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“Where is the Colonel anyway?” “ Not here… He’s probably infiltrating central command as we speak. ”

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Babies, don’t let yourselves be manipulated by men like this one. They’re operating on the hope that you hate the money talk more than they do. They’re hoping you’re too uncomfortable. I wonder how many times he’s used the line about true love on newer SBs, and I wonder how many times it’s worked. Hopefully the ratio is shit. Stick to your guns. Remind them that your time is valuable and that if they’re a man of real means, they should have no problem with what you propose. I’m newer, but I’m not so new that I’m naive or desperate. 

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Just by plain ol' aesthetics, do you prefer the VF lions or the VLD ones?

trick question, DoTU’s corgi lions are superior to both

(i’m actually not a fan of mecha - i’m primarily interested in voltron for the characters, so i’ve paid very little attention on the lion front since it’s just not my thing. this is a question @ourdustytrails could answer in much better technical detail than i can!)

Daybreak Rising by Kiran Oliver

Celosia Brennan was supposed to be a hero. After a spectacular failure that cost her people their freedom, she is offered a once-in-a-lifetime chance at redemption. Together with a gifted team of rebels, she not only sets her sights on freedom, but defeating her personal demons along the way.

Now branded a failure, Celosia desperately volunteers for the next mission: taking down the corrupt Council with a team of her fellow elementally gifted mages. Leading the Ember Operative gives Celosia her last hope at redemption. They seek to overthrow the Council once and for all, this time bringing the fight to Valeria, the largest city under the Council’s iron grip. But Celosia’s new teammates don’t trust her—except for Ianthe, a powerful Ice Elementalist who happens to believe in second chances.

With Council spies, uncontrolled magic, and the distraction of unexpected love, Celosia will have to win the trust of her teammates and push her abilities to the breaking point to complete the Ember Operative. Except if she falters this time, there won’t be any Elementalists left to stop the Council from taking over not just their country, but the entire world.

Flowers of Luna by Jennifer Linsky

“You are rude,” the woman said, turning back to me, “and slow.” She put her hand on the hilt of her katana. “I wonder if such a slow, rude person has any friends?”

Growing up on a mining ship in deep space was lonely, but now Ran Gray has come to the moon to make a name for herself in fashion. When a chance encounter on Valentina bridge leads to cross words and crossed swords, Ran wonders… will she ever escape her family’s reputation? Did her opponent really just ask her out on a date? And if she did, what will Ran wear?

Flowers of Luna is forty-three kilowords of sapphic romance in a hard science fiction setting. 

Juliet Takes a Breath by Gabby Rivera

Juliet Milagros Palante is leaving the Bronx and headed to Portland, Oregon. She just came out to her family and isn’t sure if her mom will ever speak to her again. But Juliet has a plan, sort of, one that’s going to help her figure out this whole “Puerto Rican lesbian” thing. She’s interning with the author of her favorite book: Harlowe Brisbane, the ultimate authority on feminism, women’s bodies, and other gay-sounding stuff.

Will Juliet be able to figure out her life over the course of one magical summer? Is that even possible? Or is she running away from all the problems that seem too big to handle?

With more questions than answers, Juliet takes on Portland, Harlowe, and most importantly, herself.

Out on Good Behavior by Dahlia Adler

Frankie Bellisario knows she can get anyone she sets her sights on, but just because she can doesn’t mean she should—not when the person she’s eyeing is Samara Kazarian, the daughter of a southern Republican mayor. No matter how badly Frankie wants to test her powers of persuasion, even she recognizes some lines aren’t meant to be crossed.

But when Frankie learns she’s been on Samara’s mind too, the idea of hooking up with her grows too strong to resist. Only Sam’s not looking for a hookup; she wants—needs—the real thing, and she’s afraid she’ll never find it as long as Frankie’s in her head.

Forced to choose between her first relationship and losing the girl who’s been clawing her way under her skin, Frankie opts to try monogamy…under her own condition: 30 days of keeping things on the down low and remaining abstinent. If she fails as hard at girlfriending as she’s afraid she might, she doesn’t want to throw Samara’s life into upheaval for nothing. But when neither the month nor Frankie’s heart go according to plan, she may be the one stuck fighting for the happily ever after she never knew she wanted.

Second Kiss by Chelsea M. Cameron

Daisy Grace Webber’s life hasn’t exactly turned out how she thought. She didn’t think she’d drop out of college and come back to the small town she grew up in. To be fair, she didn’t think her love of baking would turn into a job at the Violet Hill Cafe either, but it did.

Something else she didn’t expect was for Molly Madison to walk back into her life, eight years after she moved away. They’d been best friends forever, or so she’d thought. But Molly is back in town and she’s looking… really good, actually. And that reminds Daisy of that one time at a sleepover when they’d kissed during a game of Spin the Bottle. That one kiss has been on her mind since then, but it’s irrelevant. Molly isn’t into girls.

But as Daisy and Molly spend more time together, feelings start to grow, and Daisy is wondering just how “straight” Molly really is…

Treasure by Rebekah Weatherspoon

Her sister’s bachelorette party is the highlight of a miserable year for Alexis Chambers, but once her bridesmaid’s dress is packed away, she’s back to coping with her life as a once popular athlete and violinist turned loner and the focus of her parents’ disappointment. She isn’t expecting much from her freshman year of college until she finds herself sharing a class with Treasure, the gorgeous stripper from her sister’s party.

Trisha Hamilton has finally gotten the credits and the money together to transfer to a four-year university. Between classes, studying, and her job as a stripper, she has little time for a social life, until she runs into the adorably shy baby butch from the club. Trisha can’t seem to hide her feelings for Alexis, even when Trisha discovers what she has been through, but will Alexis have the strength to be just as fearless about their new love?


This should never have happened to you.

6:30am you walked into our hospital, an ambulatory patient, NPO, ready for your laprascopic cholycystectomy. You were hopeful, just as most patients are, when your surgeon explained all the risks of the operation, hopeful that it wouldn’t be you. You were hopeful that this simple procedure would be without complication, and you would go home that afternoon.

By 9:30am, you were off the operating table, rushed to the ICU, surgery stopped midway due to the rare genetic disorder that is unfortunately only discovered with anesthetic gases, Malignant Hyperthermia.

By 10:00am, your family is updated, devastated, and shouting that we made a mistake; this should never have happened, you were only 21, no medical history to speak of, you were supposed to go home today, and now they were prepared that you may not live.

By 11am, your family had left the room, an hour of shouting at the nurse, the doctors to do something, anything to save you, an hour that involved angry calls to family members, patient relations, lawyers, an hour that we decided enough: you may not be able to advocate for yourself, to tell everyone to just keep quiet for a moment, you may not be able to speak, to state - none of that matters right now while you’re fighting internally to stay alive. You may not be able to communicate, to decide who gets to stay or who gets to go, to placate family members, so for now we will be your person and make that decision for you, and out they go.

By 12pm your heart stopped and with family screams echoing down the hall we worked on resuscitating you, our hands almost mechanical in procedure, our personal feelings about what had happened to you shoved to the side, and would have to wait.

By 12:35pm, your time of death was called, a moment of stillness in the roomful of experienced healthcare providers who were surely all thinking one thing: this should never have happened to you.

By 4:40pm, the last of your family had left the room, a hasty goodbye incomparable to the depth of grief and longing to hold on just a little longer.

By 6:00pm you were transferred to the morgue, a rather cold, stainless steel environment, certainly not where you expected to land when you walked in the brightly lit hospital entrance this morning.

By 7:00pm, your room in the ICU is bleached clean, no physical remnants of what occurred here during the day, the walls, perhaps embracing a part of your memory. A room with stark white sheets, new supplies, curtains pushed back, pumps, IV bags at the ready,
…awaiting the cycle to begin again.

In pictures: South Korea's Sewol ferry emerges from the sea nearly three years after it sank

The wreckage of a 6,800-ton South Korean ferry has emerged from the sea nearly three years after it capsized and sank, killing 304 people – most of them children on a school trip. The Sewol passenger ferry sank off the coast of Jindo island on 16 April 2014, touching off an outpouring of national grief and soul searching about public safety and regulatory failures.

Salvage workers started to bring up the vessel, which had been lying on its side at a depth of 44 metres (144 feet), late on Wednesday (22 April), rolling up 66 cables connected to a frame of metal beams divers had spent months putting beneath the ferry. At around 4am, the blue-and-white right side of ferry, rusty, scratched and coated in mud and sediment, emerged for the first time in more than 1,000 days.

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By about 7am the ferry had been raised enough for workers to climb on it and further fasten it to the barges. Once Sewol is raised to the desired point, salvage crews will then load the ferry onto a semi-submersible, heavy-lift vessel that will carry it to a mainland port. The loading process, including emptying the ferry of water and fuel, is expected to take days.

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The bodies of 295 passengers were recovered after the vessel sank, but nine are still missing. Relatives, some of whom who are watching from two fishing boats just outside the operation area, are hoping that those remains will be found inside the ferry.

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Film Theory Analysis - SKAM

Season 3: Ep. 1


Okay so this is a big thing I wrote using film theory to analyze the first episode of Isak’s season of SKAM. It goes in sequential order. I try to fill you in on where I am in the show, but I do skip some parts that don’t stand out as much. It contains spoilers galore, so don’t read if you aren’t caught up! I would also like to warn you that this is basically an essay. It’s long and probably repetitive. I also borrowed some thoughts of others on here and extrapolated from there! Thank you to those who started some of these discussions and theories! And I say it below but I’ll say it up here too, I am NOT from Norway and I’ve never been there. I have very little knowledge of the culture, so if I’m really wrong on anything, please come to me kindly and I’ll fix it! Thanks!

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Friendly reminder that if Gimple & Co. wanted us to see the Caryl bond as something strictly familial and platonic and unromantic, then they would not have allowed Entertainment Weekly to allude to Carol and Daryl being more than friends in the Ultimate Guide to TWD.

This is the ultimate guide to twd, so EW would need Gimple’s/TPTB’s permission to create it. TPTB probably even chose most of the material that went in there.

And in the section, Love In the Time of Walkers, there were no platonic buddies. That section included no siblings. Only and all lovers, couples, romantic partners; Glenn and Maggie, Rick and Michonne, Rosita and Abraham, Daryl and Carol.

So this means that TPTB allowed - possibly even instructed - EW to include Caryl among this list of couples. TPTB let EW basically imply that Caryl is romantic, and you do not do that if you’re simply trolling a relationship that will remain platonic.

Nothing in the paragraph about Carol and Daryl’s relationship mentioned anything about their bond being familial or platonic;

“The most enduring types of love are often left unspoken. That’s especially true when it comes to Daryl, who never has been much for words. While Daryl and Carol’s will-they/won’t-they relationship has kept viewers hooked, Norman Reedus is playing the long game. "I want her to make the first move,” he says. “I want it to be awkward when it happens.”

In fact, it implied quite the opposite. This paragraph on Carol and Daryl blatantly insinuated that their bond is something more than friendship, that there is a strong possibility that romance is in store for them. The paragraph did not say, “the most enduring types of love are often familial”. No. It said nothing like that. But rather: “the most enduring types of love are often left unspoken. That’s especially true when it comes to Daryl, who never has been much for words”. Implying that Daryl does have feelings for Carol, that he does love her, but he’s a man of few words so he has not verbally expressed this to her yet.

EW is saying that Daryl loves Carol, but it’s gone unspoken. They’re saying that Carol and Daryl do have a will-they/won’t-they relationship - not just a regular friendship. They’re using NR’s quote where he says “when it happens”, as though there is no “if”. They’re saying that Carol and Daryl’s relationship is romantic - or is heading there - by placing them in the same section as a husband and wife, as lovers.

In the ultimate guide to twd, Carol and Daryl’s relationship is defined as more-than-friendship and will-they/won’t they. And TPTB allowed that. TPTB approved that.

That means something.


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Mind Games

This was inspired by @whore4batfam, who inspired the idea behind this lovely fic!

This is my first time writing fanfiction, so any comments/suggestions are welcome! (watch for the Read More)

Bruce walked into the kitchen in the morning, not expecting anyone else to be there. He himself didn’t want to be awake this early in the morning, but after the events of the previous night, he wanted to go into the cave to start working on a plan to find the Riddler. Damian should still be asleep, and though Tim and Cass had gotten home before he and Damian had, they weren’t likely to be up yet. They had been working hard on a case together recently, but their last lead had been a dead end. Dick was still in Blüdhaven, and no one knew where Jason was. After the bombing last night, he was privately happy to have a few hours of calm to himself before his children woke up. The only other person he expected to be up was Alfred, who often started chores before the rest of the house woke up and the inevitable chaos of a new day began.

He did not expect Talia al Ghul to be sitting at the table, calmly sipping from a mug.

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