I just love that the POTO costume design site has a Russian twin. Borrowing all the material from the English site I’ve spent 7 years building. They’ve only had time to steal the first act costume content so far, but don’t worry, the second act is due very soon!

Alas they “forgot” to add the link to my site to their link section. Aaaaw, not easy to remember everything, is it now. 

I’m not claiming copyright for Maria Bjørnson’s design or for the gazillion photos I’ve put out. But when they also include my research work and photo parallelles I’ve put out, and even exact quotes, they’re not sharing the love, they’re stealing my work. I’m all for admiring Maria Bjørnson’s immense talent, but do it your freakin’ own way. 

Ah well, at least they don’t hotlink and thus drains my bandwidth.

ETA: That site has been around for some years. I did email them long ago, asking about why they don’t at least credit my site, but I never got a reply. They recently revamped their site, so I’ll give credit where credit is due - it looks very nice. But I wish they used their talents to come up with their own stuff.