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Phantom of the Studio! Inspired by @arsonsara and @squigglydigg’s cover of Phantom of the Opera as Bendy and Alice respectively. It’s amazing, go check it out, I’d put a link but I’m… actually quite terrible with technology. Don’t let that stop you though, go see their blogs it’s more than worth your time!! 


I kind of felt like it was weird that none of them noticed Dipper was… not… Dipper… but then my brain joined up the dots with this

so I’m head-canoning this missing scene and you can’t stop me

The Red Scarf, a phantom of the opera fanfic | FanFiction
It is isolating and wearying, this new life as a vicomtesse—but Christine's efforts have not gone unnoticed. Oneshot. Rated: Fiction M - English - Romance - [Christine, Raoul]

Sooo…I wrote an R/C smutfic, because—as I’ve noted in the foreword—there seems to be a dearth of them, because I like a challenge but needed some kind of respite after Unsung, and because I apparently have no shame. Please don’t flame me. *runs away*

anonymous asked:

hello!!! i just really love your blog and i truly appreciate all the effort you put into it. i absolutely adore your sims, houses and editing. i'm considering starting a simblr myself and i have two questions if you wouldn't mind answering! first, how do you keep track of your cc for wcif's? and second, has your game/laptop gone slow? because mine tends to do that when i download cc but maybe it's just virus ridden. (if your laptop is still fine, how??) ok thanks i love u

hello!!! thank you so so much!!!!!! 

so my default browser is opera and the bookmarks system is like really on point, so when I download something I bookmark it. then I can find it later and all the bookmarks in opera are little pictures like it’s just really intuitive and convenient with a search bar and everything and i loooove this browser. I also bookmark tons of other shit just for every day life and the amount of bookmarks does not slow down or weigh on the browser at all, at least that’s my experience, and it’s the easiest way I’ve ever tried to keep track of cc. 

as for my game it does not run slow at all but that’s because the laptop I have is like overkill to run the game even with shit loads of cc (I’ve mentioned it before but I saved up forever and bought a really really expensive gaming laptop). if u think you have viruses run a test damn it!!! lol but probably it’s just weighing on the processing power/disk space of your computer and it might be too much for it to handle. something u could try (i did this with my old laptop that could hardly even handle opening word) is merging your cc! 

hope that helped u!!!!

to be in overwatch you gotta have one thing: guts. oh, excuse me, i mean a gay butt. have some widowtracer i doodled to avoid studying for my french final (drawing widowmaker counts as studying for french, right)

Es gibt Computerprobleme, die ich einfach nicht verstehen muss: So versuchte ich heute mit Opera unter Windows ein Video auf meinem Weblog einzubinden. Ich fügte die URL des Videos wie gewohnt unter “Video” → “Video aus dem Internet hinzufügen” ein. Und es passierte nichts! Also ich dies unter unter Microsoft Edge probierte, funktioniert es ohne Probleme. Das Video lud wie gewohnt und ich konnte diesen Beitrag ohne Probleme veröffentlichen. Ich probierte natürlich auch mit Opera unter Linux aus. Hingegen meine Erwartung lud ein beliebiges YouTube-Video ohne Probleme. 

comparing the movie about wizards with laser swords to movies like the Martian and Interstellar because they’re set in space is like comparing Beauty and the Beast to Les Miserables because they’re set in France

Between the rocks…

“Piloting a one-man courier ship from Ceres to Himalia can be a lonely business - but man it sure is pretty out there.”


Pentel pocket brush, Staedtler Pigment Liner and Copic Markers in a Moleskine sketchbook.


Friendly reminder that the fach system is a completely subjective set of labels and voices are in a constant state of change and you don’t have to define yourself on any terms except your own. As long as it feels good and healthy, sing whatever the fuck you want.


Five Ships.

Main Image:

Top Left - Jerusalem Class inter-rock courier. One or two man crew. (Ganymede Flag).

Top Right - Gas Freighter. Helium 3 Variant.

Bottom Left - Lizard Industries Single Crew Courier (not atmospheric rated).

Bottom Right - UNP Customs Clipper. Viper Class.

Centre - Baffin IV Survey Ship. Two or three man crew. (Showing damage from eruptions on Io).