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When you’re 5'4, already carrying a 15 pound backpack and have the upper body strength of a blueberry, you kinda sorta make a decidedly conscious decision to stand behind strong looking men at the baggage carousel at the airport. 

‘cuz when my 65 pound MONSTER of a suitcase came down the conveyer belt and saw fit to land about three feet too far for me to even reach I was like “Oh crap no!” and the guy in front of me practically dove to get it for me before it rotated away. So he’s got his hand on one of the handles trying to pull it down from being stuck on top of the other suitcases and he sees two OTHER guys a few feet away join in to grab it and he was like “They got it!

And that is the story of how three guys at a airport joined forces to help me get my luggage off the carousel in a way that didn’t involve me chasing it around in a circle because there is no scenario where I actually have the leverage to pull it out without having the whole thing land on my face probably.

Sometimes you really do get the best out of humanity.

I should also announce the happy news on tumblr:

I have just been given the opportunity to shadow one of the wardrobe peeps at Her Majesty’s for a performance while I’m abroad! 

I don’t even need to talk about what a dream come true this is because you’ve all seen my blog, you all already know what this means to me, what words cannot even begin to express. When I got the news I was walking around Bond Street in a circle trying to find this one damn store when I got the email in my inbox and I almost started crying it was so unbelievable. I honestly did not in my wildest dreams think it would happen, which is why I told absolutely no one about it. 

But now you know why some of you got really random and somewhat cryptic FB messages from me and why I had an anxiety attack like a day before I flew out. 

Fun Phantom Costume Anecdote: So a couple of years ago the wardrobe team at Her Majesty’s dug out some of Maria’s old unused designs for the stagehand costumes. Nothing too fancy, but enough so that they could get more variety in the looks. 

Anyways, one of the hats -I SHIT YOU NOT- looks like one of these:

To the point where I was convinced Chris was exaggerating the resemblance until he took me to the dancer’s dressing room and showed it to me.

Anyway the worst part is because it’s a stagehand costume, it was made to look really rough around the edges. It literally looked EXACTLY like a take out container.

So much so that someone legit threw it out with the garbage one day and they had to make a new one, which labeled something like “THIS IS NOT TRASH, THIS IS LEO’S HAT” in big red letters. 

So my favorite part of yesterday was that I had mentioned in passing that I was a psychology major, but mostly emphasized my fashion/costuming interests, but they kinda just honed in on the first part and the night before I was due to show up, Chris and the guys in the room were all like “oh no, she’s coming to psychoanalyze us, she’s going to think we’re all crazy, we have to be on our best behavior!”

And so the next morning we finally meet, talk a bit and hit it off amazingly within like ten minutes, so he’s just RELIEVED that they didn’t get stuck with someone who’s gonna be waaaay too serious the whole time because that would have sucked ass. Then he came up with the idea for me to walk in there with a pen and a pad of paper and pretend to do just that. And y'all of course know that lying my ass off is about ALL I do in life, so I walked in there, looked Anthony Hansen and Marc in the eye and go “Please feel free to just go about your normal day, I’ll just be over here taking the occasional note." 

But then Chris couldn’t keep the charade up so that kinda ended like two seconds later, but later on he was like "You’re staying for the second performance too, right?” and I almost walked into a wall I was so happy. 


Jewelry from the trip!

The rings are a row of stars, a red bow, a circle of leaves, an arrow and a tiara. The apple pin is a find from an antique market, the red bow and the pearl bracelet are from boutiques and everything else is from Camden! VIVA LA CAMDEN.

guys don’t even get me started on how gorgeous that bracelet looks in real life

Chris also took this really goofy picture of me holding up the apple in front of that Olivia Brereton PONR pic outside Her Majesty’s and now I just gave myself a feel :(