opera system

to be in overwatch you gotta have one thing: guts. oh, excuse me, i mean a gay butt. have some widowtracer i doodled to avoid studying for my french final (drawing widowmaker counts as studying for french, right)

an in depth review of @nightmcnsters

  • lets me infodump about things that are not related to anything at all and then doesnt complain when i infodump about something else entirely
  • infodumps about the coolest shit
  • is a graceful swan tbh???? he’s beautiful 100/10
  • GOOD MUSES i love em all…….. im gonna stop at “they’re good” bc if i dont im gonna write a ten page essay on why i love each and every one of them
  • amazing writing???????? I am bad at making meaningful deep analysis of writing but Its Good Jim, Trust Me On This I Am A Professional
  • we can talk about autiSM THINGS TOGETHER AND TBH ITS SO NICE??? 
  • in general is a very nice person and yOU SHOULD FOLLOW HIM!!!

comparing the movie about wizards with laser swords to movies like the Martian and Interstellar because they’re set in space is like comparing Beauty and the Beast to Les Miserables because they’re set in France

Fire Emblem Grand Chorus 3DS Theme Music
Intelligent Systems
Fire Emblem Grand Chorus 3DS Theme Music

The BGM played on the “Fire Emblem Grand Chorus” 3DS Thems.

This theme is only available for Japanese 3DS systems using a code from an FE Cipher Starter deck or by using Homebrew to install them into non-Japanese 3DS systems.

I showcased the theme here in a Youtube video.

The opera theme lyrics is based off a very old Fire Emblem commercial.

The full version was included in the Fire Emblem: Fuuin no Tsurugi (BInding Blade) Premium Soundtrack.


Friendly reminder that the fach system is a completely subjective set of labels and voices are in a constant state of change and you don’t have to define yourself on any terms except your own. As long as it feels good and healthy, sing whatever the fuck you want.