Interviewer, literally: Without naming any names can you-

Melissa: Daryl 💘

Someone: What about a romance for Carol on season 7?
Melissa: You mean Daryl?…I mean…Uh…I don’t even know if he is alive lmao

Someone: How about a Carol romanc-
Melissa: Daryl?

Major Thomas Greer aka Dalton Fury of Delta Force, author of the best seller Kill Bin Laden, passed away today due to cancer. 


Source from FB: https://www.facebook.com/Pray-For-Tom-1811259205784426/

Arrangements for Ranger Tom:Viewing Sunday, 23 October from 5-7 pm. Stokes-Southerland Funeral Home, 206 5th Ave, Eastman, GA 31023

Funeral Monday, 24 October at 2 pm. Sand-Grove Baptist Church, Hwy 280, Milan, GA 31060.

In lieu of flowers family requests a donation to the Church of your choice or Task Force Dagger Foundation,www.taskforcedagger.org, 5900 South Lake Forest Dr, Suite 200, McKinney, TX 75070 (IMO Tom Greer on memo line)

“Just you wait Numbuh 4 when Numbuh 5 get her body back from this stupid were-dog thing you in big trouble I’mma smack you with my hat so hard you seein’ stars how dare you throw me I trained ya I tutored ya I showed you the way to bein’ a great KND operative and THIS is how you thank me I have never been so insulted boy you nuts.”


Phantom Operatives in action 


Publishers Weekly recently reviewed this beauty (banned from distribution in Saudi Arabia), which is the first Arabic-English full translation of Ashraf Fayadh’s INSTRUCTIONS WITHIN, right-bound and full of “punchy truths and tongue-in-cheek cleverness.” Complete with a “Notes and Commentary” section that tells Ashraf Fayadh’s story of imprisonment and explains The Operating System’s vision and the importance of being disrupted:

“Why does a book go right to left, or left to right? Why is text right aligned or left aligned? It’s worth investigating the history of these things, whether you’re a writer, a publisher, a designer, or simply a reader–so that you might become connected to, aware of the unwitting behaviors you’ve collected without intention or question along the way.”–Lynne DeSilva-Johnson

//Okay so just random blurb thing here as I think about this AU for a second and I talk about these particular RIGs that would fit Team SSSN

Starting off with Sun being the leader I’d see him run with this one RIG called the FTL

It deals primarily with speed and agility which is something that Sun is very much well versed in. The Rig supports extra mobility and other functions to keep the enemy guessing while you hit and run.

Next up is Sage, who’d run with this behemoth RIG called the Mercenary 

Its big, its bulky, its built for a Tank. Extra storage, extra equipment to help with keeping the person alive along with some devastating ground pounding weapons. 

Scarlet is next, the only one who’s a close ranged fighter and would support the team in helping to control the field a little bit, he’d be outfitted with the Stryker RIG

While helping to control the flow of the battle with short ranged attacks and support items. Scarlet always did strike me as the support type anyways.

Now we come to Neptune, who’d be the designated Sharpshooter of the team. As we’ve seen in the show he’s a damn good shot which would make all the sense for him to have this RIG, the Phantom

The damn thing is built for Snipers, Recon tech, cloaking, it fits him.