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i love your comics! And I'm a stony shipper! Have been since 2004, really. I just want to ask one thing, seeing your recent tags on a post, do you really think mcu!tony means something to mcu!steve and vice versa? can you talk about it, if so? Because although I love their relationship in the comics I've always been pissed because marvel did absolutely nothing with it in the mcu. The fics are cool though, love me some fandom verse.

Hey! First of all, thanks for reading my comics, I’m glad you like them. Second… this got long. This got very very long. This became Unimaginably Lengthy good god. Help. I clearly have too many Stony feels.

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No other place

Harry Styles - 1563 words (Requested)


A grin is shot at my handsome boyfriend before I turned back around, my bum leaning on the sound panel as I chuckle at a joke that Robert just shared with me, booming laughter leaving his lips. Harry was supposed to record a bit of his vocals today and I decided to tag along, it had been a while since I heard him sing anyway – apart from his Beyoncé shower singing of course – and the people that worked here were incredibly sweet towards me.

“I don’t understand how you’re still single, Rob.” I breathily chuckle as I bite my lip when I let my gaze fall back onto Harry who is singing his heart out in the sound booth. I loved seeing him like this, carefree and doing the thing he loved most. “Haven’t met a girl like you yet.” He winks as he pushes my arm in a playful manner and I push myself up on my feet again before turning around and leaning my outstretched hands on the same spot my bum had been only mere seconds earlier.

“Is there still a lot? I’m kinda knackered.” I sigh out as I turn to Wesley who is operating the sound panel, my eyes still trained on Harry as I await an answer from any male in the room. Harry stops, his head phones pulled off of his ears by his slender, ring covered fingers as he mutters something into the microphone. I give him a thumbs up and a wink, realizing I had another joke to tell Robert. “Oh I have another one!” I clap my hands as I turn towards the dark haired male again, a shit eating grin on my lips as I wait for him to gather his attention back to me. “Shoot.”

“Why didn’t the skeleton cross the road?” I already chuckle at my lame joke, biting my lip as I await Robert’s response. He rolls his eyes with a grin on his face already, huffing out. “I don’t know, why?”
“He didn’t have the guts to.” I giggle as I cover my mouth and Wesley snorts as the words leave my lips, shaking his head before he glances at me. “What is up with you and your lame Halloween jokes?”

“Excuse you, I love for Halloween.” I huff out in mock hurt, my hand resting on my chest as I widen my eyes staring at Wesley. Both men laugh heartily and our laughter is cut short when Harry pushes the door open and joins us. “You were really good.” I compliment him as I kiss his cheek, my arm slithering around his waist to pull him a bit closer. Harry doesn’t say anything, only giving me a curt nod before stepping out of my embrace. He grabs his jacket off of the hook and waits for me to follow him and I give a questioning look to the other guys in the room before grabbing my coat as well.

“I’ll see you tomorrow.” Harry mutters before pushing out of the door, leaving me to trail after him. “I don’t know what got into him, sorry. Later boys!” I chime and wave before jogging after Harry who had already pressed the button to the lift. “Harry, what’s wrong?” I question, my fingers on my left hand curling around his biceps as I push myself closer to him. “Nothing.” He merely shrugs as I steps into the opened lift and I sigh out. It had been like this, Harry being distant, a few times every time I joined him at the studio. Maybe he didn’t want me here?

Harry stays quiet during the whole drive back to his flat. His fingers occasionally tap along to the tune that is playing from the radio, but other than that the room is silent, thick with some sort of emotion I can’t pinpoint right now.

“What is wrong?” I try again as Harry turns the last corner before we arrive home. He groans, slamming his flat hand against the wheel before answering the same nothing as I had received before. “Don’t bullshit me, your demeanor has changed. Did I do something wrong?”

Harry steps out of the vehicle without another word towards me and I take a deep breath as I slam the door roughly behind me. “Hey, watch out with my car!” Harry turns around swiftly as he points towards his very expensive, slick black car. “Oh now it can form a sentence!” I shout, throwing my hands in the air as I push past him. I’m sick of Harry not speaking to me, keeping shit from me and not sharing any emotions that course through that mind of his.

I am already in Harry’s flat, my coat swung towards the coat rack as I throw my bag across the room and I hear something crack within it. Harry’s booming footsteps are right behind me and I hear his harsh breathing seconds after, the door slamming behind us.
“Do you have the freak out like that? What if the paparazzi saw? Fuck Y/n haven’t you learnt anything!” Harry shouts so loud I know the rest of the building can follow his our very heated conversation.

“If you for once stopped acting like a fucking child and told me what’s on your mind this shit wouldn’t happen!” I yell back, closing my eyes before I fling my body around to look at my fuming boyfriend. He throws his coat onto the floor before he stomps towards me and both of his hands are raised in fists. My natural reaction is to make sure any vital parts are covered and I duck, squeezing my eyes closed.

The tiniest of shrieks leaves my lips, my head pushed down a bit to get ready for a blow I knew would never even arrive, because Harry would never ever touch any woman like that. I breathe heavily when all of a sudden the air is thick, silence laced through it, the only thing heard Harry and I’s harsh breathing. I open my eyes slowly as I see Harry gape towards me, one hand raising to cover his mouth as his eyes keep trained on me.

“Did you think that I –“ Harry mutters, and when I don’t answer he throws his hands up in the air and turns around, away from me before he groans and huffs, something that sounds as if he is complete and utter agony. I open my mouth a few times to assure him that whatever is going on will be alright, but I can’t seem to get the words to leave my lips. Harry turns around to glance at me shortly, breathing harshly again before a jumble of words slip past his lips, only the last few sentences caught by my ears.

“Y/n, fuck I’m such a fuck up I’m sorry, I understand if you leave me I –“

“Wait, are you afraid that I might leave you?” Realization seems to kick in and my mouth falls open as Harry averts his gaze from me. That’s why he has been so distant whenever I spoke to another male. It weren’t just his co-workers, it was every time we were somewhere and I tried to be extra friendly towards his mates. “H, that’s bullshit. You know I would never.” I refrain from rolling my eyes, crossing my arms over my chest as I try to make a statement towards my insecure boyfriend.

“You just seem to have such a good time with them, I haven’t seen you laugh with me like that in ages.” Harry just shrugs his shoulders, turning around in a nervous manner, his hands continuously pushed inside his jeans pockets before he gets them out to rub them together before pushing them back in the pocket. I roll my eyes at the nervosity my boyfriend seems to possess, something I rarely get to witness.

“I am friendly towards them because they are your co-workers and friends, babe. I have no interest in them whatsoever in the meaning you’re thinking about right now.” I let a coy smile grace my lips as I step closer, pulling Harry’s hands out of his pockets once more before I let them drape over my shoulders, guiding him as to how I want him to hold me. I let my arms wind around his waist as I pull myself closer to him, grinning up at him before I press my lips to his chin. “Plus, I laugh at your jokes all the time. Maybe you are so used to it you don’t hear it anymore.” I chuckle, squeezing my eyes closed with a tiny smile on my lips. Harry rolls his eyes as he pinches the skin on my shoulder, my body jerking into his as I slap his chest loosely.

“Since when do you get insecure about our relationship?” I state, pressing another kiss to his sharp jaw, breathing against his stubble that will be a full beard in about a week. “Always have. I see the men stare after you, as if you don’t notice.” Harry huffs out in an annoyed manner and I chuckle, pressing my body closer to his as I breath in his cologne, my lips resting against his warm neck, face hidden from the harsh lighting of the hallway we were still in.

“Harry, I only see you.”

Lots of love,
L. xox

Something that I don’t really see discusssed much is that I don’t think the fight with Cadmus is over, not by a long shot. Because here’s the million dollar question:

How did Cadmus know about the Medusa virus?

Like there are so many steps that they needed very specific information to go about acquiring it. First they needed to know it even existed, then the name—the Kryptonian virus that not even Kara knew about, and her father created it.

Then they needed to actually find the Fortress of Solitude, and combing through Antarctica to find it. Antarctica. The continent that is 5.4 million square miles. Canada is 3.8 million square miles. And they’re trying to find one building.

And then they knew they needed Kara’s blood to get to it. Now, if this was the only one they knew about that’d be one thing—assuming you’d need a Kryptonian’s blood to operate the master control panel isn’t too much of a leap. But then again, how did they know how to work the control panel? Or about the Kal-Ex robot?

But what’s most telling is what they chose to retrieve from the Fortress—a virus modified to kill every non-human in National City.

Every non-human, except for Kara.

How would Cadmus know about almost any of this? Hell, who would even have this kind of knowledge, just in general? Because clearly, whoever planned this out has been to the Fortress before.

You know who would have probably been to the Fortress before? The scientists who helped Superman understand his own abilities, the ones who he trusted enough to raise his cousin. The one who helped Kara escape Cadmus once they acquired her blood, who according to Kara “looked perfectly fine.” That Cadmus has had in their clutches for 10 years, doing God knows what to him—except not even Cadmus could stop him from loving his daughters.

The Fortress houses who knows how many technological marvels (and maybe horrors). To choose the virus that kills every alien except Kara, that is very deliberate.

Supergirl does like to focus on family. I don’t think the big bad of the season is Lillian Luthor. I think it’s Jeremiah Danvers.

How Thankful I am - Castiel x Reader (NSFW) ‘1K celebration’

★ This drabble was requested  by @leatherandwinchesters and @k6034 as a part of my 1k celebration prompt drabbles. (I also decided to combine this with a request I had earlier) ★

Summary: Prompt #3  “Imagine your OTP stuck in an elevator after they’ve had a fight.” AND  Hey! I don’t have anything super specific but you’re a really good writer and one thing that I think is so, so hot is cum on glasses lmao. So if you write a Castiel x Reader preferably and fit that in somewhere you’d be a godsend and I’d probably cry. Thank you much!

Words: 1448

Warnings: Oral sex (male receiving), hand job, public sex.

Castiel x Reader

A/N: This is definitely longer than usual drabble, but I couldn't resist. 

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Inside Out headcanons: an autistic person’s brain

I’ve kind of been thinking over what an autistic person’s brain might be like in the Inside Out-verse, and even read a few theories on TV Tropes. Here’s my personal take:

  • The first two years of a person’s life run pretty smoothly. Considering there’s only one or two buttons for a baby’s “control panel” and only Joy and Sadness manning the station, it’s not very complicated. As time goes on and the system is “upgraded,” however, there are more buttons and more emotions, and no one is given the proper instructions on them.
  • None of the emotions are completely sure how to operate the control panel. Several buttons don’t quite work properly (as in, they don’t trigger an outward response in the person, but the emotion is still there) and it’s widely assumed there’s quite a bit of faulty wiring at play. It takes the emotions years to fully figure it all out!
  • Disgust would be especially hypersensitive to certain sounds, smells, textures, tastes, and even colors/lights that would trigger sensory integration dysfunction. She’d be all over the control panel the moment any of these unwanted sensory stimuli are detected. Anger and Fear may or may not pitch in with the controls.
  • A few of the buttons trigger a stimming response, and Joy is pretty adamant about pushing them when something happy comes up. Alternatively, the stim buttons are pushed in response to help calm the person down.
  • Since the person (and by extension, their emotions) don’t have much, if any, knowledge of social interaction, Disgust will typically dissuade them from trying to talk to people for fear of embarrassment.
  • Fear is particularly averse to eye contact and will try to avert the person’s gaze whenever possible. Looking people in the eye can be scary!
  • There are times when two, three, or even all five emotions are trying to work the control panels at once, and someone, at some point, will trigger an emotional response, but no one is exactly sure who it was that caused it (it may even be possible they all caused the reaction!)
  • On occasion, the “wrong” emotion has a habit of stepping in to handle a situation. Joy will sometimes try to take over the control panel when the situation is sad, or Sadness, Fear or Anger may be in charge when the situation would normally be happy. Other times an emotion won’t always know when to ‘step in’ and the person will have a delayed reaction.
  • The Islands of Personality will be especially detailed and developed, especially those focusing on the person’s interests. Often, a few islands even connect as interests overlap!

These are just a few things I came up with. Anyone else have a few ideas and theories?

obsolete pt. I

Kylo Ren x Reader

Y/N is General Hux’s new personal assistant. When she stumbles upon Kylo Ren during a task given by Hux, things begin to become a little anomalous. 


It was snowing hard, fast and harsh. The winds were forceful and unforgiving. In this moment, Y/N was thankful to only be standing in front of the viewport, looking out in the snow storm rather than being in the middle of it. 

Y/N drew a shaky breath and tapped her fingers against the rough edges of her clipboard. She had only been this nervous once before and that was when she left her home planet to join the First Order. She didn’t want to leave her family behind, but she couldn’t refuse the paycheck they offered. She grew up in an impoverished community with five other siblings. Her parents struggled to make a living to provide, so Y/N only felt obligated to leave and try to supply for her family. They didn’t take the news of her departure well, especially since she was leaving to join the enemy. 

This time, her nerves felt tranquil and unstable, all at the same time. Today was her first day as the personal, hand-selected assistant for General Hux. Before this promotion, Y/N only worked as a simple control panel operator. She was confused as to why she, of all the people on Starkiller Base, would be granted such an honor to be ranked higher than her peers. 

“Y/N,” She turned to the sound of her voice coming from the voice of her boss. “Follow me,” She drew another breath and clutched her clipboard tighter to her chest, moving swiftly to mimic his fast pace. 

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You’re looking at a video clip recorded on a prototype camera that powers itself without needing a battery or electric cord. This innovation might represent the early stages of something big, not just for snapping selfies or recording the latest funny thing your cat is doing, but more as an enabler of the ubiquitous sensing that will be at the heart of the Industrial Internet.

The Columbia University computer scientists and engineers who created it say they are aiming to build computer eyes that can last forever without a tether. Their breakthrough came in marrying the fundamentals of how a solar panel operates with the light-capturing function of video camera image sensors.

“Digital imaging is expected to enable many emerging fields including wearable devices, sensor networks, smart environments, personalized medicine, and the Internet of Things,” said computer scientist Shree Nayar, the head of the Columbia Vision Lab and inventor of the device. “A camera that can function as an untethered device forever—without any external power supply—would be incredibly useful.” Learn more and see pics below.

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Calutron operators at their panels, in the Y-12 plant at Oak Ridge, TN during World War II, circa 1943. The calutrons were used to refine uranium ore into fissile material. During the Manhattan Project effort to construct an atomic weapon, employees toiled in secrecy, most having no idea what they were actually working on. Gladys Owens, the woman seated in the foreground, didn’t understand the exact purpose of her job until seeing this photo in a public tour of the facility fifty years later.


(A/N): First off, it has been awhile since I added any of my fanfiction here. I have been a bit low on ideas, but managed to think of this story. This story is based off of this Imagine.

Characters: 10th Doctor, Reader

Word Count: 1,148

Originally posted by eldermc-pricely

(I do not own the gif.)

You were home alone, lying on your bed thinking, on your birthday. Ever year was the same. Nothing ever exciting happens on your birthday. As you were growing up, all your friends throughout your school career had birthday parties or got to do something exciting such as traveling. Your birthday was never liked that. You wanted to do something special for your birthday, but couldn’t afford to travel all over the country or to other countries, and was never one for parties either.

While all your friends and people you knew throughout school were able to have interesting birthdays, you were the one that usually ends up taking walks through the woods or play games by yourself instead for your birthday. You weren’t the person for social gatherings, so you thought. You made friends, but being around people doesn’t interest you as much as it did your friends, so you never bothered worrying about being a part of social gatherings especially for your birthday.

Despite not willing having anything to do on your birthday, you finally decided to get out of bed and try to distract yourself for the day. You changed into a pair of jeans and a tank top and put on a pair of socks and your shoes before heading downstairs. You have nothing better today so you thought it would be a good idea to go out to the park. It wasn’t very far and you could easily walk there.

When you arrived at the park you noticed there was hardly any people there. You didn’t think much about it since hardly anyone visit it. It was a quiet place and there were plenty of trees. After arriving, you found a path that led slightly farther into the woods and found your quiet area. There was a wooden swing hanging from one of the trees and you headed towards it before finally sitting down. You sat there for a moment, swinging on it.

You looked up to see how pretty the day was. It was a warm day, but that how it usually was in August. Wind blew against your face as you admired your surroundings. This was a place of comfort for you, to take a break from everything. As you sat there, enjoying the breeze, an attractive slim man came walking out from the woods wearing a dark brown suit with blue pinstripes.

“Oh, hello!” he greeted you as he walked over to you, sitting down beside you. “Nice day, isn’t it?”

“Yes, it is,” you replied. “I’m glad it’s sunny on my birthday.”

“It’s your birthday?” he asked.

You nodded, “Yes it is.”

“Brilliant!” he remarked. “I bet you have loads of exciting things to do today!”

You shook your head in response before responding, “Not really. Nothing interesting ever happens on my birthday.”

“Why not?” he asked, concern.

“I not one for parties nor could I afford to travel,” you responded with a shrug.

“Would you like to do some traveling for your birthday?” he asked.

You nodded.

“If you want,” the man suggested. “I could take you on an adventure.”

“You would?” you asked, shocked that he’s offering you an adventure. “But I don’t even know you.”

Nodding, the man smiled, “Yeah, I would. By the way, I’m the Doctor!” He offered his hand.

“(Y/N),” you spoke as you shook his hand. “Where would you take me?”

“Come with me, and I’ll show you,” he told you, standing up and walking further into the woods before gesturing to you to follow. “Allons-y!”

You stood up and followed the Doctor. He led you deeper into the woods to a blue police box. It was strange seeing a police box out in the middle of the woods. How did it get there, you wondered. The Doctor opened the door to the police box and went in. You soon follow him inside only to discover it was bigger on the inside.

As you closed the door behind you, the Doctor told you, “It’s called the Tardis.”

“This is amazing!” you exclaimed. “I never seen anything like this!”

Smiling, the Doctor responded, “It’s my time machine. I could take you anywhere through time and space. Where would you like to go?”

“Could you take me to see a Shakespeare play?”

“Of course!” he said with a smile. He continued, “Ah, Shakespeare! You’ll love him!”

The Doctor began to operate the control panel in the center of the room. You walked over to the control panel to watch the Doctor pull levers and press what seems like random buttons. It wasn’t long before you heard the Tardis making strange noises. Before you knew it, the Tardis had taken off. It wasn’t only a few minutes before you arrived.

“Since we’re going to see one of Shakespeare’s plays,” the Doctor brought up. “It would be best if you dressed appropriately for this time period.”

“What would you suggest?” you asked.

“I’ll take you to the wardrobe and show you a few things you could wear to the play,” the Doctor said.

You followed him through the Tardis’ hallways and found the wardrobe he mentioned. When he opened it you were impressed by how many different styles of clothes was in it. The Doctor pointed out what clothes would be appropriate for this time period. You picked what you wanted to wear and went into a nearby room to change, coming out once you were properly dressed.

You followed the Doctor out of the Tardis to discover you were in London. You were impressed that the Doctor was able to take you back in time. After all, he did say it was a time machine. He led you through the streets and to the Globe. You and the Doctor managed to find seats and was able to watch one of Shakespeare’s plays.

Once the play was over, the Doctor took you back to the Tardis. While the Doctor operated the Tardis once more, you went in search of the wardrobe to chance back into your normal attire. By the time you got back to the control room the Tardis has landed back in your time. You looked at the Doctor and smiled. You never thought you would have an interesting day as today, especially for your birthday. The Doctor made your dream of traveling come true.

You walked over to the Doctor and hugged him. “Thank you for making my birthday special, Doctor.”

Hugging you, the Doctor smiled, “I’m glad I was able to make it amazing for you, (Y/N).”

“Well, I guess I better go home,” you announced. “But thank you. It means the world to
me to have this opportunity, Doctor.”
“My pleasure,” he smiled as you open the Tardis’ door.

“Perhaps we’ll meet again,” you said as you stepped out.

“Perhaps we will,” the Doctor responded as you closed the door behind you.

obsolete pt. II

Kylo Ren x Reader 

previous part

Y/N awaited in General Hux’s office, sitting comfortably in the chair that she sat in the day before. He had given her a schedule to follow, but it would vary given on the task that he requested of her. One thing remained the same and that happened to be the start time. She was to begin her day at eight a.m every morning and report to his office. That’s just what she did. She glanced at her watch, reading eight o’seven. She huffed a breath, leaning her head back against the chair, staring up at the ceiling and thinking about the way Kylo Ren’s hands felt against her own. His hands were rough and calloused, presumingly from battle and gripping his lightsaber all the time. His hands were strong and could probably break hers with one swift motion. 

Why was he crossing her mind? Cleansing his wounds was just a simple act of kindness, yet she couldn’t stop thinking about it. The way she could feel his eyes on her was just mysterious. Y/N wanted to know what his deal was, what Kylo Ren was all about under that mask and those robes. 

“Good morning, miss Y/N. It’s pleasant to see you up and ready at the required times.” She turned her head and watched General Hux walk around his desk, placing his body into his leather chair. He shuffled some papers that were stacked on top. It had the appearance of a list of sorts, and she assumed that it was her to-do-list. 

“Good morning, General,” She nodded with a smile. 

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@sophiaroux ❤’d for a starter from Kevin Riley 

Kevin tried to imagine a scenario where he could be more bored than this. Maybe if he had to file a report. He sighed over the operations panel he was sat at.

He heard some soft footsteps behind him and he perked. Looking behind him he saw an unfamiliar girl had just walked by. ❝ Here.. Psst. ❞ Kevin hissed to get her attention. Then waved her over urgently. He nodded to the empty seat beside him. ❝ Here. Talk to me for a while, will you? ❞ He asked quietly. ❝ I’m this close to falling asleep. ❞ He complained. There was a stretch of silence when he realized he had no idea what to talk about with the stranger. He looked her over.

❝ Like your earrings.  ❞ He finally commented.