operation integrity

This post is getting notes again, and, other things I said there aside, I think the biggest thing that bothers me with regards to “Lotor may trust the generals but not ultimately care about them” or “Lotor is going to dispose of the generals at some point” is… look at what Lotor’s doing.

It’s pretty dang likely that Lotor is trying to fight Zarkon. He intends to take the empire from him and he’s too smart, and too close to Zarkon, to entertain the idea for a moment Zarkon’s gonna go quietly.

This is pretty significant because it means Lotor is gearing up to pick a fight with his abusers. Who happen to be, no exaggeration, two of the most dangerous people in the known universe.

And he’s doing it with Another Voltron.

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Mama peño! I'm dying for some mafia!Jumin or saeyoung hcs if you have the time?

~Okay! ^^ no problem! I can give you a bit of insight into their characters!


  • Extremely wealthy
  • His family owns many factories and other businesses such as restaurants, trucking etc.
  • Him and V grew up near each other and have been friends since they were children. Together they ran their little neighborhood block.
  • He had a lonely childhood before he met V. And he actually got bullied for his wealth by a lot of the other children, just out of pure jealousy and the fact that they thought he was weird.
  • The first time he met V, he had been in an alley with some of the other neighborhood kids. They were throwing rocks at cats and Jumin told them to stop, so they turned on him. They only got a punch or two in when V showed up out of nowhere and kicked their asses for him. They became fast friends after that.
  • Jumin didn’t find out about V’s family and their history of crime until they got a little older. V was too embarrassed to tell him, after seeing the way Jumin and his father operate with integrity. But Jumin didn’t judge him for it and that made their friendship even stronger.
  • He’s not a fan of hats, but you could normally find him in an expensive pin stripe suit.
  • He’s completely loyal to V, but he is not afraid to tell him when he is doing something foolish. This is why he is a great consigliere.
  • Nickname is ‘Dapper Don’ because he is always dressed to the nines
  • He always has the best cigars. And every time V calls on him, he brings him some as a gift. But V prefers to smoke from a pipe and never uses them. So he gives them to Saeyoung or other men in the outfit.


  • Feared by the men underneath him.
  • V took him in when he was very young. And he has been like a father figure to Saeyoung. 
  • Nickname is ‘The Mad Hatter’ because he is one of the most feared hit men in the area, and he does whatever it takes to get the job done.
  • If he comes around to collect your debt, you know you’re in deep shit.
  • Runs an illegal gambling operation in the basement of Zens club, and that’s where he spends most of his time. He loves to play cards.
  • You can usually find him wearing a hat and a black suit. When he is out and about he wears a long tan trench coat.
  • He has a soft spot for Yoosung, but still messes with him all the time. Everyone gets a kick out of seeing Saeyoung razzing him.
  • He took initiative to head the bootleg liquor operation, and V was incredibly proud of him. It was one of the first times he truly felt like he could take over and run things if he had to.
  • Never goes anywhere without at least one gun

Our new astronaut on the ISS!

Jack D. Fischer was selected in July 2009 as a member of the 20th NASA astronaut class.  He completed astronaut training in 2011, and is currently assigned as Flight Engineer for Expedition 51/52, which is scheduled to launch in April 2017.  Prior to becoming an astronaut, the Colorado native graduated from the U.S. Air Force Academy, Colorado in 1996 with a Bachelor of Science in Astronautical Engineering.  He went on to receive a Master of Science in Aeronautics and Astronautics from the Massachusetts Institute of Technology (MIT) in 1998.  Col. Fischer has worked in the Capsule Communicator (CAPCOM), Soyuz, International Space Station Operations, International Space Station Integration, and Exploration branches of the Astronaut Office. He has been assigned to the Expedition 51/52 crew scheduled to launch to the International Space Station in April 2017. 

The universe is similar in operational integrity 2 a sketch weed man who is like, “that thing u had hmu up about a very long time ago? I got it now, and it’s potent… ” and like even tho ur super annoyed it’s like.. ok and u pick up anyways

The Demacian Infantry and Special Forces

[[ Inspiration and information pulled from askthefourth here, asktheexemplarofdemacia here, and various notes and reblogs from unifyingleaguelore, as well as my own headcannons. This model is based on the American military (since that’s what I know best), with some bastardizations of course.

On the chart, blue represents non-com officers and enlisted soldiers, yellow represents officers. Arrows represent the chain of command, but not necessarily pay grades and ranking order since officers are generally higher rank then enlisted soldiers. ]]

Grandeur and military might are Demacia’s defining factors, and are well known throughout the continent. The Demacian army is one the largest in Valoran along with their sister branch the Demacian Navy, containing many divisions and a highly regimented chain of command. They are responsible for defending all of Demacia, including it’s borders, trade routes, and settlements. All divisions are under direct order of the King and the four Grand Generals. They, along with the lesser generals, form the Demacian Council of War.

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and! as probably all centerlink “customers” (ugh ugh ugh) know, the hold music is this one five minute long mozart piece on, as far as we can tell, infinite loop, disturbed only by static and assorted pre-recorded messages. 

these messages include one about operation integrity, the “joint operation between the australian federal police and department of human resources to crack down on non-compliance and bludgers, using advanced technology”, which is a threat. this message is a threat. it’s saying: hey, don’t draw attention to yourself, you probably owe us money, you filthy dependent, you parasite, you failure. the police are working with us. don’t pay any attention to those news reports about false flags, where we sent out thousands of incorrect letters claiming we were owed money. the federal police are working with us, they’re the smart ones.

another message is advocating suicide help lines. 

anyway, the music, the first movement of mozart’s divertimento in f (from the italian: to amuse) will play during your call approximately eight times. the average hold length is forty minutes. 

you will hear this over, and over, and over, it’s been the same piece of music for at least ten years, there are people who’ve listened to this five minute “amusement” hundreds, maybe thousands of times. this pleasant, up tempo piece, repeated ad nauseum, distorted through static and clumsy propaganda, achieves the opposite of john cage’s intention - meaning and value is lost on every repetition. 

would it break the federal bank to shell out for the whole piece, not just the first movement? for maybe a mix cd of non-threatening classical hits? maybe not, but that certainly wouldn’t communicate that same crushingly unsubtle disinterest in you, the customer, and your comfort

The Shuttle Orbiter 101 “Enterprise” soars above the NASA 747 carrier aircraft after separating during the first free flight of the Shuttle Apporach and Landing Tests (ALTs) conducted on August 12, 1977 at Dryden Flight Research Center in Southern California. Astronauts Fred W. Haise Jr., and C. Gordon Fullerton were the crew of the “Enterprise.” The ALT free flights are designed to verify Orbiter subsonic airworthiness, integrated systems operations and pilot-guided approach and landing capability and satisfying prerequisites to automatic flight control and navigation mode.


Slow is smooth is fast.

US Marines and ROK SEALS fastrope into an urban terrain facility from a MH-60S Seahawk from Helicopter Sea Combat (HSC) Squadron 4 during a special operations forces (SOF) integration as part of Rim of the Pacific (RIMPAC) Exercise 2014. The SOF integration used the combat skills and capabilities of U.S. Marine Special Operations Team 8133, ROK SEALS and Peru Special Forces to take down and capture a high value target.

(Photos by Corporal Matthew Bragg, 10 JUL 2014.)

Unisys Brings 'Stealth' Enterprise Security to AWS Cloud

Unisys Stealth delivers micro-segmentation on the Amazon Web Services Cloud for improved security and management, lower costs and faster results.
Unisys today announced it will provide enterprises with its Unisys Stealth micro-segmentation security solution on the Amazon Web Services (AWS) Cloud, available for customers to acquire and deploy from the AWS Marketplace.
The solution will provide advanced security to AWS customers, while providing Unisys clients with the ease of access and scale of the AWS Cloud. Unisys optimized its Stealth offering to give AWS customers a fast and convenient way to protect vital information and applications against evolving threats.
“Security and cloud computing are strategic priorities for businesses today,” said Peter Altabef, Unisys’ president and CEO, in a statement. “Enterprise-proven security that evolves to meet future threats will provide additional assurance to enterprises and governments that are moving core operations to the cloud. Integrating Stealth onto the AWS Cloud advances Unisys’ leadership in security, and reflects our commitment to continually deliver innovation that solves real-world business challenges.”
AWS provides a scalable, low-cost infrastructure platform used by more than a million active customers across 190 countries around the world. With Stealth on AWS, organizations can easily integrate additional protection, comply with regulations, and micro-segment off their virtual machines from neighbors when working on the cloud, Unisys said.

“Security is top of mind for our customers, and at AWS, it’s our number one priority,” said Stephen Schmidt, chief information security officer at AWS, in a statement. “Unisys Stealth on AWS provides extra layers of security for enterprises moving their workloads to the AWS Cloud.”

The solution is another step in Unisys’ reinvention as an IT technology and services company focused on secure digital transformation. It also illustrates Unisys’ asset-light strategy of working with cloud technology providers, which complements Unisys’ own capabilities in infrastructure and service management, analytics, application services and software, as well as security.
“Enterprises can now use Stealth as their single platform for securing both their data center and their cloud environments, substantially reducing the complexity and cost of multiple platforms,” said Tom Patterson, vice president and general manager for global security solutions at Unisys, in a statement. “This comprehensive level of protection removes roadblocks for many organizations looking to leverage the cloud, and will unlock huge cost savings and business agility needed in today’s competitive environment.”
With Stealth on AWS, users can quickly and easily micro-segment their own portions of the cloud from other users while keeping their own encryption keys. They can unify their internal security protections with those on the cloud, enforce virtual machine-to-machine encryption in the cloud, and reduce attack surfaces.
Unisys Stealth software uses identity-based micro-segmentation techniques and encryption to protect data and applications on the AWS Cloud. Stealth protection makes data and applications invisible to hackers and unauthorized users by encrypting traffic between all Stealth-protected endpoints.
Companies and governments have been long advised to ‘segment’ their networks, so that an attack on one segment can’t affect the rest of the network, said Patterson. This good advice hasn’t changed, he added. “But since networks have evolved from very straightforward to include a complex web of mobile, cloud, IoT, clients and suppliers around the world, the technology needed to enforce these segments needed to evolve into these new ‘micro-segments,’” Patterson told eWEEK. “Micro-segments can be deployed and managed anywhere an IP packet can go, and thus are the affordable, scalable and trusted method needed in today’s operating environments.”

Unisys Brings ‘Stealth’ Enterprise Security to AWS Cloud was originally published on Cyber Parse

Okay but one thing that bugs me, and it’s never going to not bug me: why did Bryke make the choice to have Varrick explain Asami’s idea for her at that meeting with Raiko in 4x10?

I say this as someone who loudly talks about Asami being a chiefly internal character, which she is. But that’s a hell of a lot different than a silenced one.

It’s like–Varrick would have still been able to deliver his “spirit-ray tech is too dangerous” line, so his own “I have these morals now” arc wouldn’t have been eclipsed.

Maybe, just maybe it was supposed to be an obvious reversal of Asami and Varrick’s dynamic from 4x09, where she goes from wanting to break his wrist to him being an ardent champion of her ideas? But like, she looks visibly annoyed with him here, and their working relationship is never really given any kind of resolution, at least not in a significant way.

It’s just a weird choice. And not good weird.

…me too, Korra & Asami. Me too.

NBCUniversal Cuts 200 Jobs at DreamWorks Animation
By Dave McNary

“NBCUniversal is cutting about 200 jobs at the DreamWorks Animation campus, the company announced Thursday.

The layoffs come three weeks after parent Comcast completed its $3.8 billion acquisition of the animation company. Jeff Shell, chairman of Universal Filmed Entertainment Group, made the disclosure in a memo to staff, saying that the cuts are focused in the corporate overhead groups as well as distribution and consumer product — ‘areas where we can fully integrate operations with NBCUniversal.’

“Those who will be impacted by these decisions will be notified this week and many will be working with us over the next several months as a part of the transition,” Shell said.

“These are difficult but necessary moves as we work to integrate our organizations and we will be as generous as possible to those who will be leaving the company,” he added. “We know you will join us in supporting your colleagues during this time of transition and we too will be exploring other opportunities for them and providing career placement counseling to help minimize the impact.”

The DreamWorks Animation brand will remain intact as an imprint and DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffrey Katzenberg has become chairman of DreamWorks Animation New Media, comprising its ownership stakes in AwesomenessTV and Nova, which will be part of NBCUniversal.

DreamWorks Animation’s second quarter earnings came in above Wall Street’s expectations. Revenue at the company behind Shrek and How to Train Your Dragon hit $220.9 million, up 29% from the year-ago period.”