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Film Theory Analysis - SKAM

Season 3: Ep. 1


Okay so this is a big thing I wrote using film theory to analyze the first episode of Isak’s season of SKAM. It goes in sequential order. I try to fill you in on where I am in the show, but I do skip some parts that don’t stand out as much. It contains spoilers galore, so don’t read if you aren’t caught up! I would also like to warn you that this is basically an essay. It’s long and probably repetitive. I also borrowed some thoughts of others on here and extrapolated from there! Thank you to those who started some of these discussions and theories! And I say it below but I’ll say it up here too, I am NOT from Norway and I’ve never been there. I have very little knowledge of the culture, so if I’m really wrong on anything, please come to me kindly and I’ll fix it! Thanks!

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I think it’s beautiful that Carol was the first person Daryl Dixon touched out of comfort and tenderness, when he held her while Sophia walked out of the barn.

I think it’s beautiful that Carol was the first person Daryl Dixon touched out of affection and concern, when he massaged her shoulders at the prison.

I think it’s beautiful the Carol was the first person Daryl Dixon ever hugged out of love and happiness.

It is one hundred percent canon that Daryl touches Carol more than he touches anyone else.

He has hugged her, twice. He has ran his fingers through her hair while hugging her, twice. He has gently touched her chin, twice. He has let her kiss his forehead, twice.

He has massaged her shoulders. He has laid his head on her chest while crying tears of joy. He has put his arm around her and pulled her close and walked with her. He has stroked her hand with his thumb when they were seconds away from potential death. He has caressed her back while helping her up. He has lifted her up and swung her around while embracing her.

And, most recently -

[.gif by @oohhshiny]

Daryl Dixon has never been portrayed as someone who frequently touches people. He almost never uses physical contact with anyone in his family – but Carol is the one exception.

He touches her all the time, and he loves touching her.

It’s one of the many examples of the difference between his relationship with her and his relationship with others.

Daryl Dixon is a man of physical touch and affection – but only when it comes to Carol.

No one else.

Only Carol.

That is canon.

He has touched a handful of his other family members a handful of times.

But he never touches anyone the way he touches Carol.

Nothing has ever come close to comparing to that.

Friendly reminder that if Gimple & Co. wanted us to see the Caryl bond as something strictly familial and platonic and unromantic, then they would not have allowed Entertainment Weekly to allude to Carol and Daryl being more than friends in the Ultimate Guide to TWD.

This is the ultimate guide to twd, so EW would need Gimple’s/TPTB’s permission to create it. TPTB probably even chose most of the material that went in there.

And in the section, Love In the Time of Walkers, there were no platonic buddies. That section included no siblings. Only and all lovers, couples, romantic partners; Glenn and Maggie, Rick and Michonne, Rosita and Abraham, Daryl and Carol.

So this means that TPTB allowed - possibly even instructed - EW to include Caryl among this list of couples. TPTB let EW basically imply that Caryl is romantic, and you do not do that if you’re simply trolling a relationship that will remain platonic.

Nothing in the paragraph about Carol and Daryl’s relationship mentioned anything about their bond being familial or platonic;

“The most enduring types of love are often left unspoken. That’s especially true when it comes to Daryl, who never has been much for words. While Daryl and Carol’s will-they/won’t-they relationship has kept viewers hooked, Norman Reedus is playing the long game. "I want her to make the first move,” he says. “I want it to be awkward when it happens.”

In fact, it implied quite the opposite. This paragraph on Carol and Daryl blatantly insinuated that their bond is something more than friendship, that there is a strong possibility that romance is in store for them. The paragraph did not say, “the most enduring types of love are often familial”. No. It said nothing like that. But rather: “the most enduring types of love are often left unspoken. That’s especially true when it comes to Daryl, who never has been much for words”. Implying that Daryl does have feelings for Carol, that he does love her, but he’s a man of few words so he has not verbally expressed this to her yet.

EW is saying that Daryl loves Carol, but it’s gone unspoken. They’re saying that Carol and Daryl do have a will-they/won’t-they relationship - not just a regular friendship. They’re using NR’s quote where he says “when it happens”, as though there is no “if”. They’re saying that Carol and Daryl’s relationship is romantic - or is heading there - by placing them in the same section as a husband and wife, as lovers.

In the ultimate guide to twd, Carol and Daryl’s relationship is defined as more-than-friendship and will-they/won’t they. And TPTB allowed that. TPTB approved that.

That means something.


Bernie Wolfe Appreciation, day 17

S18 E42 From Bournemouth with Love: Bernie is a kind and attentive human and boss to Morven in this episode. She starts by bringing her tea and a Napoleon cake. She listens to her, offers to tell Hugh Musgrove that Arthur has died. And later she goes to find her outside and talks with her, tries to help.

There were a few soldier references here that I found interesting.

The first thing she says to Morven is “Strong tea and sugar, what every good soldier needs to get them through the day.”

Outside they have this conversation:

M: I hope she doesn’t hurt him.

B: Why would she do that? Hugh was a soldier, he can handle anything.

M: Not all soldiers are strong.

B: No, that’s true. They’re not. I’ve seen lots fall apart when they saw their friends die. But the ones who manage to put themselves together they can get through anything. They wanted to make sense of the loss of all those young lives. They were soldiers with a job to do. They were going to make that job count.

It made me wonder how true this is for Bernie. Considering how sympathetic she is again and again, Bernie is not someone who has no feelings, or is out of touch with them. But I have wondered if she shuts her own feelings off when they overwhelm her / are bigger than she knows what to do with and instead focuses on “functioning.” I wonder if that’s a survival tactic. It would make sense for a soldier (especially one from a military family, if we go with JR’s headcanon). As long as you keep functioning at least you’ll survive, there isn’t always much room for anything else in the field.

It’s what she tries to do in this scene with Morven, to get Morven to focus on functioning, on doing her job, saving lives and making that job count.
It’s what she does with Raf outside too, she tries to make him focus on the job at hand, on functioning.

While there are definitely limits to the usefulness of this strategy, it is in itself not a bad one, and it’s the one she knows. She’s probably needed it herself as a soldier, as a frontline surgeon. And I have to admit that that’s also where I have a lot of sympathy for her.

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Post 1 is also where you’ll find the reason for this little series and the disclaimer.

[.gif by @empressmcbride]

Daryl was so protective of Carol in Consumed - even though she’d just single-handedly defeated an entire community of cannibals two days ago - that every single time he was running or walking ahead of her, he turned back and stared at her every three seconds. And that makes me believe that it’s exactly like Melissa said;                            

“It is something small, beautiful and miraculous that occurred between them and they are very protective, because they live in a world where everything beautiful breaks.”

And I still think that this remains important and relevant to this day.


Bernie Wolfe Appreciation, day 15

S18 E49 Say a Little Prayer: I really liked seeing this side of Bernie. We haven’t seen her be short with people very often, brusque yes, abrupt perhaps, but like this? No, there hasn’t been a lot of that. Her temper doesn’t seem quick to flare. 

Here though, her patience and compassion for others (in this case for Raf), which we’ve seen a lot of recently, has worn thin because it is getting in the way of helping a patient. And not just any patient, but their friend and colleague, Fletch. We know from two episodes earlier that she feels it’s her fault he was attacked. Not to mention they are pressed for time with how quickly Fletch’s paralysis is spreading. 

I do feel for Raf, it’s a tough situation he’s in, and he and Bernie clearly have a different response to this kind of pressure. But at the end of the day, Bernie is also just simply his boss and he ignored her page.

Considering all of that (and I’m not touching on anything she might be feeling in regards to Serena) she may be a bit tetchy, she definitely shows her frustration, but she’s not unreasonable in the face of Raf’s lack of action.

However annoyed she may be with him, she doesn’t respond by telling him off, she tries to engage him and then she tries to motivate him and when he’s dismissive of that, she basically just tells him he needs to step up, and fast.
Not a bad boss to have, from where I’m sitting. Or a bad person to have fighting for your life. And she’s very good at prioritizing.

Previously: 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11 12 13 14
Post 1 is also where you’ll find the reason for this little series and the disclaimer.


“Bridgeport looks so pretty from here,” Madeleine sighs as she gazes through a pair of coin operated binoculars. “So many hopes and dreams wrapped up in one beautiful little place. Don’t you just love it?”

“Yeah, it’s gorgeous,” Westley murmurs, but his eyes remain locked on an entirely different view.

Glancing over, Madeleine blushes and reaches out for his hand. “Take a picture with me?” she asks. “I want to remember this day forever.”

Westley laughs but allows himself to be pulled into the shot. “Forever is a really long time,” he says, smiling as Maddie rests her head against his shoulder.

“Exactly,” she replies in an exuberant tone of voice. “Now say cheese!”

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Also know as Imagine travelling with the Company, and Legolas stalking you because he likes you. 

A/N - First of all, I’m sorry its a day late. Well two days late. I finished it last night and was too tired to check through it so I did it this morning on the way to Manchester. I appear to be obsessing over Legolas at the moment (which isn’t necessarily a bad thing). Yes, its in third person again I just couldn’t get second person view to co-operate with me! Anyway, I hope you enjoy it :) Constructive criticism welcome. 

Words - 1,866
Paring - Legolas Greenleaf x Reader 

Legolas knew there was something special about the human when he first saw her. For one, she was fighting amongst dwarves, which was almost unheard of. Secondly, she was beautifully feisty especially when she was defending her friends. Thirdly, she saved his behind from one of the monstrous spiders of Mirkwood. That was the reason he often found himself volunteering to guard the prisoners, much to his father’s dismay. He even found himself giving her more food than her fellow captives.
Even then, the odd little human didn’t pay any attention to him. Sure, she smiled in thanks when he gave her food but other than that she didn’t seem to know he existed.
It was insulting really. A prince shouldn’t have to bend over backwards to be noticed by a mere mortal.

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@dvargs…smooth operator..smooooooth operator. Hope you all have a enchanted weekend. 🕯🤙🕯

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Chris Smith

1. How long have you been polyamorous or been practicing polyamory?

Going on 6 Years

2. What does your relationship dynamic look like?

Currently I have three partners, one of which whom has her own partner and the other two date habitually. I do not operate hierarchically and I hope to one day have a communal household with my partners.

3. What aspect of polyamory do you excel at?

Time management, Google calendar champion since 2013 and Keeper of all things time related

4. What aspect of polyamory do you struggle with?

I really don’t struggle with an aspect of poly, I more so struggle with the general relationship building factors that transcend relationship structure. My biggest struggles are remaining patient for my partners’ growth processes and knowing when to intervene in inter-partner dispute.

5. How do you address and/or overcome those struggles?

Concerning the patience I actively try not to rush conversations and actively listen so that they can come to conclusions on their own and provide as much support as I can while maintaining my self-health.

When it comes to the disputes, sigh… I HATE INTERVENING; however I often forget that some people really just do not know how to look at things from multiple perspectives nor have been taught to do so before reacting. So I remind myself that all people need, including myself, need other perspectives sometimes and to try to mediate where I am welcome and invited.

6. In terms of risk-aware/safer sex, what do you and your partners do to protect one another?

To mitigate risks there is lots of communication concerning who we have been sexually intimate with, condom wearing for sexual interactions outside of our circle and testing… a lot of testing.

7. What is the worst mistake you’ve ever made in your polyamorous history and how did you rebound from that?

I attempted to maintain a relationship with a person that was dishonest and relationally immature. She had been my girlfriend in my transition to Poly and we went through so much together. Unfortunately, she did not treat my other partners well nor did she really like me having other partners. The instability of my relationship with her trickled down into my other relationships causing me to be neglectful to my other partner and even go into a slight depression. The rebound and trust rebuilding with my other partner has been difficult and slow. However, the keys have been acknowledgement of wrong, self-healing, affirming actions & words and patience in the healing process all around.

8. What self-identities are important to you? How do you feel like being polyamorous intersects with or affects these identities?

The self-identities that are important to me are Human and Omni. When I think of myself I see less separation and more unity with everything else around me. Though I recognize the impact socially created constructs such as race, gender and class have on the society and the individual; I believe that the way we refer to them often aids to their hegemony more that it refutes it. I really despise gender dynamics & roles, racial dynamics & roles and class dynamics & roles. Though I speak often on the identity of Black and how polyamorous structures can be a help and hindrance, I rarely identify as that.

However, polyamory for many “minorities’ can be a source of freedom

(Bonus: Do you have any groups, projects, websites, blogs, etc. that you are involved with that you would like to promote?)

I am presenting at PolyDallas 3rd Annual Symposium this coming July.

Look out for the upcoming YouTube series with Poly Role Model creator Kevin Patterson, it will be fire.

The National Coalition for Sexual Freedom is ramping up an Poly advocacy committee, if anyone is interested contributing their time and/or expertise contact Susan Wright, susan@ncsfreedom.org

you ever just know youre only getting worse and worse and nothing you do will stop it

@helicphobia|| ( sc. )

         ❛ cal. i can’t sleep. ❜ logan’s voice is oddly soft, almost
dangerously. there’s a sort of hesitance and vulnerability in it.
the tone is rare in the wolverine, but he trusts caliban enough
to let the soft side come out. ❛ i don’t — caliban, i — SHIT. ❜
he lets out a frustrated huff, his eyes flickering away from his
friend’s. ❛ mind if i just — kinda try it out here? with you?

For operation-keepgavinalive, hope you like it! 

Meant To Be Yours

Too much had happened today. Vincent started pacing around the bedroom, his mind buzzing, he hadn’t felt calm at all today. He was going over the conversations he’d had with Thomas throughout the day. What was that they said about Vincent ‘controlling’ them? He only did that with robots, and even then it wasn’t like he wanted to, it was a last resort. He sat down.

Thomas opened the door, just enough to get a peak inside. They watched as Vincent leant back against the wall, staring up at the ceiling. Thomas hoped he hadn’t noticed the door open. As quietly as they could, Thomas shut the door, they decided the living room would be the best place to go. They needed to think about how to say what was on their mind.

Vincent tightened his grip on the bedsheets below him. Was Thomas trying to hint at something? Were they trying to tell him that things weren’t working out? Were they planning on leaving him? No, they couldn’t be, they can’t leave him, they can’t. Vincent stood up, he was starting to panic. What if they were trying to leave him? Had he done something wrong? He threw a pillow across the room. They wouldn’t, not now, not ever. He wouldn’t let them. He needed them.

They can’t leave.