operation kanto

I’ve realized that the Beifong women all like nerds. 


The evidence. 

Toph had a crush on Sokka. 

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Then Zuko, I’m pretty sure she had a bit of a thing for him. 

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Life changing adventure, anyone?



And I’m pretty sure this guy is Kanto. It’s who I pictured when Toph finally told us who the father was. He’s an actor. Speaking from expirience, they’re usually some sort of dork on some level or another. 

Either that, or it’s this huge pile of rock.

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 Actually, knowing Toph I WOULDN’T BE SURPRISED!

Then Tenzin and Lin. 

Please, Tenzin, we all saw that.

We can’t forget Bataar Sr.

I’m pretty sure that’s slowed down a bit just for the effect. 

And, who in my opinion is the biggest nerd/fangirl of them all: BOLIN

I’ve also come to the conclusion that Bolin is US! When I saw Toph and Zuko, my reactions were pretty much the same. 


Things I Love About LoK

Goal: Write 1 thought every day re: why I love The Legend of Korra until I finish rewatching the series.  

#167: Some guy named Kanto in “Operation Beifong.”

I absolutely love Toph’s reveal of Lin’s father in “Operation Beifong.”  I love that it was just a random guy named Kanto, and not any character we know from ATLA or the comics.  (I like to think that Su’s father is likewise also just some random guy we don’t know.)  And I love that Toph says he was a “[n]ice man, but it didn’t really work out between us.”  It adds a layer of realism to the LoK universe.  Maybe it’s just because I’m an old person, but I find it somewhat strange that folks “ship” pre-teens with other pre-teens (or teens with other teens) and imagine them staying together forever and having babies.  Not saying it never happens, but life goes on and you meet other people.  You also grow apart from the friends you had at that age.  That’s just how it is (at least in real life).  

More importantly, from a story perspective, I love that the writers didn’t distract from LoK and its characters by drawing from the ATLA well because this allowed the show to focus on the more interesting relationship dynamic between Lin and her mother.

I love this Lin face: 

And I love seeing the stubborn Beifongs go at each other – it’s a clash of the titans.  Notwithstanding all of her pent up resentments, Lin demonstrates that she truly is her mother’s daughter: 

Toph: Lin, I can feel your enraged breathing from here. Just say what you have to say, and let’s get it over with.
Lin: Just get it over with? Yeah, let’s not linger on the fact that I grew up without a Dad. No need to get all touchy-feely about it. Just one of those things, right?
Toph: Hey, I forgave you for all your garbage a long time ago, and Su and I worked things out. You’re the only one who wants to hold on to this family drama nonsense for the rest of your life.
Lin: Forgave me for what? And not knowing my Dad is nonsense to you?  It was pretty important to me. And until now, you would never even discuss it. You know, after Su and I patched things up, I thought, “Maybe I should try to reach out to Mom.” But now that we’re together again, I remember why we stopped talking. You make me furious, and you don’t even know why. And when I tell you, you don’t care. Once we save Su, you and I are finished.

She finally vents her frustrations out at Toph here after holding it in for most of the episode. Book 3 gave us such delightful character work for Lin by exploring her strained relationship with Su.  I really enjoyed that Book 4 continued to work out Lin’s family drama issues, which shine a light on why she is the way she is.