operation nimrod

Plot: Operation NIMROD (Open RP starter: First-come-first-serve)

Inkopolis Air Base - 9:00 PM

Agent 7, Agent Beta 10, and Agent 1 were packing up on the Manta Hovercraft, preparing a long journey to locate a war machine before the Ziz Armada can get to it. Agent 2 was kept out of the mission only to be representing as both reinforcement and a rescue party.

Joining with them is Octo-Squadron Megalodon, the Bigfin Splatoon’s only rivals. They were brought on this mission by the request of an Octarian council representing for Octo-Valley. Sarah Phenotyne was totally against working with her rivals, but since it’s a time of war she has to obliged under some conidtions she made with Agent 7. And they had their skater hovercraft: The Thornback.

The two groups can be seen doing some finishing touches.