Next up in the Sailor Moon dessert series: Sailor Neptune! Key Lime White Chocolate Opera Cake with Sea Salt Lime Macaron.

Recipe and tutorial can be found on Pretty Cake Machine as always.


Yesterday I drove 8 hours to Atlanta, GA for the Decatur Book Festival. Because I am a happening author who knows how to have a good time on a Friday night, I met up with my friend Jackson Pearce and we proceeded to destroy her condo’s kitchen by making a cake for four hours while watching How to Train Your Dragon, Easy A, and finally all of the Katy Perry music videos Jackson had at her disposal (which was more than I knew existed).

It was this cake.

Please note the gallons of butter. At one point, a step in the recipe called for 1 oz of butter, and Jackson used 6 oz by mistake. In any other context, one would not accidentally use 6 oz of butter. But in this recipe, it was not an exceptional pile of butter.

Then I did talking and signing in the 95 degree heat on Saturday, and drove 8 hours back home. I have discovered that my yellow Mitsubishi is super attractive to 7 year olds and that it’s hard to eat a slice of cake with that much butter in it before bed and that if you sign for two hours in that heat, wear sunglasses so no one sees how your eyeliner has melted like you are crying black, black tears of weather-agony.

These are my life lessons.