Guys, I just had a thought.

You know when Deanna was individually interviewing everybody in the group? Obviously the rest of the group was just loitering somewhere else during that process, but picture Daryl while Carol was being interviewed.

He’s got to already be uber paranoid about letting her out of his sight, and as fidgety and restless as he was during his own interview, I can only imagine the pacing and nail biting that he was up to when Carol was in there with Deanna alone.

I’m picturing Daryl sneaking around outside Deanna’s window all like:

That moment, when he took the time to find a cherokee rose to put on her empty grave.

That moment, when she looked at him like he means the world to her.

That moment, when he needed alone time to say his silent goodbyes while gently touching the cross.

That moment, when she called him Pookie.

That moment, when he tried to build up the strengh to open the door and face the possibility that he has to put down his Carol.

That moment, when she got hit by the realization that Daryl didn’t come back to the prison.

That moment, when he touched her to make sure she’s real and okay.

That moment, when she made him giggle.

That moment, when he proudly showed the others that he found her alive, probably made sure she got something to drink and got to rest for a few minutes.

That moment, when she grabbed his crossbow because she wanted to return it to him or just wanted to have something which reminded her of him.

That moment, when he run towards her, smiling, crying and hugging her, happy to have her back once again.

That moment, when she smiled as he hugged her tightly, hugging him back happily.

That moment, when they had the exchange of a married couple. (“Stay safe. / Nine Lives, remember? ”)

That moment, when she hold his hand.

That moment, when he caressed her hand with his thumb.

These moments - and many more - are canon and show the whole world how much they mean to each other.
They have a bond, whether it gets romantic or not, it’s something special which can’t be denied.
And that’s what makes Caryl so beautiful to me.

Very happy to report that the BBC have confirmed that Tom’s birthday message book and presents have been sent to his parent’s house ☺️ Now freaking out slightly as my message to him was photographic (“Happy Birthday” made out of books!) and took up a whole page 😨 Also hopefully he has been informed by Operation Smile UK that we have successfully raised over £21,000 (including Gift Aid) in his name as a birthday donation to charity since December!



Wearable tech concept by ISL lets users trigger instructions to your phone using gestures made with your feet (for example, ordering a taxi or triggering a fake phone call to get out of a situation) - video embedded below:

Have you ever been stuck in an awkward situation, praying your phone would ring so you could politely extract yourself?  Of course you have.  That’s why we made Dorothy, a physical trigger that makes any dumb shoe smart. Dorothy consists of the “Ruby” (a small connected device that slips into your shoe) and a mobile App that allows you to trigger a call to your phone from a fake contact (your “boss”) whenever you tap your heels together 3 times. Dorothy can also send text messages to your contacts with a custom message and your current location, letting them know exactly where you are. Soon, we’ll be working toward summoning an Uber.

More Here

islmobile have a Tumblr blog here


An energetic live set from ASTR. The perfect blend of the dance, soul and dance-inducing music the NYC based duo has become synonymous with. Learn more about ASTR and other Sonos Studio featured artists.