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Body progression: Stage 1

I’m currently 198 lbs. What I want to achieve in my body progression is to become a bit more stocky all-around. Definitely want to tone up my chest and abdominal area. I’d say my biggest lacking is my back area, so I’m going to be focusing more on that as well. With the workouts I’m doing now, I should see those results if I stick with it.

I’ll post Stage 2 after 3 months.



Derek & Stiles | You can reach him

Peeping Stiles--Complete

Sooooo about 3 years ago I wrote THIS ficlet and I had enough response to it that I decided to continue it. But then I ended up writing myself into a hole and got stuck. So the last chapter sat in my drafts for 3 years and I wrote other things instead. WELL I’m happy to say I FINALLY finished it thanks to some brainstorming help of my writing friends and it is now posted and complete!!!

The latest chapter is Chapter 5, but I’m sure you’ll have to start from the beginning since it’s been so long, so… Read on AO3


Stiles doesn’t mean to go out there, isn’t even sure why he thought it was such a good idea to go into the preserve alone, especially so close to the Hale house. There’s literally no reason for him to be there other than the fact that he can’t help himself, that he’s so drawn to Derek and wants him so badly it hurts, like if he can’t see him, even if it’s only a glimpse, every day he might die.

Maybe he realizes that’s a bit dramatic, but it’s how he feels and he’s tried so hard to ignore it, to press on, to act as if he still hates Derek, finds him annoying and frustrating enough to suggest killing him to others, but none of it is true. Every time he has to act flippant or non-chalant in regards to Derek he feels a pang of guilt, hopes to god the werewolves around him don’t hear the tick of a lie in his heart every time he says he hates Derek. No one’s ever said anything (because no one knows this crush infatuation obsession he has over Derek, not even Derek, and god he thinks he would die if Derek did find out).

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Seriously, they are hiding this reunion even more than they hid the No Sanctuary one. Then, they gave us a snippet of Daryl running in the woods. Although it was ambiguous and did not show who he was running to, many pieced together that it was most likely Carol - which of course it was.

But now, they are completely, one hundred percent hiding anything that might be perceived as Caryl from the promos. They aren’t even giving us an ambiguous shot of Daryl on the way to Carol’s house. 

Conclusion: this reunion is being kept totally and utterly secret because it is even bigger and better than the No Sanctuary reunion.