28. ‘I thought you loved me?’

45. ‘Will you marry me?’


The wind and rain bellowed against the windows of the Avengers compound, autumn in the air and the leaves of the nearby trees crumpled on the wet earth, you hugged yourself to become warm again, the hot cup of coffee would not give you the internal heat you deeply needed.

It had been 3 hours since you last saw Bucky, he had disappeared somewhere after giving you a chaste good morning kiss, and at the moment- you wasn’t fussed, as of lately he was being distant and somewhat sneaky in a sense, wondering off with Natasha, whenever you walked nearby their conversation became hushed, secretive in fact. 

You became aware of the disturbance in your relationship when they both left the kitchen together after dinner one night, talking in hushed tones whilst being suspicious as if someone was following them, you became even more aware when he came to bed later than usual.

On the evening of November 24th, you had no appetite, so you had left the table early, excusing yourself.

‘Sorry everyone- I’m not feeling too good um.. Bucky, I’d like to speak to you after you’ve finished your dinner. Goodnight.’

‘Of course doll, I’ll be right there..’ Bucky mumbled, not looking at you.

You sauntered off to your shared bedroom as everyone bid their good nights, giving you concerned looks.

But Bucky never showed. Even after he agreed to, curiosity took the better of you and you looked all over for him. Kitchen? Nope. Gym? Nothing.

He was with Natasha. In her room. All you could see was them in a tight embrace, both mumbling about something, you couldn’t tell if they were doing MORE than hugging, but the gasp that left your throat made them turn around and you made a bee line back to your room, hearing low voices mumbling ‘oh, shit, shit, shit’ 

You rounded the corner and bumped into a solid chest.

‘Y/N? Are you okay?’ Steve asked, blatantly concerned.

‘I-I- its nothing Steve uh- I have to go, excuse me.’

Steve turned back, watching you jog back to your room, he heard heavy footsteps rounding the same corner Y/N had come around, Bucky looked frantic, ‘shit, Steve did Y/N pass by here?!’ 

‘Yeah she seemed… really upset.. Bucky what did you do?’ He pressed, giving him the, oh-god-what-have-you-done-now face.

Bucky I had been secretly meeting with Natasha to plan a big event, I’m going to propose to her, and i needed a woman’s opinion on how I’m going to operate this whole proposal because I haven’t been with a girl since before we went to war and-’

‘OK, OK, I’ve heard enough, Buck… I’m no expert, but you really shouldn’t have made the ‘sneaking around’ so obvious. Even Sam clocked on along with me, we were both becoming suspicious… now go and explain yourself before it’s too late’ 

He sprinted all the way up the stairs, and down two hallways to reach your shared room, he realised the door was locked,

‘Doll, please let me explain! Whatever you’re thinking, it’s wrong’ He pleaded, knocking on the door continuously until he felt a whoosh of air hit him in the face.

You opened the door to be greeted with the same handsome face that you had fallen in love with all those months ago, that face was etched in pain as he saw the tears rolling down your cheeks, your eyes bloodshot,

‘You never came to me after dinner, you know how much that fucking hurt? I noticed you had been so…so off lately, I wanted to know if you were alright, but then when I saw you and Nat becoming closer than buddies, I started losing hope, but…really? You’re sneaking round with her? I thought it was only me? James, I thought you loved me?

OF COURSE I LOVE YOU! Fuck… I’m sorry- listen, baby, it’s not what it looked like, I.. please let me explain?’ Fresh tears were now swimming in his eyes, he reached out to grab your hands in his own but you flinched away, your heart sinking. ‘I was sneaking around with Natasha because, well, I was planning something for us, Y/N, I was going to propose to you,’ you looked up at the love of your life only to be met with his intense gaze, he was making eye contact, he couldn’t be lying,  ‘I needed her help with the whole planning because women are better at this shit, fuck, I don’t know how to do this…’

You lunged at him, knocking you both onto the bed, sobbing into his shoulder as he was repeating the exact 3 words you always wanted to hear on a bad day.

Bucky had pulled away, pulling you up with him as he embraced you so tight your breath hitched into your throat. He sank down onto one knee and pulled a small black box out of his trouser leg pocket, 

‘Y/N Y/L/N, you are the love of my life, I didn’t think I would ever be able to love again after everything Hydra put me through, you’ve shown me how to love, care, and see the world how it could be, you made me realize that I am not the monster hydra made me out to be, you are the light at the end of the tunnel of my nightmares, and most of all the most beautiful woman I have ever beheld in my entire life, will you do the greatest honor… will you marry me?

‘Yes, I- I will, God, I fucking love you so much James Buchanan Barnes.’ You fell onto your knees and kissed him with so much love and passion, ‘I’m sorry I was snooping.. I just, I started becoming anxious and paranoid but… yeah’

‘I’ll make it up to you, I promise, no more secrets, no more sneaking off an no more being paranoid okay? You’re mine and I am yours, doll, god I love you so much.’

‘And I love you too, baby.’

2015: A Busy Year for OSHA

With 2014 dwindling to its last months, it’s time to think about what the future will hold. And for those working in manufacturing, the 2015 rules and regulations from the Occupational Safety & Health Administration (OSHA) are something to follow.

For starters, 2015 will be the year of inspections. According to the OSHA budget justification, the organization plans to increase the number of health inspections occurring in the 2015 fiscal year as a result of increased identified health issues. That said, this is just the tip of the iceberg in regards to OSHA’s full 2015 agenda.

Final Rule Stage

On January 1, 2015 one of OSHA’s newest final rules will go into effect.  This new rule will require employers to notify OSHA when an employee is killed within eight hours of the incident, and to report any work-related hospitalization, amputation, or loss of an eye within 24 hours. In the past, OSHA only required an employer to report work-related deaths and hospitalizations of three or more employees. Single hospitalizations, amputations or loss of an eye did not need to be reported.

Even those who are exempt from maintaining injury and illness records will be required to fulfill OSHA’s new severe injury and illness reporting requirements. In order to simplify the reporting process, OSHA is also developing a web portal where employers may report incidents, in addition to the standard phone reporting.

Thomas E. Perez, U.S. Secretary of Labor endorsed these new requirements stating, “Workplace injuries and fatalities are absolutely preventable, and these new requirements will help OSHA focus its resources and hold employers accountable for preventing them.”

In addition to altering reporting requirements, this rule will also update the list of industries that will be exempt from injury and illness record keeping. The new list is derived from injury and illness data collected by the Bureau of Labor Statistics and will continue to exempt any employer with ten or fewer employees from having to keep records of worker injuries and illnesses.

Other important final rules to be decided this year include:

  • Confined spaces in construction. Currently the confined space regulations only apply to general industry; however, OSHA plans to issue a new final rule for confined space operations in the construction industry.
  • Cranes and derricks operator certification. OSHA has proposed to create uniform crane operator certification requirements. So far, OSHA has extended existing requirements to regulate crane operator competency by three years, to November 2017.
  • Walking, working surfaces and personal fall protection systems. OSHA plans to implement a new rule that will help to prevent slip, trip and fall hazards, as well as create clear requirements for personal fall protection systems.
  • Improve record keeping of workplace injuries and illnesses. OSHA plans to issue a final rule that will require employers to electronically submit certain information from the OSHA 300 Log, OSHA 301 Incident Report, and OSHA 300A summary. As of now, employers must only give information if it is requested, but such practices are on the way out. According to OSHA, this final rule will not come into effect until approximately March 2015. It is already creating resistance, however, as many business advocates worry that new electronic posting may create privacy problems for employers.