operation lumberjack

First U.S. Army men and equipment pour across the Remagen Bridge; two knocked out jeeps in foreground. Germany., 3/11/1945

Captured during a rapid advance by the 9th Armored Division of U.S. 1st Army on March 7, 1945 before it could be destroyed by the Germans, the Ludendorff Bridge (aka the Remagen Bridge) was one of the last two usable crossings over the Rhine River. The unexpected capture of the bridge enabled the Allies to quickly gain a foothold on the east bank of the Rhine, Germany’s last natural line of defense, before the bridge collapsed on March 17.

If the Operator was a lumberjack, he’d be the Choperator.

An Operator dressed up like a rabbit would be a Hoperator.

After seeing static on his camera, Hoody turns around to see a tall figure behind a doorway yelling, “Twist it! Clamp it! Pass it!”

Hoody quickly makes a dash for the exit, away from the Boperator.