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southerncalcosette  asked:

Tell us about your experiences working with the Phantom costuming departments! What is your all time favorite memory?

From my time at the Broadway costume shop, it was definitely sitting in on Sara Jean Ford’s fitting. I might have told the story before, but I was sitting at my work table (and I’m still so proud that as an intern I had my very own work table) working on Farquaad gauntlets for Shrek when my workroom manager comes over to me and goes “You know we’re having a big Christine fitting tomorrow, right?” and I’m like HOW COULD I NOT, but I keep my cool ‘cuz I’m all about that life and he goes “Is that something you’d like to be interested in sitting in on?”

I swear to god I almost cried it was the most surreal thing to ever happen in my awkward teenaged life. Especially because before I had gotten this internship, I had lost out on another fashion internship earlier in the summer and was feeling like none of my dreams were ever going to come true. 

And in London, it was that within ten minutes of meeting first the first time, me and Chris had already conspired to pretend I was totally there to sit in a corner and psychoanalyze everyone while they tried to get through a show. Except he couldn’t keep it together and ruined what would have been a great prank. 

soooooooo today a guy from my study abroad program last summer messaged me out of the blue and said he’s had a crush on me ever since and asked if i would go out on a date with him

I have absolutely no idea how to let him down gently. I’m hugely flattered but I’m also really just not attracted to him…