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The newest addition to my Z80 experiment, back in the back of that forest of wires, is the Zilog Z85C30 Serial Communications Controller. I added it to ease writing and debugging software, since right now even minor code changes require pulling, erasing, and rewriting my aging flash ROMs. To get to that point though, I’m going to need a monitor program to handle setup of the hardware and copying program data into RAM.

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Thomas Sharpe

…..who may or may not have played a part in me missing my flight from LA to SD this past Tuesday…..

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Attention KND Fandom

Someone had the bright idea of doing a fandom wide roleplay!  Because of anxiety I was asked to make this post! So why not do it?  If you reblog this add one of the following tags: canon character"  canon adult,teen etc", decommissioned" or “In the G:KND” as well as noncannon operative or decommissioned non cannon operative! 

Let’s see how connected we can be, no? 

Also if you have more than one tell their stories! And their Numbuhs! 

Let’s get this KND Fandom wide roleplay started. 

Important announcement

DivinerU and and its affiliate online presences wish to bring an important change in operations to your attention. As of January 7, 2016 ArcaneMysteries is no longer associated or connected to Diviner U(university). He has separated all connections with the online school and will not be returning.

Since DivinerU first became aware of the issues with ArcaneMysteries brought to the tarot community, I (RagabashWitch) have been working hard to fact check and verify that all content published through DU is original. I have found no evidence of plagiarism in any resource published.

In light of the departure of ArcaneMysteries, many of you are likely curious about the future of DivinerU. I (Ragabash) am pleased to say that I will continue bringing you free and affordable resources. DivinerU will move forward solely run by RagabashWitch, for the time present. If you are unhappy with any of your previous purchases, please contact DU for a full refund.

I’m sorry for any inconvenience this situation has caused and I hope you’ll continue to download and enjoy the many wonderful books available to you!