operation doctor who

Me: My fandom is Supernatural!

Operator: Cas is okay, calm down.

Me: And Doctor Who?

Operator: You’re gonna like the new reincarnation, don’t worry about it.


Operator: Oh…. Um, we haven’t yet received news regarding the series, please hold.

Me: For how long?

Operator: Probably somewhere around oh, two years maybe?

So, I was thinking about things to do with the old series, and I thought

How many people know about the work of the BBC Radiophonic Workshop?

These guys came up with the TARDIS noise, the Sonic Screwdriver, re-arranged the theme (Thanks miss Derbyshire!) and did all the scoring between 1980-1985. And now it’s coming back!

Honestly, these guys deserve so much respect.

Preach it, Whovians

The debate about Classic/New who.

I can see Oliver is getting a little stressed about this, and I think I understand his point which I feel is very relevant and agree with completely so I’m gonna try to reword it without sounding like I’m trying to push Classic Who onto everyone.

Doctor Who is one TV show. From 1963 to the present day. From William Hartnell to Matt Smith. From Sydney Newman to Steven Moffatt. From Susan to Clara. From low quality black and white to HD colour, from Coal Hill School to Gallifrey, to Skaro, to Raxacoricofallapatorius, to the Powell Estate, to Starship UK, to Winter Quays, to….

I could go on all day. The point is it is all one show. Since 2005, the show wasn’t rebooted, it wasn’t remade, it wasn’t based on an old show, it was continued. Christopher Eccleston was the NINTH  Doctor, David Tennant the TENTH, Matt Smith the ELEVENTH… Not the first, second and third, the ninth, tenth and eleventh. They are all playing the same man William Hartnell brought to our screens on 23rd November 1963. the eleventh Doctor still has the memories from 1-10, they’re what has made him the man he is today. 

It is one man. One show. One Tardis… If you’re a Whovian, at least watch a little of the Classic series. If you decide you don’t like the format or whatever, fine. But at least acknowledge it’s there. Even if it’s just like the Doctor mentions the Axons or the Drahvins or the Zygons in passing, just do a little research, read up on who they are, I’m not saying spend hours studying them, just read a couple of paragraphs about who they are and how the Doctor was with them. Obviously it’s better if you do watch a bit of classic who, but I understand it’s not for everyone, just recognise it’s there and give it some credit.

It’s all the same show, there shouldn’t be 2 seperate fandoms for it. We’re all Whovians, were a strong fandom. Classic or new, we love the same show. We just need to close the gap on it.


Philippe Bianchi has told France’s Nice-Matin that his son Jules is still in coma, six months after his terrible crash in Japan.

The former Marussia driver is, however, making progress.

“Compared to what the doctor who operated him in Japan told us, it’s day and night,” the former F3 champion said.

“All his organs are working as they should, without any assistance. But for now, he is still unconscious, in coma. Some times, he is more ‘active’. He moves or he squeezes our hand. Is it just reflexes or is it real reactions? It’s difficult to know. The main thing is that his health is in very good hands.”

So for now, the whole Bianchi family is staying by the 25-year-old’s bedside, hoping for the next improvement.

“It’s important so stimulate Jules,” Bianchi snr also said. “So we take turns each day, his mom, his big sister, his little brother and me. There is also Gina, Jules’ girlfriend.”