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I was told for the first time in my life that I would have to give more eyes and hands and all that kind of stuff. I have my reservations about all that. I mean think the Phantom is not about that, solely.

It’s a funny thing though, most of the bad side of his face or the deformed side of his face, which is a birth defect, is covered for most of the show.

And really I think that this is the side that’s deformed [pointing to the not deformed and not covered side]. This is supposed to be his good side, but in fact this is the evil side. The side behind the mask is really the good side, because that’s the true person.”

Colm Wilkinson

a montage of some of stan’s “excellent” parenting skills, as requested here by thejournalsaregone.


Paris Opera Ballet dancers for Balmain


Masquerade: Japanese choreography vs. Broadway choreography

Left: Hisako Hanaoka and Kanji Ishimaru
Right: Kaley Ann Voorhees and Jeremy Hays


Salzburg, Austria turned into a timelapse, black & white opera, featuring Mozart. 


Sierra Boggess singing Think of Me from The Phantom of the Opera in Japanese!


Here it is! The finished Zydrate Anatomy animatic!