opera winfrey

^  That’s me.  And Sandra Joseph.  On television.


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She was kind enough to drop me a line and let me know the Oprah Winfrey Network used this photo from BroadwayCon as part of the intro to her segment on Oprah: Where Are They Now?  Check out season 8, episode 6 for a lovely update on Sandra, some fun footage of her behind the scenes at POTO, and great insight into this wonderfully generous performer’s journey on stage and off.  Thank you Sandra for letting me know!!

*taps microphone and clears throat* *opera winfrey voice*

*points at bucky barnes* YOU GET A BISEXUAL *pushes steve rogers at him*

*points at peggy carter* YOU GET A BISEXUAL *gently places angie martinelli at her side*

*points at skye* YOU GET A BISEXUAL *guides jemma simmons towards her*

*foggy nicely tells matt murdock i’m pointing at him* YOU GET A BISEXUAL *directs foggy nelson his way*

*points at maria hill* YOU GET A BISEXUAL *allows natasha romanoff to walk her way*

(ノ◕ヮ◕)ノ*・゚✧ *drops microphone*