The Case of the Phantom Part 2

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A/N: Here you go people! The next Chapter. I’m really happy that so many of you like this. It motivates me and I hope you will read the story till the end and still enjoy it as you do now. When you have any requests send them don’t be shy.
PS: Song lyrics are in italics.
Songs used: The Mirror - Phantom of the Opera
                      Think of me - Phantom of the Opera

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Part 1

Warnings: None (I think)
Words: 2.645

Keywords: (Y/N) (Y/L/N) = Your Name Your Last Name
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The night should be silent. And for John it was. When he hit his head on the pillows he was out and was deep asleep. That didn’t count for the Holmes. He laid there in bed and thought like he always did. He didn’t need sleep. And now it should be helpful for once when he heard some voices in the distance. Knowing that everyone should be asleep by now he was surprised to hear them and he was positive that he didn’t imagine it in his head.
Sherlock got up and his feet made contact with the cold floor beneath him. He didn’t care to put on an overcoat to block out the cold. He just made his way to the door without waking up Watson (even when he was sure that wasn’t possible as to how deep in sleep John was.), he opened the door and walked out into the dark corridors.
The voices grew fainter and fainter and so Sherlock made quick moves not to wake anybody up but fast enough to catch up with the voices.

Now he could make up that it was a Womans and Mans voice. But what they said was still unclear. Determined to find out what was going on he ran faster and came to an hold at a big wooden door. Seemed like another bedroom. Slowly he pressed his ear to the wood and listened carefully. He could he the voices clearer than before and now Sherlock could hear what they were saying or more likely singing.

Angel of Music
Guide and Guradin
grant to me your glory
Angel of music hide no longer
Come to me strange Angel  

That was the Womans voice Sherlock heard earlier but than a Mans voice called out and a creaking like sound echoed into his ear.

I’m your Angel of Music
Come to the Angel of Music

I’m your Angel of Music
Come to the Angel of Music…

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