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When you’re 5'4, already carrying a 15 pound backpack and have the upper body strength of a blueberry, you kinda sorta make a decidedly conscious decision to stand behind strong looking men at the baggage carousel at the airport. 

‘cuz when my 65 pound MONSTER of a suitcase came down the conveyer belt and saw fit to land about three feet too far for me to even reach I was like “Oh crap no!” and the guy in front of me practically dove to get it for me before it rotated away. So he’s got his hand on one of the handles trying to pull it down from being stuck on top of the other suitcases and he sees two OTHER guys a few feet away join in to grab it and he was like “They got it!

And that is the story of how three guys at a airport joined forces to help me get my luggage off the carousel in a way that didn’t involve me chasing it around in a circle because there is no scenario where I actually have the leverage to pull it out without having the whole thing land on my face probably.

Sometimes you really do get the best out of humanity.

I love how this is stilled saved in my drafts from when I literally did not think I was going to be able to fit it all in my suitcase. And I very nearly didn’t. 

HUGE shout out/thank you to all the people who gave me packing advice! I got all your messages and they were super helpful! 

I went to London with a 39 pound suitcase and came back with 65 pounds. And that’s not even counting the duffel that went from something like 15 to 28 pounds.