operation gazelle

The senior Israeli officers in the Sinai during the Yom Kippur War. Lt. Gen. David Elazer, the Chief of Staff is seated in the center, with the bespecled Maj. Gen. Gonen and Maj. Gen. Adan flanking him on the left and right respectively. They are listening to a presentation by Maj. Gen. Mandler, who would be killed by Egyptian Artillery on Oct. 13th while leading the 252nd Armored Division.

Caught with their pants down at the initial Egyptian offensive, the IDF leadership quickly brought the situation under control and had stopped the Egyptian offensive by the 9th. With their forces regrouped and the reservists called up reporting to their units to bolster the Israeli strength, the IDF began their counter-offensive a few days later on the 14th, and quickly began pushing the Egyptians back towards the Suez Canal.