operation martin's birthday


Want to do something nice for Martin Freeman’s birthday AND help fight cancer? Well now you can do both! Check out Operation: Martin’s Birthday!

“We are raising money to donate to charity in Martin Freeman’s name for his next birthday. We will also send him letters and cards to let him know how much we love him! Our chosen charity is Stand Up To Cancer. Stand Up To Cancer is a charity that funds cancer research, in the search for a cure. Martin has personally endorsed this charity in the past.”


violinsandskulls  asked:

Hey Operation-Martins-Birthday admin here -- I had no idea you were giving our blog so much love!! You perfect human being!! LET ME LOVE YOU! *tackle hug* I want to feed you biscuits and tea and watch series three with you. Seriously, thank you so so much!


Anything I can do to help, darling! If it’s not obvious, I love Martin. He’s amazing, and what you’re doing for him is absolutely wonderful! *cuddles* <3


If you’re not already, go follow Operation-Martins-Birthday for details on the brilliant things they’re doing for Martin’s birthday xx

Mission Accomplished

Well, ladies and gentlemen, no one has ever accused me of being late before and I didn’t intend to start now. Even though it’s a few days early, we have sent a private message to Amanda Abbington’s Twitter (with the help of the ever wonderful Baker Street Babes) letting her know about the charity contributions and the birthday messages - which are on a private blog, just for Martin to see. 

On our final tally, this blog had 500 followers, collected 80 birthday messages, and raised $1,750.00 for Stand Up to Cancer. WOW!

So, if you donated, messaged us, or even just gave us a signal boost, I want you to take a moment and give yourself a round of applause. It’s amazing the things fans can do when they come together. Don’t ever forget that!

Thank you everyone! We will absolutely let you know the second we get a response from Mr. Freeman!