operation barbarossa,

76 years ago today 

June 22nd, 1941. The largest land invasion in the history of the world, involving over 3 million German and Axis allied soldiers at its start, commenced. 

Over the next four years more than 20 million people, soldiers and civilians, would perish. The killing fields would span over 1,100 miles, breaking at the gates of Moscow, to fall back into the heart of the Reich itself, Berlin. 


another Barbarossa video, namely about the extensive usage of Equipment in the Wehrmacht and the side-effect of it


Why were the Red Army’s Losses so high during Operation Barbarossa? Well, usually 1 or 2 factors are mentioned, but most others are not. And knowing all the factors, also gives a better understanding on how the whole Eastern Front developed. Also there is a bit of a sürprise in there ;)