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prompt: Daryl tying to figure out if Carol's soccer mom outfit is ridiculous or kinda hot

“You lookridiculous,” he’d said, but he watched her walk away anyway.

“Thank you!” she chirped, sauntering off to work.

After that, it was all he could do to not stare at her constantly. She really did look ridiculous, with that white collar sticking up out of that ridiculous over-shirt…jacket…thing…dammit, there was some fancy ass word for it, but it was stupid. It wasn’t buttoned up to the neck, thank God, but it was buttoned up enough that it had to be uncomfortable. It was a weird thing to realize that he missed seeing her collar bones. The shirt was tucked into her pants too…what the fuck?

The pants weren’t bad. They were completely nonsensical if they were outside Alexandria’s walls, but they weren’t…so he could enjoy that a little.

Enjoy? Fuck, he wasn’t supposed to enjoy this.

Leave it to Carol to look gorgeous in anything, even those matronly, stupid clothes. He might have even been able to look past that if it wasn’t for the way she was when she was in those clothes…that costume. She turned into some bubbly, smiling, soft-spoken stranger anytime the people from Alexandria were around. She put that mask on as soon as she stepped out of the house, and it stayed in place until she came home.

It was infuriating, and it was genius…and it was kinda hot.

The people in Alexandria didn’t like him, and fuck if he cared. Seriously. Once trash, always trash; he shouldn’t have expected any different from people who had clean, big ass houses and nice clothes. But he had expected different, and that was what pissed him off so bad. There’d been a time when he wouldn’t have expected anybody to piss on him if he was on fire.

Then he’d gotten comfortable with Carol and Rick and this group, and if it was only them left in the world, then that was even better. Less snotty assholes that he had to bother with. But here they were, in fucking White Picket Fence, America, and here had come the wary looks, the judgmental glances, and the wide berth that they gave him when they were nearby. Hell, now Carol and Rick were even trying to look like these people. To blend in like some…

He spotted Carol returning, looking tired but that simple smile still on her face, and it made him freeze solid for a moment.


You sneaky little squirrel.

“Have you been sitting there all day?” Carol greeted, walking up the porch steps to where he was perched.

“I checked out the back yard.” He shrugged, scooting over on the step to make room for her to sit next to him, which she did.

She exhaled in relief as she sat down, forearms between her bent knees as she looked out at the street. “And?”

He lifted his shoulders with a grunt. “It’s a back yard.”

She chuckled at that, rubbing her forehead and giving him a onceover. “You’re still filthy.”

“And you still look ridiculous,” he shot back with a smirk.

“Better ridiculous and clean than filthy and…”

“Me?” he prompted dryly.

She eyed him for a long moment, then nudged her shoulder against his. He saw a smudge of dirt that the action transferred from him to her.

“Aw, nothing’s better than you.” She laid it on thick.

He grimaced and leaned away with a snort. “Stop.”

“Except maybe a showered you,” she teased, a genuine smile leaking through as she looked at him. “Just sayin’.”

Daryl didn’t say stop once during his interaction with Carol. And she asked him if he’d taken a shower, told him to take a shower, and threatened to hose him down in his sleep. And, for the first time, Daryl doesn’t respond with his typical “stop”.

Think he likes it…
Spit Shine - Getting Nice and Dirty While Getting Clean

I usually don’t do prompts but bethgreeneeffect was sweet enough to provide one just to juicy to pass up.  Gag.  So a nice smutty drabble was born.  Sorry, I can’t figure out how to do a under the cut thingy so I apologize for clogging dashes.

So loves, without further ado, here you go:

Spit Shine

Carol and Daryl get dirty while getting clean

“You are taking a shower.” Her tone and stance conveyed there would be no argument.  “Come on. It’s not going to kill you.  You are a wreck.  I know you hate it here and I suppose this is one of the ways you are voicing your displeasure but you stink.  In addition, I think you are scaring Judith.”
Daryl’s only response was a scowl.  He knew this was one argument he wouldn’t win.  Carol’s eyes flashed. When she was pissed, it seemed to intensify their blue color.  Right now they were almost as blue as gas flame.

Grabbing his hand with a smile teasing her lips, she murmured, “Come on dirty boy.  Let me help you.”

He knew he couldn’t argue with that.  They had had very little time alone in the past few weeks.  He would have be lying if he said he didn’t miss the softness of her skin under his fingertips. There had been little thought to intimacy.   Daryl realized right then what a gaping hole the lack of loving physical contact left in his life.  Suddenly he missed it…very much.  Even though Carol was wearing her ridiculous undercover Den Mother get up, Daryl found his dick stirring to attention.  She just had that effect on him, giant tacky pink cabbage roses or no. 

“Gonna make me, huh?  You the boss of me?” His voice was coarse, his throat dry. Daryl narrowed his eyes and his lips tugged in a cocky leer.  Yes, it had been a while. 

Carol said nothing more but continued to lead him towards the bathroom, the grip on his hand firm but gentle.   

Hell, the bathroom in their house was almost as big as the shack he grew up in.  It was almost too pretty to be a bathroom, with smooth gray green stone tiles.  There were not one but two sinks made out of some type of marble he couldn’t remember the name of let alone pronounce.  They looked more suited to being in a museum than a bathroom.   When they first moved in he was half afraid to take a piss in the gleaming toilet. 

Carol reached into the cavernous shower stall to get the water set to the proper temperature.  As the water hissed, Carol began the grim task of removing his filthy clothing. “Jesus, Daryl we are burning this.  I am not kidding.  I’ll try to salvage that vest but the rest is gone.”   Wrinkling her nose she flung his shirt and vest into the corner and set to the task of unbuckling and unzipping his pants.  She couldn’t even remember what the original color of the fabric had been.  Shucking them down over his hips, she gave him a stern look.  “Now step out of those rags and into that shower.”

He did as he was told.  He grimaced as the water hit him. Hot water.  Goddamn it had been a long time. Bathing in tepid creeks, ditches, rain.  His body sagged with pleasure. 

Carol held his gaze as she began to unbutton her shirt, very slowly.  She allowed the garment to fall to the floor and then shimmied out of her pants and underwear until she too was naked. 

The steam soon filled the bathroom, creating an almost dreamlike atmosphere.  
Arming herself with a fresh bar of sandalwood and vanilla-scented soap and a washcloth, she stepped inside the spacious stall to join Daryl.

The water ran black down the drain. 

“Back to me.” She commanded curtly. 

Daryl complied without further complaint.  Carol lathered up the washcloth until it was more foam than fabric and went to work.

Leaning close, she murmured softly, “Now, stand still for me and maybe you’ll get a treat when you are alllll nice and clean.”

Daryl stood stalk still.  He had to admit the combination of hot water and Carol’s firm, sure hands was slowly releasing the stresses and tension of the past few weeks.  She had always grounded him.  Knew how to soothe him.  Gentled the beast.

Carol continued with her task.  Once the last of the grime was sluiced down the drain she allowed her lips to tease at the nape of his neck.  

He groaned softly, settling back into her.  Carol smiled, gently snaking her hands around his waist to tangle in the thicket of curls before reaching down to caress and slowly stroke his straining length. 

“What’s wrong?  You still seem a little…worked up.”  Her voice was husky with her own need.

She slowly continued to pump him, using the soap suds as a fragrant lubrication, while gently fondling his balls with her other hand. 

The sharp hiss of breath between his teeth told her she was on the right track.
It had been a long time.  She had forgotten how nice he felt against her.  This would be a release they both needed.

A harsh whisper of “Carol” was all Daryl managed to get past his lips.  His voice seemed to decide not to work anymore.  The delirious sensation of her silken hands working his iron hard cock was all his mind could process at the moment.
She whispered softly in his ear as the water continued to caress them, “Turn around.”

As he complied, she sank before him allowing the water to fully rinse him clean before taking his length into her mouth.  She took him slow, teasing him.  She prided herself on being able to take him fully without gagging.  Her eyes never left his as she teased with her tongue, deftly flicking the head of his straining cock before gently taking his length deep once more.

It didn’t take him long, with her working her special magic with her silken tongue and velvety mouth.  His fingers reflexively tangled in her wet hair as he let go.  
She swallowed every drop.  The first time she had done it, Daryl had almost seemed distressed over it. Worried it degraded her somehow. Carol assured him it was her pleasure to do so. 

She gently kissed her way up his blessedly grime-free stomach before fully rising up, tilting her face into the spray so it could rinse away the remainder of her task from her lips and chin. 

As Daryl pulled her close in a tight, almost grateful, embrace she playfully murmured, “See.  Showers are not THAT bad now are they?”

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I have a prompt that's been in my head all day. How about Carol has the sudden urge to smoke, and asks Daryl for a cigarette.

Carol didn’t cravecigarettes often. She didn’t ‘crave’ much of anything often, not in the bone-deep desire kind of way. She’d conditioned herself to dismiss any nonessential things that she wanted. So it felt strange to feel two cravings in the same day and actually consider satisfying them.

Well, she had more than considered the first desire that day. She smiled as she thought it, tangled up in sweaty bedsheets with Daryl, naked as the day they were born. Her head was on his chest, and the rhythmic beat of his heart against her cheek was hypnotic. She could feel his fingers playing through her hair, his arm wrapped around her shoulders. His skin smelled like soap and sweat, and…God, the steam on the bathroom mirror hadn’t even faded from his shower earlier.

They certainly hadn’t lasted long…but it was their first time together, the first time in a long time at any rate…and there would be many more times, of that she was sure. She sighed, content to curl into his warmth as they relaxed against each other, and her eyes trailed up and down as much of him as she could see without moving.

She shifted, turning her face into his chest and kissing the midline of his ribcage before starting to sit up.

“Where y’goin’?” he asked, and his hand trailed down from her hair to the nape of her neck lazily.

“Stealing a cigarette from your stash,” she mumbled, and then snickered at his expression. “Yeah, I know about that stash.”

Daryl paused, snorted, and then leaned away, tugging open the drawer on the bedside table. “Naw, ain’t shocked about that. M’shocked you thought I wouldn’t think’a that first.” He withdrew two cigarettes from the drawer along with a lighter, shuffling back under her on the mattress.

Carol took one, holding it between her teeth as he lit it for her. She puffed on it lightly as he lit his own, taking a longer drag than she did.

“Didn’t think you smoked,” he remarked after a moment.

“Hm, I don’t,” she replied. “Not for a long time anyway.”

She sat up on one elbow, and he stared at her for a long moment, until she smiled.

“What?” she asked softly.

He pursed his lips, started to shake his head, and then reached out, trailing two fingers across her hairline, down her face, and along her jawline. He kept going delicately down her throat, tracing a line down between her breasts, before dropping his hand back to his side. She closed her eyes with a mild shudder at his touch, feeling a tingle run across her skin where his fingers went. When she opened them again, he was looking at her with such a softness that she couldn’t take it. She leaned in and kissed him, mouth parting as she met his lips. He returned the kiss, and she drew out of it, she giggled.

“You’re pretty when you’re clean.”

He snorted and then gracelessly dropped his head back to the pillow. “That what that was? Having sex just to make me take a shower?”

“No, no, hey, I resent that,” she chuckled. “I made you take a shower so that then I could have sex with you.”

He grunted, his fingertips drawing across her spine. “Well, s’long as we’re clear on that.”

She smiled and kissed him again.

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Marian and Zelena were both spotted wearing the same coat.... Marian in NYC with Robin and Roland and Zelena (filming today) when she arrives in Storybrooke. Oddly enough Emma, Regina, Robin and Roland are all back in Storybrooke but no Marian.... people are suggesting that Zelena was the Marian Emma and Hook brought back all along (We know she can take the form of other people from when she disguised herself as Ariel back in 3B). Thoughts?

Anonymous said:
Okay apparently people are saying: Emma and Regina are back in storybrooke with Roland, Lilly, Robin, and zelena. This is unexpected…>_< what do you think?

Anonymous said:
Hey! What’s your take on the Marian was Zelena spoiler? How do you think that could fit into Regina becoming the EQ again? I’m trying to think about some possible scenarios that would make sense and I can’t think of any. I really want her to become the EQ again.

Anonymous said:
Did u see the bts pics of robin, zelena, and Lily coming with emma and Regina. Does this effect your theories? Luv your blog :-)

OOOOOO! Left field stuff! :-D I LOVE left field stuff!!! :-D

Okay! Let me think… … …

Ooooo! OOOOOOOOO!!! Oh, that’s good… Oh, that’s GOOOOOOOD!!!

Anonymous said:
I don’t know if you have seen the recent spoilers, but Regina and Emma really did go to get Robin Hood. Which means that she is probably not reverting.

Honestly, why do people immediately have doubt at the smallest thing? It’s a bit of a peeve of mine to imply that a professional writer, who’s been writing in Hollywood for at least twenty years, has no artistic integrity.

This just got HELLA exciting!!!  

So my theories, thus far, have relied on Rumple drinking a memory potion and remembering Emma and Hook’s adventure in the past. Now, they no longer do. NOW, my theories will rely on a stronger source of information—Zelena. It’s less feeble than coming up with an excuse for Rumple to remember something he doesn’t even know he forgot. Okie dokie?

Zelena’s presence definitely puts the time portal back into play. With Rumple drinking a memory potion, it was a tad bit flimsy, but NOW, it’s on solid ground. We be seeing that time portal again REAL soon! :-D (I’m going to post the time portal ask someone sent me so you can see the foreshadowing in the scene.)

So there are several things to this new turn of events:

For starters, if (a disguised) Zelena was the one that Emma and Hook brought back from the past, then she knows what it takes to rewrite the storybook. She knows that what it takes is a trip into the past. So immediately, we have a stronger case. You see? I find it difficult to believe that Marian/Zelena was knocked out that entire time (in 3.22) from the morning that Emma knocked her out, throughout the journey back to the Dark Castle, all the way to the evening, when Hook took her through the time portal. After all, Emma didn’t hit her that hard. She should have woken up at some point. It’s possible that she pretended to stay unconscious until Hook took her through the time portal into the future. After all, it’s a benefit to Zelena, because she would probably still be trying to figure out how to make a time portal by the time Emma and Hook stumble onto her. If she hitched a ride with them to the future, she’d have the answer she was looking for without having to do all the work.

Secondly, Zelena is practically the only person, other than Rumple, who can get under Regina’s skin. She can manipulate almost as well as Rumple can. It is seriously a sight to see. And, as I recall, after Regina “defeated” Zelena in 3.20, Zelena asked her, “So now you’re a hero?” to which Regina replied, “Today, I am.” Well… whenever this takes place, it’s certainly no longer “today”. You know what I mean? If Regina had replied, “Yes”, then we’d be on solid ground. However, she didn’t. Which is foreshadowing for something. ;-)

Anyway, this Zelena may still be a bit jealous of Regina, but if Regina lets it slip that she is/was looking for a way to rewrite the storybook, then Zelena is going to have a foothold to work her (manipulation) magic. First, she’ll try to make a deal with Regina. If she tells Regina what it takes to get what she wants, Regina has to promise to let Zelena in as a partner. If Zelena tells Regina everything, they’ll fulfill the plan together—as sisters. Zelena is going to tell Regina exactly how to rewrite the storybook. She’s going to tell her all about Emma and Hook’s journey into the past, how they got Rumple to help them, how he drank a memory potion, and how they managed to successfully rewrite the storybook to ensure not only Snowing’s Happy Ending, but their own as well. So that is going to pique Regina’s interest, because that is the culmination of Operation Mongoose—everything Regina needs to rewrite the storybook, to BECOME the Author of the storybook.

Now… remember what I said about the Evil Queen—what she has is never enough. As of this episode (4.19/4.20, whatever), she’s going to have everything she wants—she’s going to have Robin and Roland, and she’s going to have Henry—all the stuff that should be her Happy Ending. But remember, it is not within her character to settle for what she has. It has to be perfect. “Perfect” for Regina is if she didn’t have to share Henry with another family. “Perfect” for Regina is if she had Robin from the beginning, and they all had their own kids rather than having to settle for someone else’s. “Perfect” for Regina is making sure Snow White is dead, so that she never has to deal with her and Charming, or Emma, or anyone ever again. That is Regina’s “Perfect” Happy Ending. Regina’s not going to settle for anything less. And this is EXACTLY what Zelena is going to prey on—Regina’s quest for the “Perfect” Happy Ending, where Regina never has to share.

And we all know how much Regina hates sharing. ;-)

So that’ll be her one-step-further—to have the perfect Happy Ending. And she could release Zelena from jail and cut her into the deal like she promised, but remember—Regina hates sharing. And bringing Zelena into the past with her would compromise her vision of the perfect future, since Zelena would be there too, changing things to her liking. So Regina’s going to kill Zelena in her jail cell, make it look like a suicide (just like Rumple did) and go about fulfilling her time-traveling plan. In other words, this scene would mirror Rumple in the cell in S1, and him telling Regina that she needs his father’s heart to cast the Dark Curse. Only this time, it’s Zelena doing the talking, and Regina now knows that she needs her son’s heart and Emma’s baby in order to travel back in time and rewrite the storybook. After all, she can’t use her own damn heart, and she probably knows by now that Henry’s is special because he’s the Author, so she’s going to use the Author’s heart to make sure that she becomes the Author. Emma’s baby, of course, is the product of True Love that Regina would need. She already has the other two ingredients (or, at least, Rumple does). It’s all coming along quite perfectly, really. :-)

All she’d need to do now is get everyone else out of the way and go about fulfilling her plan. This means cursing Emma so that she can steal her baby, this means getting rid of everyone who would protect Henry, this means getting rid of the Queens of Darkness so that they don’t ruin her plan by hitching a ride with them to the past, and this means getting everyone else to keep out of her way. She would need to share her plan with Rumple, though, because Rumple is the one who has the other two objects that she needs—Charming’s courage and his own golden brain. But this would mirror the two of them sharing the plan to cast the Dark Curse in the Enchanted Forest as well, so it’s all good. Regina knows that all Rumple cares about is finding his son. Now Rumple knows what it takes to get to the Land Without Magic without casting the Dark Curse, so Rumple is not going to ruin her plans all that much because he doesn’t care about them. What’s he going to care that she gets her guy and they ride off into the sunset to make babies? Rumple won’t need Snow White’s baby anymore because he won’t need the Dark Curse anymore, so Regina can go ahead and do away with them. And while she’s at it, she’ll probably get rid of Marian too, just in case. But she’ll probably do it quietly, not Evil Queen-like, but rather sweet, innocent Regina-like, so that Robin doesn’t suspect her.

OH! This is SOLID!!! This is very, very solid. I LIKE it! :-D

With any luck, we’re going to see the ENTIRE town go to sleep for three months, or however long it takes for Emma to finish growing that baby. And that would be PERFECT! It’d be STRAIGHT out of Sleeping Beauty. AHHH! :-D

Of course, Regina would probably take it one step further with Emma’s parents and most especially Killian and the Queens of Darkness, both of whom can ruin her plans, so she’ll toss them out of town just as I said she would. OMG, this is more solid than before! So… I’m not sure if this is 4.19 or 4.20 anymore, but those two episodes are roughly when I said Regina would curse Emma and throw Killian and (the) Charming(s) (and the Queens of Darkness) out of town. Maybe this time, Regina throws Lily out with them, too. Besides, Killian is going to need a guide in New York to help him find his father. Or Excalibur. Whatever. His father, first. After that, Excalibur is a toss-up. Will Scarlett would probably be with them too. My timeline still stands, of course, except with the Zelena twist thrown somewhere in that mix, around end of 4.19/beginning of 4.20.

If I were writing this, I’d place it end of 4.19. However, 4.20 was where I originally placed Regina cursing Emma, so… we’ll see. I still say the subject matter of 4.19 warrants a good placement in this episode.

Zelena disguising herself as Marian is leading me to question whether the Robin that Regina is with is the same Robin that broke into Rumple’s castle to steal the magic wand to save Marian. Because if Marian is someone else (Zelena), then it’s quite possible that Robin is someone else, too. And he quite possibly could be working for Rumple. As his puppet. Isn’t that interesting? It could very well explain his change in attitude between the past and the present. Either that, or he too is a double agent for the Sorcerer.

Hold up! Wait one gosh-darn second… Robin and Marian were in the Land Without Magic. It can’t possibly have been a disguised Zelena that crossed over with them, because Zelena’s disguising spell would have ended at the town line, when Marian crossed over. She should have turned back into Zelena then. But she didn’t—she stayed Marian. So if everyone is coming back from New York with Zelena instead of Marian, and Zelena did indeed disguise herself as Marian the entire time (including in the Land Without Magic), then Zelena was using Sorcerer’s magic. Which… makes sense because she had Walsh, who was messing with the Sorcerer’s stuff. And the Sorcerer is trapped in Walsh’s shop in New York. OMG, this is all starting to come together!!!

So, yeah… that’s what I got. So exciting!!! :-D And for all the worriers out there, consider this—this is what? 4.19/4.20? This is the climax of the season. Happy Endings are supposed to come at the end of the season, not the climax. If Robin and Regina are holding hands, and being all lovey-dovey, happy ending-ish at the climax of the season, expect a twist of epic proportions. ;-)

Thanks everyone for the spoilers! I hope ya’ll have a great day! :-D

PS: Okay, all! I’m going to try to make another Rapid-Fire tonight, because I got upwards of about 30+ asks yesterday, plus a couple of other questions. I want to try to queue them up for tomorrow. Other than that, I’m gonna take a day tomorrow. It’s my birthday, and I’m gonna sleep. And then I’m gonna wake up and contemplate actually doing something with my life that has actual meaning. You know… the whole “another year older and my life still sucks” bullshit. ;-) I might contemplate going for a Master’s in Bioengineering. Just ‘cause it was between Pre-Med and Astrophysics when I was in Berkeley and I chose the latter one. But now that I have that, what’s one more in a completely different field, huh? Lol! At least I can work to rid the world of diseases. See… it’s not that difficult to relate to Regina’s one-step-further mentality. Have a good one, y’all! :-D

Okay, so I know this has .01 percent chance of happening, but it still gives me a funny mental image.

Imagine Daryl actually cleaning himself up specifically for Carol. Like, he goes full Boaz Priestly from “Ten Inch Hero” to woo her.

Seriously, Carol needs to grieve.

Think about all the things this woman has been through, and all the things she’s kept bottled up inside her. Life has chewed her up and spit her out - and she is alive. She lived through hell, and still, she’s being brave, selfless, and brilliant. She’s always putting her own problems aside, always trying to do things to benefit and protect her family.

But she deserves to grieve. She deserves to cry and let it out - and she deserves closure. It’s about time.

Like Alegebra or something you don't understand*

*This has nothing to do with alegebra but that’s what I should be doing now.

Carefully hanging up the outfit that Daryl had described as “ridiculous”, Carol slipped into the silky tank top and shorts she had selected from the clothing supply at Alexandria.  Since they were sleeping inside after a hot shower, it was nice to slip into something silky. She glances at herself in the full-length mirror. Not bad, she thinks to herself, not bad.  She catches a glimpse of a movement behind her and turns to see a freshly showered Daryl wearing nothing but a pair of (clean) jeans staring at her open-mouthed.

"You’re clean" she exclaims.

"Yeah, I uh…" he gestures vaguely

"Well I guess I didn’t have to hose you down after all. Still think I look ridiculous?"

Daryl just stares.

"Daryl? Oh come on," she scoffs, "it’s not like you haven’t seen me before.  I’m sure you caught a glimpse on time or another.  After all we did live so closely together."

Daryl turns beet red and looks at the ground.

Carol walks toward him.”So Pookie, want to tuck me in?”